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Virtual Reality Services

We immerse your audience in the future of interaction with our Virtual Reality solutions, creating a digital landscape that brings your products and services to life.


Our Virtual Reality Service Offerings

Using virtual reality technology, we offer VR app development services. Our experts bring your visions to life, ensuring a transformative experience for your audience.

Custom VR App

We transform concepts into realities with our bespoke Virtual Reality application development services.

VR Experience

We create interactive and immersive VR content, ranging from virtual tours and simulations to engaging storytelling experiences.

VR Training Solutions

We provide Virtual Reality for training programs that is great for workforce training, skill enhancement, and educational purposes.

VR Content Distribution

We deploy platforms for the distribution and consumption of virtual reality content, ensuring accessibility and engagement across various devices.

VR Consultation

For strategic VR integration into operations of consulting services for businesses, we cover hardware, software, and implementation strategies.

VR for Real Estate

Count on us for VR Development for the real estate industry, enabling virtual property tours, interior design visualization, and property showcasing.

Healthcare VR Solutions

Our application of VR in healthcare for medical training, therapy, and patient education can help you in fostering innovation in the medical field.

VR Gaming Development

We create virtual reality games and experiences by leveraging the immersive capabilities of VR hardware for an enhanced gaming environment.

VR Maintenance

Contact us for ongoing maintenance, updates, and technical support for VR applications to ensure optimal performance and user satisfaction.

Explore the Varied Horizons of VR Experiences

We develop VR apps for diverse industry verticals– from healthcare and e-commerce to retail, travel, entertainment, and beyond.

Immersive Learning

VR development creates lifelike environments, engaging users in 3D simulations for deep understanding and lasting knowledge retention.


Risk-Free Skill Mastery

VR provides secure training in critical fields, like healthcare and aviation, allowing users to practice skills without real-world risks.


Seamless Virtual Connection

VR overcomes distances, fostering effective teamwork, and communication through shared virtual spaces for engaging collaborations.


Our VR Capabilities in Industry Verticals

Our Virtual Reality app development team strategically tailors VR solutions to meet diverse business needs, enhancing experiences across key verticals.

Codiant’s VR capability in E-commerce blooms in the digital world. It transforms shopping into endless possibilities and choices.

Our VR in Healthcare services heals minds with therapies and surgical simulations, revealing a new era of patient well-being.

We provide virtual reality in marketing and run effective campaigns to fantastical realms, leaving a lasting impact in consumer minds.

We know that education takes a quantum leap with virtual reality app development. We develop VR-based ed solutions that turns into immersive experiences.

Our team offers travel-based VR development, allowing customers explore exotic destinations without leaving home, igniting a sense of wanderlust.

We help clients redefine property exploration with VR tours, allowing dream homes to be discovered with a headset click. 

Our VR application revolutionizes the shopping experience, turning storefronts into immersive showcases of products and innovation.

Partnering with Codiant for Future-Ready VR

We help you get virtual frontiers with our expertise in virtual reality technology innovation.

VR Specialization

We bring access to VR specialists with the technical know-how and expertise to develop cutting-edge virtual reality solutions.

Cost Efficiency

We enable you to capitalize on established infrastructure and minimize VR development expenses. We expedite the time to bring VR solutions to the market.

Flexibility & Scalability

We provide the opportunity to adapt to the evolving VR development needs. Whether you want expansion or downsizing, our services are great at it.

Innovation and Technology

We ensure that our VR solutions benefit you from the latest innovations, keeping your offerings competitive and aligned with the industry trends.

Key Features of VR App Development

Enhance your virtual world with our expertise, delivering key VR features like immersive environments, intuitive interaction, and beyond.

features vr app development

Command and control at your fingertips – experience the magic as your movements shape virtual worlds.

Surround yourself with soundscapes that breathe life into virtual spaces, elevating the auditory dimension of immersion.

Expand horizons—VR apps deliver panoramic views and experiences, surrounding users with 360-degree content for a truly captivating journey.

VR development breaks boundaries. Seamlessly navigate VR apps on various devices, ensuring an accessible, cross-platform experience for all.

Engage dynamically with virtual elements, as the VR app responds to your actions in real time, creating an unparalleled interactive adventure.

Ready to Enhance Your Services with Virtual Reality?

We have a qualified team to offer VR app development services and help you step into a world of immersive possibilities.

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