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Our Real Estate App Service Offerings

We build the best custom web & mobile app solutions for real-estate businesses that help to connect all the stakeholders i.e. seller, buyer, broker, and agents.

Custom Real-Estate Solution

We build custom tech-integrated web and mobile apps to build a next-level solution that enhances the user experience and digital reach of businesses.

Broker Management Solution

Our expert developers build solutions to keep details secure related to brokers and connect easily with all prospective customers.

Lead Management

At Codiant, we build customized lead and sales management CRM solutions to track & manage your leads and build the best client relations.

Module Development

To enhance the quality of an existing solution by adding new features & functionalities, we integrate the custom module to fulfil client & buyers’ expectations.

Property Management

We build custom solutions to manage all your properties with ease and administer booking, reservation, canceling, maintenance, etc. and manage updates.

Renting Properties

Our developers build feature-rich real-estate renting solutions to assist you with virtual property inspection, rent management, etc. which boost engagement.

Our Customizable Solutions

On-Demand Real Estate Development

Codiant is a leading on-demand real estate app development company having a special knack for building mobile apps, web and portal solutions. We craft beyond spaces, focusing on user interfaces, admin tools, and analytics. Our digital solutions empower realtors with efficient property listing, inventory management, and procurement. Elevate your real estate business with Codiant’s tailored, tech-savvy ecosystem.

  • Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
  • Buying and Selling Apps
  • Property Management Apps
  • Real Estate Apps for Auctions
  • Real Estate Investment App

CRM for Real Estate

Our CRM for Real Estate offers solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of real estate professionals. With a focus on customer satisfaction, our CRM assists to manage leads and interactions on a centralized platform. The lead management feature ensures a higher conversion rate. All in all, Our CRM acts as the backbone, facilitating smoother communication between buyers, sellers, brokers, and developers.

  • Ensure zero lead leakage
  • Electronic documentation & billing
  • Centralized information
  • Data visualization dashboard
  • Automate business processes for efficiency

ERP Solutions

Codiant is a leading provider of ERP services for real estate industry. We automate and optimize core functions, boosting efficiency and profits. Our advanced tech minimizes manual work, elevating productivity. Specializing in SAP, we enhance day-to-day operations. Count on Codiant for scalable ERP solutions, driving lasting growth in your business.

  • Real-time business information
  • Effective sales and marketing
  • End-to-end business support and security
  • Automation of manual tasks through ERP
  • One-stop data storage and management

AR/VR for Real Estate

Codiant’s “AR/VR for Real Estate” Solutions bring futuristic technology to revolutionize the real estate sector. With immersive AR/VR experiences, potential buyers can explore properties virtually, saving time and effort. Our solutions enhance property visualization, allowing clients to see architectural designs and interior spaces with remarkable detail. Realtors can conduct virtual property tours, making the buying process more efficient and engaging.

  • Virtual Property Tours
  • 3D guided tours for home buyers
  • Geolocation-based AR
  • Property Marketing and Advertising
  • Virtual Open Houses & Interactive Floor plans

End-To-End Solution for Builders, Brokers, and Marketplaces

Capture property inquiries, reduce response time and increase the sales phenomenally with our powerful and automated real estate app solutions.

Website Solution

We build customized feature-rich, and mobile-friendly real estate websites with beautiful yet intuitive designs.


Mobile App Solution

To cater wide customer market, we support custom real estate app development on Android & iOS platforms.


Portal Solution

We offer a complete real estate portal with 250+ ready-to-use features & customization for the uniqueness of your portal.


Core Modules of Real Estate App Development Solutions

Supercharge your real estate business with our premium core modules that suffice the requirements of agents/property brokers.

Give your customers a fully controlled system to make search results quick, easy, and accurate.

A complete Property Dashboard to help agencies or agents/brokers to manage properties and ads on the fly.

Get access to the entire property management system with an image gallery, property price, MAP, similar properties and more.

