eCommerce Product Development

Scale your business with our eCommerce product to create a world-class shopping experience.

Hire Industry Experts

Our eCommerce Product Development Services

We understand business requirements and bring life to their vision by leveraging the latest technologies to deliver the market-ready eCommerce product.

Inventory & Order Management

Streamline your stock inventory, track stock movements, and manage customers, orders, and products in real-time with our best-in-class processes and highly efficient tools.

Database Development & Management

We offer custom database development solutions flexible to your cost, scale, and future development plans.

Affiliate & Ad Tracking

Manage and track sales, conversions, and clicks from affiliate websites to measure their performance, along with that monitor the online advertising campaigns, and brand's performance.

Multilingual and

Get your website translated into 100+ different languages and set different prices for different countries in their currency.

Content Management Solutions

CMS solutions to gain increased flexibility and consistency, improved customer service, time and money savings.

Banner Mgmt. &

We have an expert IT team, which integrates suitable modules and plugins that enables you to manage banners and multiple shipping in your online store and analyze their effectiveness.

Our Customizable Solutions

mCommerce Mobile App Development

Codiant excels in mCommerce solutions, empowering retail brands to provide seamless & dynamic omnichannel mobile shopping experiences. Our expertise caters to diverse retail businesses, including B2B, B2C & B2B2C, enabling you to funnel extra profit with our exceptional mCommerce development capabilities. Our app solutions integrated with payment gateway solutions are customer-experience transformation tool helping your business create enormous value.

  • Big Data insights for improved decision making
  • High customer engagement and sales
  • Integrated with top-level security
  • Qualified & skilled eCommerce developers
  • Easy-to-use website UI with smooth navigation flow

Smartwatch Commerce Development

The popularity of smartwatches and TCommerce has created opportunities for global retailers. Shoppers can access eCommerce platforms from their wrists, while TV viewers can explore and order products seamlessly. Codiant’s advanced eCommerce solutions optimizes the customer journey, utilizing hyper-targeting for personalized experiences. Our team ensures relevant shopping experiences with contextual commerce, adding value from discovery to checkout.

  • A smarter approach to reach potential customers
  • Provide personalized and immersive shopping journey
  • Increase customer retention and repeat purchases
  • Unique and direct way to engage with consumers
  • Offer a compelling omnichannel experience

Social Commerce Strategy

Codiant’s expertise lies in strengthening your online business’s social media presence and facilitating direct customer sales on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. We specialize in creating engaging shopping experiences that foster interaction. By implementing a social commerce strategy, we can enhance your existing ecommerce platform, expanding your reach, driving traffic to your website, and ultimately elevating your sales figures.

  • Build a recognizable brand
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Get real-time business metrics
  • Gain valuable customer insights
  • Boost customer loyalty and retention

Front-end Modernization & API Enablement

Codiant offers agile, smart and secure front-end modernization and website upgrade services for eCommerce businesses. Our expert eCommerce developers integrate third-party APIs that seamlessly adapts your front-end while bringing in new features and functionalities. Our API ecosystem empowers your eCommerce business with seamless access to a wide array of functionalities, data, and services.

  • Full Customization on legacy app platform
  • Flexible & secured API integration, management & monitoring
  • Rapid results with reduced risks
  • Lower project development costs
  • Enhanced analytics and reporting

E-Commerce Personalization

Personalization is a crucial factor in influencing customers to choose your brand over competitors. Our personalized solutions for eCommerce website and mobile apps enable your customers to find what they need easily, increasing their satisfaction and likelihood of staying with your brand. By reducing friction and tapping your customers’ search intent, we make sure you win your customers as they land on your platform.

  • Better conversions by setting up shopping triggers
  • Increase customer loyalty and engagement
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Targeted offers to customers with purchase intent

We Build E-Commerce Products for Every Business

E-Commerce applications can be developed for diverse business solutions, such as grocery, electronics, healthcare, etc. We build solutions for all business types.

Business-to-Business (B2B)

To promote Business to Business sales by reaching several businesses at a time and maximizing growth, hire our B2B eCommerce experts to deliver an advanced mobile-first experience.


Business-to-Customer (B2C)

Build a user-friendly mobile application and reach a wider customer base by leveraging our business-oriented feature-rich eCommerce product development services.


Customer-to-Customer (C2C)

Scale up and introduce your C2C business with a custom marketplace app. Hire our eCommerce experts who can deliver custom solutions as per your business specifics.


Leverage Our Multi-Dimensional E-Commerce Expertise

We have developed a multitude of eCommerce websites and apps that are easy to navigate, faster loading times, and seamless checkout experience.

Give your online store a modern edge with our thoughtful UX research and design services.

Our bespoke & budget-friendly web solutions are crafted to match your business-specific needs.

Boost your sales and conversion rate by delivering a smooth shopping experience to online users irrespective of any screen size.

Move your retail stores and other commerce settings online with our personalized iOS and Android mCommerce solution.

We provide superlative extension/plugin and module development services in the category of Magento/Woo-Commerce/Joomla/ Drupal/WordPress.

Our customer support team provides you with round-the-clock support for the smooth functioning of your website/app.

Why Choose Codiant for eCommerce Development?

We specialize in building custom eCommerce solutions for SMEs and entrepreneurs and have a huge list of satisfied customers.

