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Bring your product to life at reduced costs and receive valuable input from users with our custom full-cycle MVP development services.

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Our MVP Development Services

Takeaway jaw-dropping iOS app development expertise that drives sales.

Prototype Design/ PoC Development

Our expert design engineers will create a presentable prototype that will perfectly capture your project vision so that you can showcase it to your customers and investors.

Single Feature MVP

We build an app that brings an optimal solution for the primary problem. Not focusing on the added features and focusing only on one killer feature helps to assure the viability of the product.

MVP Development

A fully featured, usable version of the product is made termed version 1.0. From Ideation and Planning to MVP release our team gives full support in all the stages of executing the project.

MVP to Full-Scale Product

The developers at Codiant, analyze the product status & details, then formulate strategies to scale the project into a full-fledged solution. We help you prioritize pain points, create a development roadmap and plan project scaling.

MVP Improvement

Once you are done with the primary product launch, our developers will help in creating an improvement strategy. We will refine it, customize it, set KPI’s and turn it into a product.

MVP Consulting

Our Qualified team of experienced engineers and business analysts will support idea conceptualization, define must-have functionality and select the most desirable tech stack for developing MVP software.

Shape Your Early-Stage Business With Least Effort

Check out the wholesome features of MVP for your client-serving needs. Leverage the wide-ranging expertise of our resources to respond quickly to the changing customer dynamics.

Win Stakeholders

A basic version of the software allows stakeholders to investigate the merits of the product which increases the chances of client conversions.


Verify Market Demand

Organizations may test and analyze MVP to validate the actual response of their product. Based on findings, businesses can revamp or recreate their idea.


Create Monetization Strategy

MVP permits entrepreneurs to test their monetization strategy with users. In case it fails, they can quickly plan a better strategy that works.


MVP Development Process We Follow

Creating an array of steps including customer journey, operations, and road mapping. Our process includes actions that deliver on sustainable goals.

You’ve got an app idea; we propose questions, seek details and create a user story. This user story helps us identify the features and unlock the basic navigation pattern.

We create wireframes and interactive low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes for brainstorming and planning. This helps us to identify problems before they arise.

This is the stage where our designers will make stylistic choices to represent colors, fonts, design elements, and micro-interactions at their best. And to design it, user empathy is what sets us apart.

We follow an agile development process – short sprints- with a timebox of max 2 weeks each. This lowers the scope of daily discussions and delivers quality-rich features.

For your review purpose, we set up the app for usability testing within a limited group. This testing helps us identify bugs and gaps in the end product.

We handle the entire Play Store app submission process including the app listing, description, and more. On the basis of the proposal, we also offer App Store optimization services.

Why Codiant Is Your Best Choice for MVP App Development?

We aim at designing distinctive solutions to provide you with a personalized business framework. Our team lets you take a holistic view of the customer journey to explore new frontiers of growth.

Creative Thinkers

Just developing a product is not our expertise, the success of our digital products goes to the creative and strategic route our skilled UX architects and marketing strategists follow.

Focus on Scalability

We aim at designing a simplified and more flexible app platform that easily adapts to the changing needs or demands of its users or clients.

Cross-Functional Team

We excel in serving up to your expectations with our innovative minds of business analysts, UI/UX Designers, front-end/back-end developers, projects managers & QAs.

Fuelling Startups

We aspire to support startups with lots of growth potential. Our aim is to speed up your business and make them generate ROI as early as possible.

Top Tier Talent

Every single member of our team goes rigorously through the process of selection and interview and after checking their skills on every scale and parameter, our team is created.

Transparency and Accountability

We maintain the transparency by making accurate information available to all our clients. We ensure that every aspect of work, scope, and update is shared in a timely manner.

Discover Our Way to Impactful Work

See our product development journey helping our clients open new opportunities and drive growth. Our solutions are conditioned to your customers' voices.

