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Creating a visually delightful and engaging experience with our innovative media & entertainment software solutions.

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Our Media & Entertainment Service Offerings

We offer a wide range of media & entertainment app development solutions with the intent to help businesses cover all aspects of the industry.

Music Streaming App

We develop feature-rich and tech advanced music streaming apps with a powerful back-end. It helps to manage thousands of active listeners without any interruption.

OTT Streaming App

Hire our industry experts to leverage cutting-edge technologies for developing an easy-to-use, fast working, supports huge user base, and more for your OTT platform.

Gaming Application

We are having a team of gaming app experts across platforms & genres. We leverage cutting-edge technologies to build efficient and fast-working apps with stable infrastructure.

Content Aggregation App

Codiant developers build a highly organized app that works as a single source for customers and businesses to quickly explore databases on any domain or topic.

Image Editing App

We build highly responsive image editing & sharing app to offer a next-level experience by integrating advanced technologies like AI based on geo-tagging functionality.

Custom ERP Solution

Our expert media & entertainment team help organizations to build custom solutions that meet their unique business needs and are tailored for specific industry and workflow.

Our Customizable Solutions

Video Streaming and OTT Platforms

Our Video Streaming & Over-The-Top (OTT) Platform solutions for media companies, broadcasters, and native OTT providers offer custom OTT platform development, live streaming solutions, VOD solutions, & more. Our advanced digital solutions leverage XR, content analytics, AI, streaming tech & more for precise ad targeting. Monetization models, OTT analytics etc. ensure seamless user experiences & revenue generation to help you stand out in digital entertainment landscape.

  • Custom OTT Platform Development
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Video Encoding and Transcoding Solutions
  • Subscription and Billing Management
  • Cross-platform Synchronization

Digital Publication

Codiant empowers news publications with innovative solutions for effortless content management, distribution across multiple channels & devices at scale. From news gathering to live publishing & editing, we optimize workflows on agile CMS platforms. Our services enhance user experiences, broaden audience reach, & open new revenue streams. Feature-rich widgets & real-time analytics elevate content presentation to stay competitive in the dynamic digital landscape.

  • Digital Publishing Platform Development
  • Interactive Content Solutions
  • Digital Analytics and Reporting
  • E-commerce Integration & Cross-platform Publishing
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Integration

Content Management Solutions

Our Content Management Solution help manage and organize vast amounts of media content efficiently. They include digital asset management systems, content distribution platforms, and workflow automation tools. Our CMS solution offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to efficiently manage, organize, and distribute your media and digital assets. With our expertise in content management, we can tailor our offerings to meet your specific needs.

  • Digital Asset Management (DAM)
  • Web Content Management (WCM)
  • Multi-Channel Content Distribution
  • Version Control and Collaboration
  • Content Analytics and Insights

Music and Audio Streaming Services

Our Music and Audio Streaming platforms allow users to stream and access a vast library of music and audio content on-demand, by offering personalized playlists and recommendations. We design and develop fully customized music and audio streaming platforms that align with your brand identity and user preferences. Our bespoke music and audio streaming services are powered with features like Content Delivery Network, Personalized Content Recommendations and more.

  • Custom Audio Streaming Platform Development
  • Podcast Hosting and Distribution
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) Integration
  • Personalized Content Recommendations
  • Content Licensing and Copyright Management

Film and Television

Codiant offers comprehensive, feature-rich software solutions for the film & video industry, covering all production aspects from scheduling to client approvals. Our user-friendly audio/video editing & advanced 3D capabilities empower professionals to bring life to their vision seamlessly. Collaborative workflows and node-based video compositing ensure efficient teamwork. Stay ahead in the digital era with Codiant’s integrated suite for exceptional software.

  • Media Asset Management (MAM) Solutions
  • Video Editing and Post-Production Software
  • Cloud-Based Collaboration Tools
  • Video Streaming Platform Development
  • Digital Marketing and Audience Engagement

Digital Media & Advertising

Codiant is the preferred technology partner for digital media & advertising enterprises. For advertising, we offer next-generation software empowering campaigns with data-driven decisions, seamless buying/selling of ad space & innovative approaches like gamification & QR codes. Codiant’s dedication to efficiency and innovation sets new industry benchmarks, making us the go-to partner for media and advertising success.

  • Ad Tech Platform Development
  • Cross-Channel Advertising Campaigns
  • Digital Content Monetization
  • Ad Creative Design and Optimization
  • Social Media Advertising Management & App Monetization

Production and Post-Production Software

Codiant provides cutting-edge Production & Post-Production Software solutions for video editing, special effects, sound design & animation to enhance the quality of media content. Whether you’re a content creator, filmmaker, or media production company, our solutions streamline your production workflow & help you deliver captivating & quality content to your audience. We also offer plug-ins & Add-ons to enhance the functionality of your existing software.

  • Video/Audio Editing Software
  • Visual Effects (VFX) and Motion Graphics Software
  • Green Screen and Chroma Key Software
  • Audio and Video Sync Software
  • Subtitling and Captioning Software

Techifying The Media & Entertainment Solutions

To build the right and custom media & entertainment applications and web platforms, we corroborate to integrate the right technologies to make it future-ready.

AR/VR Technology

AR/VR offers an immersive video-watching and gaming experience by entering into a virtual world and interacting with characters and objects.


Artificial Intelligence

AI in media & entertainment offers personalizing content recommendation, create music, optimized advertising and marketing, and presents an immersive experience.



Blockchain technology enhances the data security of media & entertainment apps and increases brand loyalty, personal identity, and improves customer engagement.


