Our Process and
Development Methodology

A walkthrough to our simple and smart approach to mobile app and web development.

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From Agility to Action: Get Instant, Intimate Value at Scale

We embrace Agile Methodology- to encourage transparent communication; to foster collaboration; to combat uncertainty and chaos; to cope with change, and to continuously provide new value to our clients. Everything the development work, the information, and money moves in an integrated fashion with massive returns.


Our Project Execution Structure

Our high-performance cross-functional team takes care of you at every step. No matter what stage you are at in the project, we adjust as per your requirements and deliver you an incremented value that embraces your vision. Here’s how it all starts!

BD Phase
  • BD engages BA for requirement analysis
  • BA proposes questions & feature document
  • Client provides answers, approves features document
  • BD sends confirmation of project notification to leads
Consolidation Phase
  • Requirements consolidations by BA
  • BA prepares user stories, flow & information architecture
  • Client approves requirement consolidation documents
  • UX designer prepares wireframes & BA gets approval from client
Design Phase
  • Designers uses the above documents to prepare mocks, converts them into Invision
  • QA assures that the requirements are met
  • FrontEnd devs create assets
  • Client approval on designs and assets
Development Sprints
  • Developers prepare sprint plan with BA & engage with Backend setup
  • Proceeding–Short sprints–max 2 weeks each
  • Agile process development Design, develop, deploy, QA for each sprint
  • UAT on individual sprints to assure the delivery on schedule
  • BA prepares project summary, case study document, handover document to client
  • Developers prepare the delivery document
Project Closure
  • BA prepares project summary, case study document, handover document to client

Our Deliverables

While we take up the project from our client, our duty starts right from that point. We help our clients by informing them about all the aspects that comes in the development stage. No surprise, but Codiant is hailed for its systemized and standardized work.

SRS Draft and Approval

A formal functional specification will be drafted based on the information provided. We proceed with the site project execution only after getting your approval on the drafted document.

Final SRS

We will complete the functional specification in view of your comments; freezing on the requirements. Our aim is to draw a clear roadmap to further kickstart the process.

SRS Approval

The final and formally approved specification will then be the basis for delivering the final product. Here we emphasise on confirming project scope including features, tech-stack and further development plan.

Project Spearheads

The Project Manager will brief the UI/UX specialist team on the requirements, creative design and prototypes, mock up including logo designing, index page and other page mock ups, style sheets, etc. This will be the inception.

Wireframing and Approval

We will build a non-working protype to give you a rough but accurate idea to how the user-interface will look, how the site will work etc. Before proceeding, we share it for review and take approval from your end.


We will spearhead the process by design then will reduce the design to code by unit testing and peer testing. We infuse innovative features to make one-of-a-kind and turn your idea into life.


Our expert Quality Analysts will test the software in-house. The hours budgeted here will be used in complete software testing. We study your comments and feedback on the UAT results to proceed further.

Final Version & Approval

We will provide a quick turnaround to fix any problems that are pointed out by you during UAT. We deliberately look for your approval as we release the final version.


Once the product is ready, we will provide our assistance in deploying the product online. Post that we put our dedicated efforts in boosting app’s visibility across the online platform.

Tools & Technologies We Use For Mobile & Web App Development

At Codiant, we are committed to delivering highly scalable, interactive, customized, and innovative apps. For developing your app, we use trending technologies backed by a robust suite of tools, techniques, and frameworks.


  • PhotoshopPhotoshop
  • PhotoshopIllustrator
  • PhotoshopAdobe XD
  • PhotoshopAfter Effects
  • PhotoshopSketch
  • PhotoshopInvision


  • PhotoshopJava
  • PhotoshopKotlin
  • PhotoshopSwift
  • PhotoshopSQLite
  • PhotoshopReact Native
  • PhotoshopFlutter
  • PhotoshopObjective-C


  • PhotoshopAngularJS
  • PhotoshopNodeJS
  • PhotoshopReactJS
  • PhotoshopPHP
  • PhotoshopMagento


  • PhotoshopAWS
  • PhotoshopAzure
  • PhotoshopGoogle Cloud


  • PhotoshopPHP
  • PhotoshopC++
  • PhotoshopRails
  • PhotoshopRuby
  • PhotoshopJava

Server Side

  • PhotoshopMongoDB
  • PhotoshopCassandra
  • PhotoshopPostgre SQL
  • PhotoshopSQL Server
  • PhotoshopOracle
  • PhotoshopSQLite
  • PhotoshopApache

Flexible Working Models to Meet Your Specific Needs

Our performance engineering team delivers its services in different engagement models that best fit needs of our clients to launch the desired product in the most rational way.

Fixed Price Model

The fixed price model is preferable for the short-term projects with clear and well-documented requirements of the project from business and technical aspect.

Time and Material Model

This is a cost-effective model well-suited for long-term projects with dynamic requirements. It enables to balance project resources, manage workload, & meet market needs.

Dedicated Development Center

The DDC model is preferred when a project requires a committed tech-staff & a dedicated development team. Bringing in cross-border knowledge is another advantage.

Your Ideas Are Always Safe With Us

At Codiant, protecting your ideas, intellectual property IP, and trade secrets is our key concern. We ensure that any of the information shared by you does not slip through the cracks, any unauthorized person or a third party. To maintain the confidentiality we take the following measures:

We Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements

We sign a mutual and confidential non disclosure agreement to legally protect your ideas. Our NDA is rigorously drafted by a reputed law firm and are written in format that best protect your ideas, projects, and trade secrets.

We Follow Stringent Procedures

Our Stringent Procedures around source code & project management safeguards your projects at our development office. We have password protected and advanced security system that assures you none of the information is revealed to any unauthorized person.

Our Employees Do Not Compete With You

Our meticulous employee confidentiality agreement can give you real peace of mind as it assures that any employee will not share any information about the details of the employer’s business or the employer’s secret processes, or plans.

24*7 Security

Our delivery centers are highly secured and monitored by CCTV surveillance cameras 24*7. You can blindly trust us with your security.