Back-End Development Services

Drive flawlessly performing solutions and the best user experience by building a failure-proof and powerful back-end with our web experts.

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Back-End Development Services We Offer

Creating solutions that perform without any downtime & promote user experience.

Custom Back-End Development

Codiant delivers custom back-end solutions for web and mobile interfaces that work dedicatedly and in a guided manner to store, process and manage data from varied sources.

Cloud Back-End Solutions

Our cloud-supported back-end systems are equipped with advanced functionalities that deliver innovative products, manage heavy loads, and scale up & down by eliminating latency issues.

Back-End API Management

Our back-end developers can help you build, customize, deploy, and handle complex user interfaces in a secure environment by adopting the latest back-end API development solutions.

ERP/CRM Back-End Services

Codiant follows modern frameworks and technologies like PHP, Java, and .NET to enhance your existing ERP or CRM solutions in terms of user experience, functionality, and reporting.

Data Storage Back-End Apps

We enable efficient storage of relatable data in a cloud-based distributed database system by precisely scaling the cloud services with high-performing back-end applications.

Back-End Refactoring

Codiant extend its services to all our clients in optimizing & rebuilding existing digital solutions to reduce technical glitch by revamping architecture, codebase, and migrating it to new technologies.

Our Back-End Web Development Competence

Among a wide array of back-end development frameworks, here are some of the trending & widely used frameworks with unique capabilities that our team uses to fulfil clients’ requirements.


End-to-End Node.js Development Services for Small, Medium, and Large Businesses. Perfect for Scalable and Real-time Applications.



Unlock the power of Laravel for your business. We deliver robust, scalable, and feature-rich solutions tailored to your business needs.



Harness the potential of ASP.Net for your business. Build robust and scalable web applications with cutting-edge technology.


How We Build Custom Back-End Solutions?

Being a trustable back-end development company, we’ve perfected the back-end development process that drives the best solution for our clients and generates tangible results.

We understand your business goals & challenges, study market requirements, targeted customers, potential risks, competitors, and other details. Based on that, we create a development and resource requirement plan according to the estimated deadline.

Our business analysts share the detailed project scope with the estimated budget based on the number of resources and project timeline. Then, we initiate the dedicated resource hiring process as per your project requirements.

We build server-side software solutions and integrate the database and APIs to develop the solution. We then test the end product and troubleshoot issues to ensure it is error-free and ready for deployment.

We deploy the software and database on the required server. We ensure to streamline the interaction between the back-end and front-end and then monitor the software performance to avoid any last-minute issues.

Popular Databases for Back-End Solution Development

The selection of the right database ensures the smooth functioning of web apps and websites. Codiant’s back-end experts use these popular databases to build top-notch back-end applications.


To build a stable, secure, robust, flexible, reliable, and mature database management solution, our expert developers leverage the power of MySQL DBMS that ensures efficient data integrity for complex operations.

  • Support database for website, cloud & big data app
  • Allow data recovery
  • Supports intuitive graphical interface


To handle a heavy and a variety of data load, MongoDB is the best choice for web and app database development. It is also a part of MEAN and MERN stack web development technology. Hire MongoDB developers to build a reliable database.

  • Simple data structure & efficient data retrieval
  • Simple query optimization
  • Supports auto sharing & flexibility


PostgreSQL supports the development of a robust database for a large amount of data and is most suitable for gaming apps, domain registries, automation tools, and other business areas. It also supports integration with multiple servers.

  • Delivers sturdy and rapid response
  • Provides data security and fault tolerance
  • Builds interactive user interface


It is a very effective RDBMS for large-scale businesses and enterprises that have to deal with huge and heavy-sized data storage. Oracle is comparatively smaller in size but can easily handle loads of data and complex queries.

  • Supports multiple platforms
  • Allow quick backup & restoration
  • Handle data-intensive projects

Our Work & The Impact Stories

See our product development journey helping our clients open new opportunities and drive growth. Our solutions are conditioned with your customers’ voice.

Skillzcafe- A Peer-To-Peer E-Learning Platform
Skillzcafe is an e-learning web platform, where curious learners can find and easily connect with skilled and world-class instructors. The web platform follows the peer-to-peer connection concept where anyone can create or purchase online courses.
  • New users should be able to easily find the online course from the available course list.
  • Users should be able to make payments digitally under multiple payment gateways to gain access to the chosen course for a specific time period.

Codiant- Your Trusted Back-End Consulting Partner

We contribute to your business success through our state-of-art back-end solutions that grow with you and give great returns.

  • Security-First Approach

    Our back-end developers possess expertise in various technologies, databases, MDM/MIM/MAM principles, and robust security measures to ensure data integrity.

  • Vast Technical Expertise

    As a leading back-end service provider, we embrace cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices to deliver superior solutions.

  • Efficient Project Management

    We provide a comprehensive development cycle, covering design, testing, deployment, and maintenance for your back-end infrastructure.

  • Valuable Solutions

    Our skilled back-end developers construct efficient database architecture, enhancing back-end operations while maintaining front-end stability.

Experiencing Challenges With Your Database Management?

Hire our experienced database expert – we have a back-end solution ready to fix issues and streamline the business process.

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Our Back-End Development Technologies

To build a reliable relationship that drives tangible results for our client’s unique business requirements, we leverage various technologies and tools.

Languages & Frameworks

  • ASP.Net ASP.Net
  • NodeJS NodeJS
  • Laravel Laravel
  • Python Python
  • C++ C++


  • Oracle Oracle
  • MongoDB MongoDB
  • Redis Redis
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL


  • Azure Azure
  • Google Cloud Google Cloud


  • Web API Web API
  • ASP.Net Web Services ASP.Net Web Services
  • GraphQL GraphQL
  • gRPC gRPC

Frequently Asked Questions

Back-end development is building the server-side web applications logic, integration, and managing activities. It becomes possible by writing APIs, designing or customizing libraries, and working with the system component.

The back-end developers write codes that allow a database to communicate with an application or vice-versa. The developers maintain the back-end of a website along with its databases, apps, and servers and manage all the operations that a user doesn’t see.

There are multiple reasons that support this statement and help you in decision-making to hire a dedicated back-end developer. You can

  • Build and manage effective workflows for teams having workload
  • Deliver excellent code quality while managing the timeline
  • Monitor and facilitate communication between developers, project managers, the testing team, stakeholders, and others.
  • Build the ideal solution for your system requirements

Our back-end developers hold deep expertise and experience in server-side programming languages. We follow the latest market trends and from the pool of programming languages available in the market, some of the commonly used languages at Codiant are Ruby, PHP, Java, MongoDB, Python, Go, and more.

Yes, we offer support and maintenance services to maintain the product quality or enhance it whenever needed. Codiant can be your long-term partner to develop and maintain the solution after it is launched.

The most important criteria for choosing a specific back-end technology for your project are speed scalability, reliability, security, and last but not least hire a suitable developer with proper expertise.