Manage all types of display ad services and promotional advertisement packages to attract potential customers.

Drive the revenue from multiple sources. Give add-on features to agents for a featured listing, Recommended Listing and Premium Listing.

Give a LIVE 3D walkthrough to your buyers to give them a real-time look and feel of the potential home.

Get actionable insights, take better decisions, and make shrewd marketing strategies by knowing the in-app behavior of your users.

Add a custom cost estimation feature to give users an idea about total property cost based on different factors like loan interest amount, payment range, taxes, etc.

Why Choose Codiant as your Real Estate Partner?

Our entire team believes in turning ideas into path-breaking solutions, right from conception to the deployment stage.

Cater Diverse Businesses

We build custom solutions for real estate developers, builders, and brokerage agencies working on mid-scale or large-scale projects.

Property Management

We offer you all-inclusive support for end-to-end management; be it handling property requests, preparing price quotes, to selling a property.

Automation for Brokers

Enhance broker’s efficiency with custom solutions by enabling automatic lead management, sending personalized emails using sales sequence & automated workflows.

Multi-Time Zone & Currencies

Have your offices spread globally? No worries. Stay in sync with different time zones and manage your distributed team & sales in multiple currencies efficiently.

Solutions Delivered by Our Team

See our product development journey helping our clients open new opportunities and drive growth. Our solutions are conditioned with your customers’ voice.



Assetlyst is a real-estate website for sellers, buyers, or renters. Users can search for properties and houses or rent/sell them through the app by uploading images or filling in details.

  • Buyers or renters can filter their search as per their needs and requirements based on area, location, price, or size.
  • Agents/sellers can receive notifications if any buyer or renter showed interest in their property or replied on chat.

Integrate AR & Capitalize High-Growth Areas

Industrial as well as commercial real estate sectors can adopt smarter approaches by integrating tech advanced services.


Virtual reality platforms allow the user to tour the property, ask questions, record presentations, and make notes.

Interactive experience through AR/VR has made it easier & seamless to display homes to prospective clients.

AR-enabled real estate apps can be used as an effective marketing tool by enabling users to take an insightful property tour.

AR allows you to create prototypes from 3D models, capture dimensions & make floor plans of architecture.

The ability to envision properties with real-like views as per viewers’ preferences narrows down their choices to explore more properties.

Accelerate Your Real Estate Business ROI & Management!

Hire our tech expert team to build a digital web and app solution for your real estate business management.

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Real Estate Solutions with Advanced Technologies

We embrace advanced technologies to deliver innovative and highly customized real estate web and app solutions.

  • AI/ML

    The AI/ML technologies support high-end personalization. Also, AI Chatbots supports 24x7 customer assistance, property suggestion, virtual property visits, and more.

  • IoT

    IoT-embedded solutions allow real estate businesses to have control over smart property features, infuse high-end security management, and control processes on clicks.

  • AR/VR

    We can integrate AR/VR technology to build motion graphics & animation to present virtual property tours and offer users an immersive property viewing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of your real estate app development entirely depends upon the no. of platforms, no. of features, third-party integrations (if any) and the complexities involved in it. Want to know how much will it cost for your project? Discuss your requirements with our business developer and Request a free quote now!

We would love to showcase our featured work and share the demo links with you that match your requirement list and needs. We have developed real estate apps and web solutions for various property agents, brokers and agencies. Quickly send an inquiry to us to visit our past work now.

We are one of the best real estate app development companies to provide you with complete qualitative analysis, performance analysis, ongoing support and maintenance services 24×7 post-deployment.

Yes, we have worked on AR-based real estate apps where we enable our users to visualize their properties from different angles.

Yes, we provide a suite of digital marketing services to grow your app’s revenue and downloads. Some of our key digital marketing activities include App Store Optimization (ASO), Social Media Ads and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Ready to take your app to the next level? Contact our digital marketing experts now. We are a phone call away or just shoot us a mail at and we will answer you within 24 working hours.