Codiant is another home for Codianters. Showcasing diverse experiences that represent a mix of talents, who shine inclusively in different colors.

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Celebrating The Melody of Moments

Laughter and joyful chatter echoed with the melody of music. See how we’re building success together, one team, one dream at Codiant.

Women’s Day 2023

Codiant has always honored womanhood for breaking the taboo, embracing equity, and fighting for an equal world. To celebrate Women's Day 2023, we have organized a bunch of fun activities, games, and music followed by a tangy delicacies corner where the mouth-watering water pancakes took the hearts and tongues of the women's around. The celebration brought unlimited joy and smile to everyone's face. These pictures' oozes out the precious moments of enjoyment, happiness and fun of Codiant’s powerful women force.

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Corporate Fun Fusion Day

Brewing the fun culture at Codiant, unparalleled to the corporate work environment, we have organized a Corporate Fun Fusion Day to foster team spirit and encourage bonding between colleagues. Renowned RJ Abhi from Radio Mirchi graced the event with his presence, entirely changing the corporate vibe into a fun and magical aroma. With dance-offs, singing, epic games, thrilling prices, and ultimate laughter, Codianter’s lived the breathtaking moment with an unforgettable experience.

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Christmas Celebration 2022

Christmas 2022 was celebrated with great pomp at Codiant! From brightly illuminated Christmas Trees, and walls decorated with Santa Claus figures and garlands, to crunchy cookies and gifts, the joy was lingering in the air. The Surprise addition was the Secret Santa’s gift exchange that gave butterflies to everyone, followed by stellar performances. December was the season to be jolly, and we celebrated it with full fervour. No doubt, these group of activities showing togetherness and great enthusiasm has our heart.

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Codiant Cricket League 2022

Cricket is in the veins of Indians. And as always, people at Codiant were damn excited to show their sportsmanship on the battlefield of Codiant Cricket League #CCL. Cheers to the winning team, "Codiant Strikers," who shifted the match's momentum with the continuous relay of strokes and finished the game splendidly. This Cricket event was a true resemblance of our teams' coordination, commitment, desire, and motivation. Wow! Such moments leave nostalgic marks for years.

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Diwali Celebration 2022

Diwali demands a grand and unique celebration and see how Codianters managed to make it memorable. We planned some mesmerizing celebration goals where people were shining bright in their vibrant shades of attire. The contrast colors of rangoli with LED lights, diyas, and paper lanterns on the desks lifted up the festive spirits. The series of fun-filled games and gifts were obviously the centric attraction of the events. But those group selfies with bright smiles, exciting eyes, and glory in our hearts made the event’s memory lasting forever. Here is a glimpse of how we coordinated and spread the cheers to ignite the lamps of happiness.

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Navratri/ Garba Night Celebration 2022

Of course, the music and standout performance of Codianters is what that filled the office with glorious, lively, and cheerful vibes of festivities. From dandiya beats to devotional worshipping of Goddess Durga, people from all teams equally indulge in various festivities. Flameless food stalls from our distinct teams was the major attraction of the event. Seen in the pictures are Codianters serving delicious delicacies by garnishing lots of happiness, fun, and love to get good chunks in return. Together, that's what made our grand Navratri celebrations something everyone was looking forward to.

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Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration 2022

The sacred celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi was filled with a blissful aura. Right from welcoming Bappa into our workplace till the visharjan day, Codianters gathered every day to worship Lord Ganesha by chanting mantras and bhajans followed by the beats of musical instruments. Presenting a glimpse of this pious occasion where Codianters are seen in traditional attires with folded hands and prayers in their souls.

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Women’s Day Celebration 2022

Women’s day is not just a celebration but we took it as a tradition to honor them with our sweet gestures. This year, we have thrown a pizza party to treat our powerful ladies with some chesilicious taste topped with lots of fun-loving activities, music, and dance. Seen in pictures are the Women’s carrying glamorous attire to showcase how Codianters put efforts to incorporate the spirit of honoring inspiring women in the industry.

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Christmas Celebration 2021

This Christmas, 'Codiant was into Carols' with their Santa spreading seasons’ greetings and Codianters overriding with joy. Celebrations touched their peak and Codiant shined in its full glory as the office got beautifully ornated with liveliness, wonderful decors, and vibrant lights. Here’s the glimpse of teams immersed in the thrill and excitement of the auspicious occasion and making the celebratory moment nostalgic forever.

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Diwali Celebration 2021

This Diwali, Codiant was brimming with the brightness of Glitz, Glam, & Gifts! Blooming with the vibes of love, light, and happiness, Codianters welcomed the festival of lights with great panache and a splash of energy. Starting with a mouthwatering treat of Diwali delicacies and food bonanza, the celebrations rolled out an opulent festive cheer with a series of games & events filled with fun, surprises, gifts, and all that jazz. Seen in pictures are Codianters dolled up with their best of traditional attires and engaged in the glory of the prosperous festival.

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Women’s Day Celebration 2021

This year at Women’s Day Codianters gave the celebration a different flavor. Codiant organized a Fun Food bonanza from the “Platter of Woman” to give an exotic treat to Men’s taste buds and earning a good chunk in return. Seen in the pictures are Codianters absorbed in the young, fresh, and positive vibes in the office that talks food, fun, equality, delicacies, respect, applause, and ovations.

