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Leverage the dynamism and flexibility of React.js for creating highly-scalable and powerful web solutions.

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Our ReactJS Development Service Offerings

Modernize your operations while relying on our exceptional web development services.

React.js UI Development

Our React JS developers design visually appealing and interactive web platforms and mobile apps by adopting advanced UI trends.

React.js Web App Development

To provide a dynamic user experience, our ReactJS developers are highly proficient in building apt web solutions including Progressive Web Apps.

Custom React.js Development

Leverage our extensive experience to build custom and challenging enterprise apps that boost your business productivity and smooth performance.

React.js Migration

At Codiant, we understand the nuances of migration to a new UI framework, thus we ensure to offer a seamless ReactJS migration experience to our clients.

React.js Plugin Development

Our expert React.JS developers craft custom plugins and extensions to enhance the performance & functionality of your application.

Maintenance and Support Services

We offer end-to-end React.js development services right from design and development to maintenance and support.

Why Choose ReactJS For Web App Development?

With a wealth of top-notch features at your fingertips, you can easily tap into the target audience and open up new horizons of growth and success.

Rich and Interactive User Interfaces

ReactJS enables developers to build dynamic and interactive interfaces using a component-based architecture. Its virtual DOM efficiently updates necessary components, leading to faster and smoother user experiences.


Efficient Development Workflow

Through reusability feature, ReactJS empower developers to create modular components that can be reused throughout the web application. This saves time, enhances maintainability, and promotes scalability of the codebase.


SEO-Friendly and Performance -Oriented

ReactJS enables server-side rendering (SSR) for improved search engine friendliness. Its virtual DOM efficiently updates and renders UI elements, ensuring optimal performance and a seamless user experience.

seo-friendly-and-performance -oriented

Our Web App Development Process

Executing a clear roadmap to deliver a smart, efficient, and dynamic solution. Our developers utilize their ReactJS expertise in defining and designing products that maximizes your potential.

In this stage, we perform a data study and analyze the current & future challenges the businesses might witness along with the goals that can be defined and achieved in phases.

Based on the data study and the project’s requirements along with future advancements, we define tech-stack, the latest frameworks along with the required API integrations.

We create wireframes and interactive low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes for brainstorming and planning. This helps us to identify problems before they arise.

This is the stage where our designers will make stylistic choices to represent colors, fonts, design elements, and micro-interactions at their best. And to design it, user empathy is what sets us apart.

We follow an agile development process – short sprints- with a timebox of max 2 weeks each. This lowers the scope of daily discussions and delivers quality-rich features.

For your review purpose, we set up the web for usability testing within a limited group. This testing helps us identify bugs and gaps in the end product.

We deploy the solution on a suitable platform or server. We continue to work with your project, whenever you need to optimize and maintain the project’s performance or introduce new updates.

Why Choose Codiant ?

Win a prestigious market position with our spectrum of React JS expertise in web development. We lead the digital transformation that drives user loyalty and revenue growth.

High Code Standards

We make use of duly tested, requirement-specified high-standard code. Our aim is to help clients in creating a good digital identity by handling emerging digital needs.

Secured Interfaces

We focus on involving high-security standards. To assure this, our team offers a blueprint of the project explaining the detailed scope and course of action.

Vast Tech Portfolio

With our extensive expertise in programming languages, our team has spearheaded successfully multiple domain clients across the globe.

Flexible Engagement Approach

Our ability to enable fast-time to market, and zero operational cost help in charging up the business operations. With our customized engagement models, we handle emerging business challenges and needs.

Our Work & The Impact Stories

See our product development journey helping our clients open new opportunities and drive growth. Our solutions are conditioned to your customers' voices.

ReactJS Benefits & Our Competency

Acting as a key pillar to fast-track your digital business journey. We empower product performances and innovative ideas to value your investment.

  • Feasible Web Solution

    Our developers design web-based apps that utilize all the React library functions. Their extensive experience helps in delivering a feasible web solution.

  • Time Management

    Developers have knowledge of when and where to use the data. They use variables to retain data in memory which is easily accessed later within applications.

  • Well-versed with Git Toolbox

    Our developers excel in merging strategies, conflict handling, and tracking changes with comments. Thus, accelerating development and enhancing efficiency.

  • Skilled at Performance Tuning

    We optimize web platform performance through lazy loading, minimizing re-renders, and memorization techniques, ensuring an enhanced app development process.

Transform Your Vision into Reality!

Stand out uniquely by evolving customer experiences quickly. We utilize the advanced tools and technologies to offer value & variety of offerings.

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Built on the Top of Technologies

Unify a vetted process on the grounds of advanced tools and technologies. With mastery in the tech domain, we help you outperform the market by a significant margin.


  • JavaScript JavaScript
  • TypeScript TypeScript

Coding Tools

  • GraphQL GraphQL
  • ES Lint ES Lint
  • TS Lint TS Lint
  • Visual Studio Code Visual Studio Code
  • React Developer Tool React Developer Tool
  • Storybook Storybook


  • Lodash Lodash
  • Moment.js Moment.js
  • Redux Saga Redux Saga
  • Redux Redux
  • React Router React Router

UX Designig

  • Adobe XD Adobe XD
  • Figma Figma
  • Invision Invision
  • Zeplin Zeplin


  • MongoDB MongoDB

Frequently Asked Questions

ReactJS frameworks offer a huge set of libraries equipped with UI components that are used to build the front end of the web and mobile apps. Social media apps, eCommerce apps, instant messaging apps, and real-time chat apps are the most popular examples of React Web Development.

The React Native Development Company help business firms in building quick and efficient, interactive user interface and web apps with less code. It enhances speed, flexibility, performance, and usability.

React.JS development frameworks are the front-end development library that includes building the intuitive elements which will be visible to the end users. It beautifies the browser window and allows users to interact in a better way.

React.JS frameworks can be used in the development of large applications but it is mostly preferred for small applications such as Progressive Web Apps and Single-Page Apps. React Native Development Company makes use of component-based architecture and an efficient rendering engine making it easy to handle large-scale codebases.

Codiant is one of the best React Native Development Companies and our well-versed developers can effectively build a mobile application using an open-source JavaScript framework i.e. React Native. However, it is called web technology because developers commonly use it to build front-end libraries for web development.

React developers can easily reuse UI components and conduct testing on the app in progress. The developers have the privilege to write both clients’ and server-side code in JavaScript which ultimately speeds up the development process. Thus, the React.JS development services cost can be reduced to a great extent.