SharePoint and Office 365 Services

Experience a new era of efficiency with our Office 365 excellence. Our solutions are finely tuned to perfection, ensuring seamless integration and unmatched performance.

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Our SharePoint and Office 365 Service Offerings

Upgrade your digital journey! From efficient workflows to exceptional security, we've got the perfect solutions for SharePoint and Office 365.

SharePoint Implementation

Transform your workflows with our expert SharePoint setup, enhancing collaboration and document management seamlessly.

Office 365 Migration

Effortlessly transition to the cloud, ensuring data integrity and optimizing productivity with our migration expertise.

Security Solutions

Safeguard your digital assets. Our robust security measures for SharePoint and Office 365 ensure data protection and compliance.

Custom Application Development

Tailor-made solutions for advanced functionality. Enhance your operations with our customized applications for SharePoint and Office 365.

Office 365 Collaboration Solutions

Cultivate teamwork with teams and enhance communication and collaboration across your Office 365 environment with our solutions.

Performance Optimization

Accelerate your systems. Regular assessments and optimizations ensure the speed and responsiveness of SharePoint and Office 365 applications.

SharePoint and Office 365 Customization Capabilities

Transform SharePoint and Office 365 with personalized design, smart workflows, and user-friendly pages for a uniquely tailored experience.

Design Customization

We customize logos, styles, colours, master pages, and page layouts in SharePoint/Office 365 for a unique corporate look and feel.


Workflow Development

Design intricate tax workflows with Power Automate and Visual Studio for tailored, non-linear processes addressing specific business requirements.


Enhanced Page Content

Custom layouts, and web parts enhance UX. Multilingual, analytics, chatbots, and content personalization makes pages user-friendly.


Our Microsoft 365 Capabilities

Discover Microsoft 365 consulting—streamlining planning, deployment, and management for optimal productivity with customized solutions.

Boost efficiency and revolutionize your team by implementing automated business procedures. Achieve more with streamlined solutions.

Use Microsoft 365 to strengthen your data’s defence against persistent threats. Reach out to us to quickly improve the protection of your important information.

Microsoft 365 experts tailor solutions for your intricate business apps, delivering optimal results with precision and efficiency.

Strategically plan and document processes while defining security and permissions. Our team focuses on establishing a robust foundation for your organization.

As a leading Microsoft 365 consulting services provider, we excel in areas such as configuration and administration, ensuring ongoing support and maintenance.

Why Codiant is the Best Choice for Microsoft 365 Capabilities?

Experience Codiant's unparalleled synergy, boosting collaboration, crafting digital workplaces, and delivering global satisfaction with efficiency.

Expertise & Experience

Codiant boosts collaboration and productivity with SharePoint and Office 365 synergy for organizations.

Digital Workplace

We specialize in crafting efficient digital workplaces, utilizing SharePoint Online, Office 365, Cloud, Mobility, and Analytics for seamless collaboration.

Global Delivery Model

Codiant excels with a responsive and cost-effective global delivery model, ensuring optimal results and client satisfaction worldwide.

Proactive Approach

We initiate with a discovery session, employing an agile approach to guide your project, ensuring timely delivery while staying within budget constraints.

Key Integrations of SharePoint + Office 365

Elevate collaboration, streamline workflows, and boost productivity like never before. Unlock the full potential of your business by seamlessly extending SharePoint capabilities through Office 365 integration!

Tools & Platforms

  • SharePoint Online SharePoint Online
  • Teams Teams
  • Power Automate Power Automate
  • Power BI Power BI
  • Delve Delve
  • Planner Planner

Other Apps

  • MS Word MS Word
  • MS Excel MS Excel
  • MS PowerPoint MS PowerPoint
  • MS Notes MS Notes

Experience Synergy with SharePoint and Office 365!

Choose Codiant for advanced SharePoint and Office 365 Services. Let's innovate, integrate, and lead together.

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