App, Swipe, Go: Inching Closer to the Future of Retail

Published October 9, 2018

App, Swipe, Go Inching Closer to the Future of Retail

The Grab and Go idea of Retail Giant Amazon is giving a new business goal to brick-n-mortar stores including grocery stores, convenience stores and quick-serve restaurants. With the app like Amazon Go, you can just pick up an item and walk out with it, and the cost will be automatically deducted from your e-wallet.

The Amazon Go convenience stores utilize a complex network of sensors on shelves, cameras, and A.I. to track what people pick up and place in their bag.

Amazon Go convenience stores

Image Source: Wikipedia

Forget scanning each item or standing in a queue, the cashier-less concept has arrived.

Not too early to tell but with players like Amazon, Alibaba, JD, Intel and now Microsoft in the space, it is likely to confirm that cashier-less stores would be the wave of the future and not the flash in the pan.

The Aggressiveness of Retailers for Sheer Customer Convenience

Well if you’re thinking what makes it a wave of future than let us underscore, the booming number of retailers and grocers are keen to develop new technologies and adding muscles to their delivery arm touting the superior services, whether it be speeding up delivery, check-out free shopping through digital shopping scanners or racking up with cashier-less store. They are all geared up to calculatedly splurge more money and further brace themselves towards technological advancements.

Join the Race

With the new advents in technology, E-commerce App Development has inevitably changed the entire retail game in past few years and heated up the levels of competition with the peers.

If reports are to be believed, the Scan and Go technology is here to stay and you can’t ignore it. So, better brace it early, do more and grow better.

Codiant, A full-service eCommerce app development company has all new set of retail technologies development including E-commerce, M-commerce and Mwallet app development in the store. The trending AI based apps is another difference maker.

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