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What Are The Topmost Trending Mobile App Ideas Of 2019? A Rundown

Published December 20, 2018

What Are The Top Trending Mobile App Ideas in future

Cast your mind back to late 2017-18.

The swelling on-demand apps coupled by the ongoing obsession of the Uber swag, accelerated innovation in healthcare and fitness, the blockchain apps, augmented reality and many more disruptive technologies had become the technology stars with their mobility capabilities.

But no sooner, the old tech lineage became blurred for the entrepreneurs vying for the new stack of mobile app ideas and this year like last, the geeks, tech savvies, and the forward-thinking enterprises have all eyes upon the major tech goals and new business opportunities debuting in!

Like every year, Codiant has done the homework for you and have brought the list of top rapid-fire technologies and mobile app ideas incubating from them to drive your business with new velocity and full efficiency.

Have it in your arsenal.

Blockchain is the Watchword

This nascent blockchain industry has forayed into private and public-sector enterprises with many novel use-cases. 2019 is the year for enterprises to begin exploring the ideas born from blockchain and we swear as these use cases help in increasing revenues & decreasing costs, improving quality and soaring sales, these are poised to plateau day by day.

a. Blockchain-based Supply Chain Management App

The unevenly growing commerce, rising complexities and the lack of transparency in this industry have called for an emergent need for supply chain management (SCM) on the blockchain. From conducting payment and audits to tracking inventory and assets, blockchain helps in establishing greater visibility into supply chain data and processes.

SCM ideas for different verticals from creating and distributing goods:

  • Real-Time Tracking Of Food Staples
  • In Clothing Supply Chain (from supplier to shelf)
  • Pharma Supply Chain (from the distributor to retailer)

From warehousing to delivery to payment, blockchain can increase the efficiency and transparency of SCM.

b. Blockchain-based IoT Apps

Blockchain’s ability of identification, verification, and data transfer can be a booster in hosting IoT devices for public and private sector use cases. The top trending mobile app ideas for Blockchain based IoT apps can be:

Public Sector App ideas:

  • A Smarter City App: Connected ecosystems that can record, process, and share interactions.
  • Municipal Service App: An app that upgrades municipal services such as taxes.
  • Corporate Voting App: A blockchain voting app ensures that each eligible person uses only one vote.

Private Sector App ideas:

  • Logistics and Warehouse tracking app: This app will track the products in real-time from supplier to shelf.
  • Business registry and licensing app: Asset Registry app will increase the efficiency of transaction processing and help in preventing property fraud.

c. Using Blockchain for Identity Verification

Add new dimensions to security and give more precise results through blockchain’s identity management apps. Here are the trending apps you can use:

  • Identity Management Apps: If you’re an enterprise deploying blockchain-based applications, you can enable fully secured password-less experiences for your customers and employees. Know more Click here.

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Social Networking Apps have the Big Picture

The increasing favoritism of social networking app is too powerful to be overlooked or ignored. Users preferences to get social is getting more granular domain wise. Now simply connecting with friends and sharing updates and posts is not serving the purpose. They want different isolated social platforms that separate them on the lines of activities, groups & fraternities, custom matches and life phases and more.

Here are few social networking app ideas for 2019 expected to enter the fray.

  • A Social Networking App for Tokers: Build an app where tokers can safely share their cannabis activity, post photos and connect with fellow tokers.
  • Cannabis friendly dating app: Be tinder for tokers. Build an app where users can find tokers in nearby their area with whom they can smoke with.
  • What if Suggestion App: Yay or Nay? Advise or Advice! Any suggestions? This or that? We all face such confusions; we seek suggestions, opinions, polls and what not. Do we have such voting platform? An app where we can raise our voice? Give suggestions etc..? Create a social media app that allows user to ask/plan/support/advise/seek help to promote changes.
  • A Fraternity Network App: Create a frat network app- it may be a college or high school fraternity app which will use GPS technologies to locate events nearby students area.
  • A Social App for Old Age People: Create an app for common age people where they can share similar types of interests, habits, problems, activities, hobbies and more.


Apart from social networking app, you can also explore the untapped market of on-demand doctor and ecommerce in weed delivery.

  • On-demand medical marijuana consultation: Build a platform where your users can virtually connect with Doctors who can give them online prescription of consuming cannabis.
  • Only best deals app: A 365 days sale app which gives your user discounts whole year round the clock.
  • A companion app to grow weed at home: Educate your users with ways to grow and feed weeds or multiple crops.

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Artificial Intelligence Inches Closer

In 2018, we have witnessed AI and machine learning foraying into verticals like healthcare, legal, automobile, agriculture and manufacturing. This year in 2019 we will continue to see the advancements of ML and AI related technologies.

Believing hyperscale infrastructure companies such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, IBM and Microsoft will benefit the ecosystem in bringing AI closer to consumers.

Here are trending AI mobile app ideas to watch out in 2019:

  • Grab and Go Ecommerce App like AmazonGo
  • AI enabled Fantasy Sports App
  • Next-Gen Healthcare Apps: Since AI heavily relies on specialized processors that boost the CPU, keeping this in account chip manufacturers such as Intel, ARM, and Qualcomm will manufacture specialized chips that will speed-up the execution of AI-enabled applications which will further help healthcare industries for delivering intelligence to end-users.

Developing a healthcare and telemedicine app, and Remote Patient Monitoring app is no longer a choice but has started becoming a standard. It’s a wakeup call for all the healthcare organizations.

Take inspiration from already existing popular AI apps like:

popular AI apps lik

On-demand Apps in Automobile Industry Becomes Edgy

The on-demand delivery apps have evolved by leaps and bounds over the past three years. The automotive industry has benefitted by viewing it not as a threat, but an opportunity. The automobile companies are reinventing the way they looked up to innovation in on-demand industry. Here are a slew of app ideas where profit pools are speculated!

On-demand Apps in Automobile Industry Becomes Edgy

Mobile app ideas for Automobile industry:

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Cloud Adoption

In 2019, flexible consumption models should continue to boost both cloud and AI adoption. In a survey by Deloitte, 60 percent of enterprises are expected to move their IT systems to cloud by 2019 as a part of their digital transformation initiatives. As the primary value proposition of cloud continues to shift from “cost/efficiency” to “innovation acceleration,” multicloud strategies should play a crucial role in this transformation.

As we embark upon 2019, innovation, agility, experimentation, and digital transformation become the competitive ingredients for any organization, enterprise or company regardless of any industry. To spur unstoppable growth within your enterprise settings you’ve to embrace technological advancements and move ahead with full faith.

Codiant is your reliable mobile app development and Enterprise Mobility partner that helps you in building a better tomorrow by solving today’s complex business problems.

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