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Codiant UTSAV 2020

A night full of glitz, glam, performances, ovations, accolades, awards, and scrumptious dinner has everyone’s heart at Codiant. UTSAV- the Annual Gala Event of the Codiant is undoubtedly the most awaited day of the year. With a lineup of back-to-back thrilling concerts, gigs and quirks the event was absolutely jaw-dropping! Here is the sneak peek to the memories and moments that have made the day nostalgic for the year ahead.

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Codiant Cricket League 2020

After 8 hours of thrilling, riveting and enticing cricket, Codiant blasters defeated Warriors in nail-biting final and lifted the Codiant Cricket League (CCL) title. The many awe-striking performances and individual moments of glory through the tournament kept the cricket fans glued on their seats. Here is the glimpse of those candid moments.

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Christmas Celebration 2019

Christmas has never been this merrier as in 2019 at Codiant. With heavy tree decoration, white fairy lights, huge grapevine balls, lovely Santa faces, special delicacies and oodles of fun games, Codianters got extra frenzy, filled with joy and celebratory mood to unwrap the Christmas magic.

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Codiant Cricket League 2019

We never grumble on employees after witnessing ineffectiveness in their work. We simply organize a joyful event understanding the increasing fatigue and monotony evoked from the daily work. Meet Codiant Cricket league aka CCL team. And don’t miss to watch the supercharged expressions.

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Diwali Celebration 2019

Diwali’s sheer magic and brilliance, dazzled Codianters with joy and celebration. With sparkling lights, fun-filled surprises and gifts, flavorful refreshments, the aura was full of happiness when folks mingled about in joy and embraced one another.

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Christmas Celebration 2018

Ho ho ho! Christmas is here and Codiant is all in the mood to spread the cheer. From Christmas quirks to Flameless cooking competition the euphoria was at its peak.

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Diwali Celebration 2018

Diwali’s sheer magic and brilliance, dazzled Codianters with joy and celebration. With sparkling lights, fun-filled surprises and gifts, flavorful refreshments, the aura was full of happiness when folks mingled about in joy and embraced one another.

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Codiant Cricket League 2018

We never grumble on employees after witnessing ineffectiveness in their work. We simply organize a joyful event understanding the increasing fatigue and monotony evoked from the daily work. Meet Codiant Cricket league aka CCL team. And don’t miss to watch the supercharged expressions.

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Driven by Purpose

  • Diversity

  • Equity

  • Integrity

  • Inclusion

  • Meritocracy

We wholeheartedly welcome people at Codiant with diverse cultures without discriminating on the basis of their gender, race, religion, color, age, ability, caste, community, region, or sexual orientation.

Our sole purpose at Codiant is to be unbiased, impartial, objective, and equitable toward our clients and employees. We try to provide fair and reasonable results to bring justice to our customers and Codianters.

With complete integrity in our company, we thrive to work with honesty, sincerity, probity, morality, ethics, trustworthiness, and truthfulness. At Codiant, we bring integrity to the company completely and successfully.

At Codiant, being inclusive is our purpose, we believe that every view is important. Therefore, we try to involve every one of our team members in the decision-making process so that they won’t feel left out.

We believe to bring in the meritocratic culture at Codiant, to encourage the free flow of ideas to create an innovative environment. We foster a meritocratic culture by recruiting, rewarding, promoting, training, and development opportunity.

Why Should You Join Codiant

Codiant is the place where you can learn, explore, and boost your overall demeanour. We weave a work culture with knots of empathy, warmth, and care.

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Empowering Women is Our Major Goal

Codiant establishes a high-level corporate leadership for women to achieve gender equality and women’s empowerment more broadly. We focus on providing a safer and healthier environment for women working at Codiant.

We are always in search of enthusiastic people to join us.

At Codiant, we thrive on the energy of driven individuals. If you’re eager to make a meaningful impact and grow alongside a vibrant community, we’d love to have you on board.

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Perks of Being at Codiant

We believe in a cheerful environment for our employees at the workplace. Comfort, safety, and flexibility are the primary focus of our company to grow together.

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    Work Life Balance

    With a proper work-life balance at the workplace, employees get a better work culture here.

  • 02

    Healthy Environment

    We cooperate with each other to create a healthy environment to work in.

  • 03

    Fun Activities

    Organizing several fun and entertaining activities for our employees every week.

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    Scope of Growth

    We strive to help employees grow and polish themselves at the company.

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    Innovative & Interactive Workplace

    We work on creating an innovative and interactive workplace culture together.

Diversity at Codiant

  • Codiant is a company that appreciates diversity. We believe that besides employing the best talent, the range of perspectives, ideas, and cultures leads to the creation of a better service. This diversity of our people provides us with a base to serve our clients and stakeholders in a more efficient way.

  • We are dedicated to connect the right person with the right business at the right time in an inclusive business climate for all involved- the prospective candidates, our clients, our employees.

  • Our objective is to attract and retain the best qualified people available without discrimination on place of birth, race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, or ability.

  • Recognizing diversity as a business advantage, we have established workplace policies and programs that foster inclusion, accessibility to opportunities and work/life balance.

  • This non-discrimination policy applies to applicants as well as employees, and covers all terms and conditions of employment, including recruiting, hiring, transferring, performance review and compensating. Discrimination or harassment based on any of the above factors is prohibited. Codiant is well known for its ethics and values and we are committed to retain the same.