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About SkillzCafe

Skillzcafe is an e-learning web platform, where curious learners can find and easily connect with skilled and world-class instructors. The web platform follows the peer-to-peer connection concept where anyone can create or purchase online courses.

It is an engaging and well-managed learning platform that helps in adaptive learning by gaining access to some of the best-curated online courses. The learner can make online payments by using platform-supported payment gateways.

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  • Development Time

    06 Months

  • Target Users

    Individual Tutors and Students

Technologies Leveraged

We leveraged the strength of robust and secure technologies, tools, and frameworks used in the app/web to escalate the creation of new features and functionalities.

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Identifying the Client Needs

The concept of education has evolved radically in the last couple of years and people have embraced it very positively. While today where everybody has their own share of skills, there are times when even educators seek to learn new skills and become a well-rounded person. Our client has figured out this need and came up with an idea to develop a platform where everyone can be the learner and educator at the same time.

They aimed to create an interactive e-learning platform that goes beyond traditional content, allowing learners to explore their visions extensively. It enables informative discussions with like-minded people and instructors.


Client Goals

A fully functional E-learning app that will revolutionize the traditional education system by providing an engaging learning experience equipped with advanced features like;

  • Web Objectives
    • New users should be able to easily find the online course from the available course list.
    • Users should be able to make payments digitally under multiple payment gateways to gain access to the chosen course for a specific time period.
    • The learner can go through a single course in multiple attempts and can continue the course where they left earlier.
    • After completing a course, the learner should be able to test the learning.

Web Visual Designs

To design visually captivating websites, our UX experts combined creativity and functionality to create a simple yet impactful interface that delivers the brand’s message.


Admin Visual Design

We’ve designed the Admin Visual Panel for the implementation of user interface elements and aesthetics for administrative interfaces, with a focus on clarity and functionality.



Considering all the specifics shared by the client, our development team built the system for all three stakeholders and integrated them very well to ensure the smooth and cordial working of all three users on the website. The following functionalities were very well integrated into the Learner, Instructor and Super Admin stakeholders to build the e-learning website.

Quick Onboarding

Learners can easily register and log in to their account by using an email id and password.


Learners can search or filter specific courses and Instructors based on stream, specialization, etc.

Course List

Learners can view the list of available courses along with details, feedback, ratings, etc.

Add Cart

Learners can add one or multiple courses he likes to learn and can apply applicable coupons as well.


Learners can use any of the available payment gateways to purchase the chosen course instantly.


Learners can submit feedback and star rating as per their liking of the tutorial video.


Learners can avail course certificate after the successful completion of the specific course.


Learners can explore different concessions in course charges or can apply coupons.

Purchase History

Learners can keep track of all the previous payments on availing courses and all the details.


Instructors can instantly register or log in to the platform with an email id and password.

Create Course

Instructors can create courses based on their specialization and also provide all the relevant details and brief descriptions.

Add Assignment

With Course, the instructor can add an assignment in the form of descriptive or multiple-choice questions.

Share Course

The Instructor can share the course link on multiple social media platforms to gain more traffic.

Report Generation

The Instructor can generate and analyze the detailed activity and earning report for a specific time period or lifetime.

Transaction History

The Instructor can keep a tab on all the previous transactions along with time, date, amount, and other details.


Admin can log in to the account with an email id and password.


Admin can add/edit/delete category list, add sub-categories and change their sequence as well.

Manage Instructors

Admin can add/edit/delete the instructor’s details and can send email to the instructor on adding to the list.

Set Category Status

Admin can activate/deactivate the existing category from the list.

Set Instructor Status

Admin can activate/deactivate the existing instructor from the list.

Pending Courses

Admin can approve/reject the submitted courses by instructors for public view.

Manage Learners

Admin can add/edit/delete the learner’s profile details and activities.

Report Generation

Admin can track details of learners and instructors periodically.

Payment Management

Admin can handle all the payments and the details of learners and instructors.


Project Outcomes: Evaluating the Impact

SkillzCafe – the e-learning web platform is gaining pretty much customer traction. The users are delighted with their learning and teaching experience with the platform. Learners are preferring this platform more because of its unique peer-to-peer learning and teaching concept and ability to quickly find like-minded people on the platform.

  • Skillzcafe app provides a collaborative learning platform, allowing users to interact, share ideas, and knowledge with their peers
  • Offering a diverse range of learning content to ensure that users get access to varied perspectives and insights.
  • Users with feedback and reviews on their work and projects refine their skills and improve with upcoming tests.
  • Personalized and continuous learning leads to improved user engagement that is cost-effective and empowers self-learning.

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