Microsoft Power BI Services

Our expertise in Microsoft Power BI help you discover the potential of your data through dynamic visualization and actionable insights for business success.

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Our Power BI Service Offerings

We specialize in Power BI services, delivering customized analytics solutions that drive informed decision-making through insightful data visualization and strategic analysis.

Interactive Dashboards

We create engaging dashboards that turn raw data into actionable insights, providing a holistic view of your business metrics.

Data Modeling & Integration

Our Power BI experts optimize data structures and seamlessly integrate diverse sources, ensuring a unified and comprehensive analysis.

Dynamic Report Generation

We generate insightful reports with powerful visualizations, facilitating data-driven decision-making across your organization.

Consulting & Training

Our Power BI consultants provide data analytics consulting services to help you power up your business.

Custom Power BI Solutions

We tailor Power BI custom solutions to your unique needs, enhancing efficiency and scalability for long-term success.

Cloud-Based Analytics

Our Power BI team gives powerful analytics with Power BI cloud-based solutions to ensure real-time collaboration, accessibility, and dynamic insights.

Integrating Technologies to Enhance Engagement

Our Power BI experts help businesses identify trends, patterns, and KPIs within their data. We design and implement insightful dashboards and reports that result in informed data-driven decision-making.

Augmented Analytics for Users

Augmented analytics transforms Power BI into a user-friendly platform, enabling easy data interaction and insights with NLP and automated search.


AI/ML Integration

Power BI integrates AI, ML, and advanced analytics, revolutionizing information analysis and visualization for better data-driven decisions.


Hybrid/Multi Cloud Deployment

Power BI offers scalable analytics in both on-premises and cloud environments, providing flexibility across data sources and critical resources.


Our Core Power BI Options

Our core Power BI Options helps discover the true potential of your data. Our team specializes in creating dynamic dashboards and giving real-time analytics.

We provide proactive data cleaning to improve data’s accuracy and reliability. This creates a foundation for robust analytics.

We work on advanced visualization techniques that help us understand data strategically and reveal hidden insights.

Our Power BI consulting team streamlines your reporting processes through our automated solutions, saving time and ensuring consistent timely insights.

Determine the potential of predictions with our Power BI consulting services. Our team provides insights that empower proactive decision-making for your business.

Our Power BI Consultant gives expert guidance and support to know the importance of Power BI for business intelligence.

Why Codiant is the Best Choice for Power BI Consulting?

With a global presence, Codiant brings diverse perspectives to Power business intelligence services, ensuring a well-rounded and adaptable approach to your projects.

Expertise in Power BI

Codiant stands out with seasoned professionals mastering Power BI, ensuring expertise in crafting tailored analytics solutions.

Success History

With a solid history of successful Power BI implementations, we bring a track record of reliability and client satisfaction to the table.

Continuous Support

Beyond implementation, Codiant provides ongoing support, ensures your Power BI solution evolves with your business, and keeps your analytics strategy intelligent.

Scalable & Flexible Solutions

We offer flexible Power BI solutions, adapting to your unique business needs with scalable and customizable analytics services.

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