Airmove- An On-Demand Logistics Delivery Application
An on-demand logistics delivery application that makes the delivery of items easier, faster, and safer for customers. The app helps customers move their stuff from one place to another by availing the trucker’s services.
  • The driver can view and calculate fuel charges, the weight of goods, toll charges, and other things included in the distance covered.
  • Customers can also track and manage their deliveries and make payments online- all just in a few taps!
Synergy Health 360- A HIPAA Compliant Integrated Primary Care Platform
Synergy Health 360 is an application that enables patients to access health and medical care conveniently without going anywhere. Users can consult with care providers, specialists, and coordinators effectively at home.
  • Patients can easily book/schedule appointments with healthcare providers and chat or call them in the app itself.
  • Healthcare providers can keep track of their patient’s medical history and checkup reports, and also manage payment status.
Gift Reegalo- An On-Demand Corporate Gifting App
Gift Reegalo is a specially designed merchandising and gifting e-commerce platform that streamlines and automates the gift ordering process for their employees and clients. Users can order online from the exceptionally curated gifting ideas.
  • Users can choose from varieties of corporate gifting options suited to multiple budgets.
  • Users can customize gifts as per their choices and add specific items to their Wishlist or favourites.

Why Should You Hire MVP Development Team?

MVP Development has several benefits for startups as well as SME’s trying to test their product in market. The proactive approach by MVP reduces the likelihood of product failure and increases the chances of long-term success.

  • Quick Validation of Concept

    MVP development allows you to swiftly test your product idea, gathering crucial feedback early on and validating the concept's viability in the market.

  • Cost-Efficient Approach

    MVPs focus on essential features, reducing initial investment and avoiding unnecessary expenses on non-essential functionalities.

  • Accelerated Time to Market

    MVPs prioritize core functionalities, enabling quicker market entry for a competitive edge and seizing opportunities.

  • Risk Mitigation and Failure Prevention

    MVPs help identify potential issues early, reducing the risk of building a product that doesn't resonate with the market and increases the likelihood of long-term success

Multiply Your Project’s Success With MVP Development.

Looking to build a winning MVP app that offers clarity and focuses on the core functionality of the product. Our MVP developers create a lean and functional product version in a cost-effective way.

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Built on the Top of Technologies

Shape the future of your business using trending technologies backed by a robust suite of tools and techniques. At Codiant, we are committed to delivering converging, interactive and innovative MVPs.


  • NodeJS NodeJS
  • Python Python
  • Ruby Ruby
  • C# C#


  • JavaScript JavaScript
  • Angular Angular
  • React React
  • Vuejs Vuejs
  • TailwindCSS TailwindCSS


  • Swift Swift
  • Kotlin Kotlin
  • Java Java
  • Flutter Flutter
  • Unity 3D Unity 3D
  • Objective-C Objective-C


  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  • Redis Redis
  • MongoDB MongoDB


  • Azure Azure
  • Firebase Firebase
  • DigitalOcean DigitalOcean

What do Our Clients say?

Rewarded with 2500+ Customer Stories. See some of the amazing stories that distinguish us from the rest.

Working with Codiant has been an absolute game-changer for our grocery delivery start-up. Their expertise in developing both our front-end and back-end, along with the iOS and Android applications, has been exceptional. Highly recommend their services!


Ramiz Nathani

Co-Founder, Instafresh

Codiant delivered precisely what we needed, a top-notch website, with seamless film recollection. Their expertise exceeded our expectations, and we couldn't be more satisfied with the final result. Thank you, Codiant, for an outstanding collaboration!


Gezabel Perroti

Co-Founder, DISTRI7

Codiant has been our go-to partner for a while now. They've successfully handled several major projects. Among them, Autism Connect stands out as their greatest achievement. Their dedication and expertise are phenomenal. Highly recommended!


Catherine Kleins


Frequently Asked Questions

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a primary version of an app that has all the essential features required by early users; who can then provide feedback for future app improvements and up-gradation. It is best suitable for startups and businesses who want to test their idea in the market with a quick outlook in minimum time and cost.

MVP development is the structure process of an idea where you develop only core functionalities to solve a specific problem and fulfill the needs of the customers. Startups must undergo this process to ensure the safety, security, and cost minimization of the product.

Everyone thinks that their idea is the best in the market but considering the cut-throat competition, you cannot assume what works and whatnot. Here comes the importance of MVP minimum viable product which allows you to test your product, check the efficiency, emphasize the important features, and reduce time, risk & cost. MVP also allows better modifications and promotes quick learning.

MVP product is not the final version of the app but, a primary product that can be modified according to the customer’s needs and market requirements. Here are a few reasons that help to reduce app development costs.