We cater to diverse industries

At Codiant, our team always strives to serve our clients with innovation-driven and trend-oriented top-of-the-line media and entertainment solutions to fulfil varied industries.

You can count on us for creating custom broadcast software, development of production asset management platforms for complete post-production project management, live streaming media solutions, robust media intelligence platforms, and other media workflow tools.

We offer a full set of services across the entire video and film value chain. Our digital capabilities in the filmed entertainment industry include digital media management, business processing services, content protection or anti-piracy, intellectual property management, and social media analytics.

Our digital capabilities in the Music industry include new media & delivery and mobile music. From strategy and execution through global support, we are the right technology partner to offer you the full set of services and solutions that can help you achieve new expansions and digital transformation.

Codiant’s print and publishing services address core capabilities like process re-engineering, subscription management, digital media services, social CRM, and architectural strategy that revive publishing processes and make the management convenient.

Contact us for cutting-edge digital advertising services, creative asset management, direct marketing, and reporting and insights solutions. We are your end-to-end technology partner in digital advertisement management solutions like SEO, SMO, analytics, social marketing, and online brand management.

Must-Have Features of Media & Entertainment Application

To emerge in the cut-throat competition, you must integrate these significant features to increase customer experience by multi-fold.

Ability to Track What’s Popular

The market is stuffed with ideas and every day a new one pops out. So, the software should be equipped to understand and study new trends to gain traction. And should also supports AI-enabled personalized recommendations.

Easy Navigation & Analysis

A media and entertainment app should be easy to navigate and support data analysis, which initiates automation. To streamline user experience, the software equipped with these features can boost the business outcome.

Educational & Entertaining

As the app is about media and entertainment, then the app should be fulfilling the criterion of being informative, educational, and entertaining. It triggers the users sentiments and provides a sense of relief as well.

Dashboard with Data Privacy

The app should be equipped with an intuitive dashboard to support convenient and quick content management. And data is king, so maintain high data security to provide the best services to your customers.

Clients' case studies & success stories

See our product development journey helping our clients open new opportunities and drive growth. Our solutions are conditioned to your customers’ voices.



Midas is an OTT entertainment platform that facilitates content creator to upload any movie, web series, daily soaps, etc., on the platform, and the subscribers can directly online stream or download the content for instant or later view.

  • Offer diverse content options - movies, series, shows, etc.
  • User-friendly interface for creators & subscribers. Smooth browsing, personalized recommendations, and easy uploads.



Dealbox is a trailblazing entertainment app designed to revolutionize the cinema experience by seamlessly integrating advertisements with personalized offers.
  • Offer seamless app interaction between the users and the brands.
  • An extensive, unified responsive app platform is helping brands leverage business growth from ad conversions.



Zinglin is an online social media app platform that allows users to create, upload, and share short, entertaining videos. The platform enables a unique feature for the users to earn reward points on their uploaded videos based on the number of likes and shares.

  • Create entertaining videos displaying great talent.
  • Add animations and effects to the videos.

Benefits of Our Media & Entertainment Solutions

To remain ahead in a competitive industry, the latest technologies must be employed. Some of the benefits you can avail of using media & entertainment solutions are:


Codiant is equipped with a dedicated team of creative designers who ensure to follow the latest industry trends and design highly interactive & engaging solutions. This helps developers to build highly aesthetically sound UI/UX solutions.

We deploy solutions after a rigorous quality check and security maintenance routine. The experienced Quality Assurance expert fish-out bugs and issues or security loopholes. It enables to maintain the high-end data security.

We deliver a high-end user experience for the target audience that you as a business are aiming for with your own media and entertainment app. It ultimately promotes the conversion rates of your business.

Our app solutions help businesses to promote their online presence. Such as, the business can be searched by a large base of potential audiences. It ultimately elevates marketing opportunities and increases customer loyalty.

Codiant has a skilled team to support its clients in promoting their services and businesses on the web via social media channels. We follow standard marketing practices to promote businesses and turn them into a brand.

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Why Choose Us For Media & Entertainment?

To take your business goals at the next level of success, Codiant offers several reasons to partner with our team for your media & entertainment app development.

  • Inclusive Software Development

    Partner with us and get over all your worries for media & entertainment app development. We offer end-to-end services from research & analysis to delivery & deployment.

  • Data Security & Privacy

    Our tech experts help to maintain your customers precious data by providing high-end data security and follows international standards for advanced data security.

  • Unparalleled Code Quality

    We follow world-class standard practices in writing codes. Our expert developers write clean codes that are easy to understand for others to ensure periodic maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our media & entertainment mobile app development solutions are infused with several benefits that promote business in the right direction. These well-designed and presented apps improve user engagement, boost ROI, bring loyal customers and more.

Of course! At Codiant, we work in close contact with our clients. Being a leading mobile app development company, we understand your business-specific requirements and other aspects. Then we share the app update at every stage and deploy the solution only after your approval and satisfaction.

Some common features a media and entertainment app must have are an easy user interface, trending and preference-based recommendations, quick and budget-friendly subscription packages, data privacy, instant downloads, and more.

Codiant is a leading web and app development company that specializes in media and entertainment app development that ensures to facilitate its clients from multiple aspects.

  • Flexible engagement models
  • A responsible and skilled development team
  • Affordable solution with smooth deployment
  • Low latency and high-performing app solution
  • An enhanced and agile development approach
  • 100% conversions and experimental solutions

The estimated development cost of a media and entertainment application can be variable and relies on various parameters i.e. design, project complexity, product scope, platforms, technologies, development team and location, and many more.

To get an accurate cost estimate, we recommend connecting with our team to discuss the project details at