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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Solutions

Embrace the power of automation fused with intelligence to predict customer needs and make accurate decisions.

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Our AI/ML Development Service Offerings

Our tech experts use the latest tech suite to help you unlock the potential of outcome-driven AI/ML services. We put efforts to enhance your workflow performance.

Generative AI

Right from strategy & roadmap to design and build, Codiant’s next gen generative AI services help enterprises reinvent every touchpoint.

Natural Language Processing

We use cutting-edge tech tools to create NLP algorithms that help in extracting insightful information from a large pool of data.

Chatbot Development

To leverage the intelligence of AI, we create interactive custom chatbots using language recognition, sensing, voice, and more.

IoT Analytics

We develop IoT sensors to capture, process, and analyze data that helps in minimizing accidents and identify current trends.

Deep Learning

Our expert developers help you build reliable & scalable solutions that help in increasing decision-making, forecasting, and operational performance.

Predictive Analysis

Our developers help you utilize ML techniques and statistical algorithms to churn forecasting, fraud detection, sentiment analysis, etc.

AI consulting and Integration

We help you modernize and sharpen the functionalities of your existing system and enhance customer interaction with your services.

Robotic Process Automation

We create robust solutions to help you minimize manual participation, and human errors and automatically enhance overall productivity.

Facial Recognition Software

Our developers create software that helps in facial recognition of live as well as digital image faces used for data security purposes.

Why Choose Us for AI/ML Development Services?

Our dedicated AI/ML developers use their diverse industry expertise to offer intelligent solutions that provide the expected results.

Vendor Neutral

Our developers provide objective-oriented recommendations and solutions by ensuring seamless integration for agnostic support.


Scalability and Performance Focused

Our focus is on prioritizing performance optimization, fine-tuning solutions, and model evaluation to assure higher business efficiency & accuracy.


Unmatched Tech-Expertise

We are well-read in data processing & analysis. Our detailed AI/ML knowledge help in bringing innovation to meet business demands.


Reimagine Industries with The Power Of AI

We help you integrate best-in-class AI/ML services to boost your performance and drive better results as expected.

We develop AI-powered education apps for educational institutions to help them achieve excellence in their overall practices.

Improve the efficiency of business processes and deliver smarter, specialized customer experiences with our AI-driven app development services.

Stay ahead of the threats by getting implemented AI for cybersecurity solutions designed to provide instant threat insights and faster attack response.

With AI technologies, manufacturing companies can perform predictive maintenance, improve production reuse, and reduce material waste.

Embrace the power of AI in Healthcare and life sciences industry with our AI-powered healthcare app development services.

We leverage Machine learning to develop AI-powered apps to enhance customers’ shopping experience, target potential customers, and boost sales.

AI-ready computing platforms are helping acceleration and automation of workloads, effective management, and data control easily.

Our AI/ML Solution Development Process

We ensure to follow a guided, well-balanced, and organized development process that curates innovate features and supports your business with tangible results.

Market Research & Requirement Analysis

We perform extensive research before initiating development and analyze business needs to build solutions with advanced tools & technologies.

Build MVP (Minimal Viable Product)

We build a basic version of the software infused with fundamental features & technologies to get quick value to users with minimal expenses.

Development & Quality Assurance

We develop the solution and write codes over the selected technology further carrying out quality assurance parallelly and after development as well.

Launching & Getting Feedback

We launch the product in the active market and seek feedback from the customers to make improvements as per user experience.

Drive Real Business Value with Our AI/ML Capabilities

We help organizations enhance their decision-making capabilities, and make accurate and quick predictions through the use of deep insights.


We’re a leading Machine Learning app development company that helps enterprises in creating smart, intelligent, and human-friendly apps.

Our AI and NLP-powered self-learning Chatbots help enterprises to personalize user experience and faster communication with abilities like human-centric chats.

Codiant provides a wide range of advanced AI images processing solutions like Image classification, Image generation, and Image retrieval for many industries.

Supercharge your business with our powerful AI and deep learning solutions for data centers, the cloud, and workstations to accelerate neural network training.

Our computer vision platform processes the images in real-time to drive actionable insights. We offer solutions like object detection, image classification, etc.

Looking to Introduce Generative AI Models to Transform Your Enterprise Applications?

Hire our experienced AI developers helping you discover the potential of generative AI models with advanced language comprehension.

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