Dynamics 365 Services

We offer Microsoft Dynamics 365, an integrated suite of cloud-based applications to update, adapt, and improve your business processes.


Our Dynamics 365 Service Offerings

Our comprehensive suite of Dynamics 365 solutions for CRM integration, sales automation, and financial management focuses on every aspect of business functioning.

Dynamics 365 CRM Integration

We provide CRM integration using Microsoft Dynamics 365 to improve customer relationships with seamless CRM integration. It optimizes customer engagement.

Sales Automation Solutions

We use the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 tools for automating processes, enhancing efficiency and increasing revenue growth.

Financial Management

Our Dynamics 365 team drives financial success through Dynamics 365 Finance. We offer advanced tools for precise financial control and strategic decision-making.

Retail Revolution

We transform retail experiences and operations, managing sales, inventory, and customer interactions seamlessly with our Dynamics 365 Commerce.

End-to-End HR Management

We streamline HR operations from recruitment to performance management with Dynamics 365 HR software, ensuring a cohesive and competent workforce.

Unified Customer Insights

Our Dynamics 365 Customer Insights help you gain a comprehensive view of your clients. We provide accurate actionable insight and clear communication.

Unifying Technologies for Business Engagement

Our Dynamics 365 consultants specialize in integrating various business functions, such as sales, marketing, customer service, and finance, into a unified platform.

Unified Customer Data Platforms

Microsoft Dynamics 365 uses CDP for a unified view of customer interactions, improving understanding of behavior and preferences.


Specific Industry Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics 365 moves toward industry-specific solutions, delivering customized services for industries such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing and retail.


Remote Work & Collaboration

Dynamics 365 adapts for remote work, integrating communication tools and virtual collaboration features.


Our Core Microsoft Dynamics 365 Options

We deliver Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions designed to transform, simplify and empower your business operations.

We transform customer relationships with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, a comprehensive hub for personalized interactions.

We follow a holistic approach to HR management and talent development. We help you make your workforce better with Dynamics 365 Talent.


We help enhance decision-making with Dynamics 365 AI, giving actionable insights that drive innovation and business intelligence.

We support your supply chain vertical with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, ensuring end-to-end visibility and productivity.

We enhance project planning and execution with our Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation, resulting in projects delivery on time and within budget.

Why Codiant is the Best Choice for Dynamics 365?

Choose Codiant for Microsoft Dynamics 365. We offer customized solutions, expert user interfaces and seamless integrations, ensuring your business will thrive.

Expertise in Implementation

Codiant boasts expertise in Dynamics 365, providing a team of experienced experts with a deep understanding of its particulars.

Tailored Solutions for Your Business

We specialize in offering tailored Dynamics 365 solutions. Our solutions are aligned with your unique business needs for maximum efficiency.

Proven Success Record

Choose Codiant for a track record marked by successful Dynamics 365 implementations, delivering tangible results and client satisfaction.

Innovation at Every Point

We are committed to innovation, ensuring our Microsoft Dynamics 365 services are always ground-breaking as per your business demands.

Looking for strategic insights using Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Contact us today for personalized advice and transform your business role. Explore the power of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution.