Front-End Web Development Services

Building intuitive user interface for custom solutions by combining your ideas and our end-to-end front-end development expertise.

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Our Custom Front-End Development Services

Empower your business with our innovative front-end development services to carve a niche in this ever-evolving customer-oriented market.

Front-End Architecture & Design

Our front-end developers ensure your web or app design possesses a modern and crisp look that delivers an immersive and engaging user experience.

Single Page App Development

The developers use advanced frameworks and suitable development practices that drive value to a highly interactive, quick loading, and an easy to navigate Single Page Application.

Progressive Web App Development

Our PWA developers build a mobile version of a web solution by following a thoughtful approach. The app depicts a native-like user experience and maintains flawless interaction on varied devices.

UI/UX App Development

The UI/UX experts build customer-centric intuitive front-end designs without hampering the app's functionalities and maintaining a consistent user experience across devices.

Legacy Front-End Modernization

Our front-end development services support the updation of an outdated front-end codebase to make it a future-ready, trendy, efficient, and effective solution that supports business transformation.

HTML & CSS Development

At Codiant, the front-end development team is equipped latest market trends and a master of these technologies to create visually appealing, interactive, and functional web pages.

Our Front-End Web Development Competence

We follow the latest front-end frameworks that help you modernize accurately and enhance your customer experience to become a confident market leader.


Our React.JS developers build highly interactive web app by integrating advanced & dynamic features that is suitable for SPAs & Mobile App development.



Our Vue.js developers prepare best-in-class design efficiently by leveraging budget-friendly practices, & flexibility to deliver exceptional apps.



End-to-End AngularJS Development Services for Small, Medium, and Large Businesses. Perfect for Complex Workflows and Dynamic Apps.


Your Front-End Partner

Our team comprises of experienced developers, who are well-versed in delivering the quality software. Discover the ways – clients have embraced Codiant’s Front-End Development Services.

Codiant’s world-class team of developers build custom front-end solutions or infuse an innovative layer to support your organization in resolving unique business challenges.

  • Build a digital product with an attractive interface
  • Convert all necessary data into high-quality graphics
  • Manage processes strictly to avoid bugs & standard discrepancy

Our front-end developers explore latest technologies to deliver an effective solution that aligns your business demands, customer experience, & boosts ROI.

  • Build brand-oriented solutions while maintaining consistency
  • We use frameworks like Backbone & Bootstrap to build high-performing design
  • Create responsive and mobile-friendly pages to reach wide audiences

Our wide-industry expertise helps to modernize the front-end system with a data-driven strategy and planning. We follow a guided approach to handle your pain points.

  • Design flow represents the organization’s philosophy
  • Create parts that can be directly used, updated, or referred in the codebase
  • Design systems corroborate innovation & collaboration for the organization

Our front-end developers offer scalable & agile delivery capabilities that help our clients to fasten their marketing speed & remain ahead of the competition.

  • We build deliver accurate solution, regardless of multiple iterations
  • Teams can quickly prioritize the task & resources for quick delivery
  • Regular presentation enables quick feedback & instant corrections.

Process We Follow To Meet Your Expectations

Here’s the process we follow to update or build your digital solution. We offer all the services that you are looking for.

Information Gathering

We study the target audience about their needs and expectations of the product. Understand the website or app development purpose or aim and define some specific features that your business requires.

Wireframing & Designing

Further, we create the basic layout of the website or app by using tools like Figma & Invision. Based on the finalized wireframe, our team prepare the design by defining colors, style, typography, & other visual elements of the app.

Develop & Connect Back-End

We use HTML, CSS, & JavaScript to develop a responsive & mobile-friendly website or app. Our front-end & back-end developers work together to build a seamless solution with optimal performance that meets user expectations.


To maintain the end solution quality, we perform manual and automatic testing to check its usability, compatibility, and accessibility with different devices and web browsers.

Discover Our Way to Impactful Work

See our product development journey helping our clients open new opportunities and drive growth. Our solutions are conditioned with your customers’ voice.


Skillzcafe- A Peer-To-Peer E-Learning Platform

Skillzcafe is an e-learning web platform, where curious learners can find and easily connect with skilled and world-class instructors. The web platform follows the peer-to-peer connection concept where anyone can create or purchase online courses.
  • New users should be able to easily find the online course from the available course list.
  • Users should be able to make payments digitally under multiple payment gateways to gain access to the chosen course for a specific time period.

Fun 1st – An Educational & Fun Learning Website

Fun1st is an interactive educational web application that comes with a little twist. The website is designed for elementary school teachers where they can assign daily goals to their students and upon completion of those goals, teachers can reward students using the virtual coins.
  • The teacher can monitor and keep track of each student’s performance and other activities.
  • The teacher can access the public details and coins earned by a student based on their performance.

Delivering Solutions On Our Commitments

We offer human-centered experiences with excellent end-product and solutions with our front-end development services.

  • Optimized Performance

    To optimize the solution’s performance, we use techniques like caching, code minification, and quick loading to increase the web or app speed.

  • Responsive Design

    To widen the business’s reach, we ensure to build responsive designs that adapt to different screen sizes and devices without hampering the existing design.

  • Integration with Back-end Technologies

    We are experts in integrating the front-end coding with the back-end system to streamline the solutions working like APIs, databases, and servers which are crucial.

  • Code Management & Automation Tools

    Our team has knowledge of varied tools like NPM, Webpack, and Git that support code management, task automation, and streamline development.

Planning A Supreme Visual Experience Across Devices?

Discuss your idea with our business executives to build a robust, custom, and secure app or website for your business.

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Our Front-End Development Tech-Stack

The well-versed front-end development team of experts use a wide-range of tools and technologies to build the suitable industry specific solution for our clients.


  • JavaScript JavaScript
  • TypeScript TypeScript


  • React Native React Native
  • Ionic Ionic
  • PhoneGap PhoneGap

UI Framework

  • AngularJS AngularJS
  • React React
  • Vuejs Vuejs

UI Kits

  • Bootstrap Bootstrap
  • Material Design Material Design
  • jQuery UI jQuery UI
  • Chakra UI Chakra UI

Build Systems

  • Webpack Webpack
  • NX NX
  • Babel Babel
  • esbuild esbuild

Frequently Asked Questions

The front-end development services include the UI and UX development of a website or mobile application by using technologies such as HTML 5, CSS3, and JavaScript. The final version of the design allows users to easily access the platform and interact with the business site or application.

The platform’s UI (User Interface) includes all visual elements like a menu, button, graphics, text, and other things that define its appearance. On the other hand, the UX (User Experience) of the website is considered from the users’ perspective, like platforms’ easy navigation, easy information availability, easy-to-perform operations/actions, and more.

Codiant is a highly reputed front-end development company that offers highly attractive and interactive solutions to cater to diverse business needs and requirements. Here are some of the major reasons that one should consider hiring Codiant as their front-end development partner.

  • Dedicated front-end developer’s team
  • Strict NDA
  • Security and IP Protection
  • Cost-effective services
  • Agile development process

The development cost of a front-end solution basically and completely relied on multiple factors, such as projects requirement, team size, project complexity, project size, and others. Therefore, to understand the estimated development charges, you can contact our experts at and by sharing your project specifics they can provide the ballpark figure of the same.

Yes, definitely. As a responsible front-end development company, after the completion of the commitment we provide you with source code ownership of your project.

At Codiant, we use all the latest and suitable front-end development tools, it includes Git, HTML, npm, CodePen, JavaScript, Sass, and Chrome Developers Tool.

Some of the prevalently used and trending front-end development technologies are JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, React, Vue, Android, iOS, Unity, React Native, Xamarin, Flutter, Electron, and more.

From a business perspective, owning an in-house team is far more expensive than approaching outsourcing services.

By outsourcing your project, you can make your project cost-efficient, rapid development, up or down-scale the team, have full control of the team, promotes flexibility, meets deadline as committed, and can experience many other advantages at the same time.