100% Responsive Themes

Our SEO-friendly responsive themes help you reach a wider audience base and boost sales incredibly.

Custom Website

We build dynamic and user-friendly eCommerce website custom built with features and functionalities that resonates with your brand.

Immersive User Interfaces

Our super-engaging user interface revolutionizes your shopping cart into a lucrative sales tool.

Intuitive User Experience

Our UX designs perfectly evoke intelligible interaction designs that put a minimum cognitive load on users.

Our Work & The Impact Stories

See our product development journey helping our clients open new opportunities and drive growth. Our solutions are conditioned with your customers’ voice.


Kunooz and Whites

Kunooz is a leading Beauty and Personal Care e-commerce website platform exclusively available for the UAE audience. The e-commerce store has a great variety to offer to its customers that one can think of.  

  • Easily explore the platform and quickly find the right product. 
  • Send order details and status updates through email and SMS. 



BEANIT is an online on-demand E-commerce platform where people can find a huge variety of aromatic coffee-related products. The web and app are specially designed to entice coffee lovers with its assorted features that categorize different flavours and other items.
  • Buyers have the option to earn affiliate bonus by promoting products.
  • Buyers will be able to manage buyer panel where they can get records of all orders, affiliate bonus, and manage balances.



Snapshopy is a holistic on-demand grocery delivery app that allows users to shop for groceries to daily necessities and get it delivered on the doorsteps. The user can directly explore the variety of grocery items and order them at their convenience.

  • Easy access to explore grocery items as per the preferred category.
  • Send products and order updates via message/notification pop-up.


Gift Reegalo

Gift Reegalo is a specially designed merchandising and gifting e-commerce platform that streamlines and automates the gift ordering process for their employees and clients. Users can order online from the exceptionally curated gifting ideas.
  • Users can choose from varieties of corporate gifting options suited to multiple budgets.
  • Users can customize gifts as per their choices and add specific items to their Wishlist or favourites.

Key Features of An eCommerce Product

We are an experienced team of experts equipped with varied resources and tools to build next-gen feature-rich eCommerce mobile applications.


Every vendor is provided with an intuitive dashboard where they can check their sales and revenue graphs, and can have a detailed and bird-eye view of all business operations.

Handle the most complex issues in a simple way with separate sections for managing products, categories, vendor commissions, and more.

Our marketplace app gives your vendor partners their storefronts to make SEO-optimized URLs for their products, define their own set of keywords, and alt tags for images.

Give your vendors complete control to handle their orders, create invoices, and initiate shipping. They will receive notifications for every order delivered, order on track, etc.

Enable your vendors to access real-time sales reports, total no. of sales, revenue generated, and more which will eventually help them catalyze actions and make powerful marketing decisions.

Aiming to turn your visitors into loyal customers?

Hire our eCommerce product development experts, who can match your quality standards, boost customer engagement, and build a loyal customer base.

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Our Expertise in Developing AI-Powered Retail Apps

Our expertise in developing AI-powered retail apps covers cutting-edge solutions aimed at transforming the retail landscape. With a focus on enhancing retail optimization, we leverage AI-driven technologies to streamline inventory management and boost customer engagement.

  • Enhanced Retail Optimization

    Codiant implements AI-driven solutions to optimize inventory management and enhance customer engagement.

  • Personalized Shopping Experience

    Codiant incorporates intelligent recommendation systems for tailored product suggestions. Additionally, our visual shopping enhancements such as virtual try-on features and visual search capabilities enrich the shopping experience.

  • Secure Transactions and Transparency

    Through blockchain integration, Codiant ensures secure transactions and provides transparency in operations. This includes authenticity verification and supply chain transparency to validate product authenticity and ensure ethical sourcing practices.

  • Sustainability Initiatives

    Codiant promotes sustainable consumption by offering eco-friendly product recommendations and partnering with sustainable brands, thereby contributing to environmental conservation efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

To create an eCommerce app first identify your goals, your target audience, and their interest. Then choose the right technology like if you want a Progressive Web App or a native app (iOS and Android), prepare a list of features, and now you’re ready to start working on the design and development of your app.

On average, the total cost for e-commerce app development ranges from $30,000-$170,000. But before you reach the app development cost, it is necessary to analyze several factors that contribute to the total cost such as no. of features, integrations, theme design and development, plugin development, CMS and more.

eCommerce website and app can help you in increasing your customer base as the portal’s analytics have robust functions that give you insights that help you analyze crucial points such as customer’s preferences, habits, lifestyle, spending range and more that proves to be significant in creating sales strategies, product placements and developing features that could enhance your customer experience.

We provide end-to-end eCommerce website development, app development, and marketing services. We handle everything in digital marketing services including Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Advertising, Content Marketing, PPC, eCommerce & BI Analytics Services.

The most popular types of eCommerce app platforms are Shopify, Magento, Drupal, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, 3dcart, Volusion, Wix, Big Cartel, EKM, Core Commerce, X-Cart, Pinnacle-chart, etc.

The choice of an eCommerce platform depends upon your business size. Like if you’re a startup looking for a quick go-to-market solution, Shopify should be your first choice. If you’re an SME, WooCommerce is the best platform. If you’re a brand having medium to large online stores pick Magento. And if you’re a large website with complex features then the Drupal eCommerce platform will be best for you. However, a choice of platform depends on business-specific needs. For more specific recommendations get in touch. We’re just a call away.