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Delivering customer-centric, high-performing, scalable, and reliable Node.js web app development services to a wide range of global clients.

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Our NodeJS Development Service Offerings

Our expert Node.js developers effectively integrate technologies to accomplish business objectives across all domains.

Custom NodeJS Development

Expert Node.JS developers at Codiant leverage the strength of Node.JS to build a business-specific advanced & robust custom web & mobile solution.

NodeJS API Development & Integration

The development team works intelligently to build customized, high-performing, secure, and scalable APIs for web & apps right from scratch.

NodeJS Plugin Development

Our dedicated NodeJS developers enhance the performance and capabilities of our client websites by developing & integrating custom plugins.

NodeJS Migration & Upgradation

We provide hassle-free migration from any platform to Node.JS without hampering the efficiency of the existing web application or any data compromise.

Serverless NodeJS Microservices

At Codiant, our developers use the applicable set of tools and follow best industry practices to deliver an on-demand top-quality solution.

Website Development

Our Node.js experts are adept at creating full-fledged web solutions by integrating advanced security features and user-friendly functionality that fulfil our client needs.

Real-Time App Development

NodeJS is the aptest technology to build real-time web, mobile, or desktop solutions. Hire our experts to build solutions like chat apps, SPAs, etc.

NodeJS Blockchain Application

We are not only confined to software development; our Node.js developers are well-versed in developing Blockchain-based BaaS solutions supporting Cryptocurrency trade.

NodeJS Hosting Services

The NodeJS experts can help you to host your app on popular hosting platforms, like AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean, Heroku, Glitch, and more.

Why NodeJS For Web App Development?

Node.js is the best web app development framework that supports higher scalability, and real-time operations, requires parallel connection, and more, including functionality support for push notifications.

Rapid Solution Development

Node.js can build lightning-fast apps instantly using Node.js event-driven architecture without dealing or interacting with web sockets and protocols.


Boost Team Productivity

The front-end and back-end teams can connect seamlessly with the Node.JS framework which helps to boost the team’s productivity.


Build Numerous Solutions

Node.JS supports easy data management with its efficient web processes. Support real-time chat app for complex event & news app development.


Why Is Codiant Your Right Choice for NodeJS Development?

We are a globally acclaimed Node.js web development company serving advanced and trendy business specifics and delivering futuristic solutions for businesses.

Our team has versatile skills, whether it is for front-end or back-end development. We have covered many complex projects across various domains.

We always work in a guided manner, initially understanding your end user’s perspective and requirements, then deriving the solution to address the issues.

Codiant understands the importance of any idea, so we sign NDA for not disclosing your project details to anybody or anywhere.

We cover all the aspects of Node.js web development, ranging from prototyping, UI/UX designing, and development to final deployment.

We work with the latest frameworks and technology to deliver accurate solutions to cater to business needs, as a result, we drive almost 90% repeated clients.

We help you to understand your business needs along with other assistance and support to figure out whether NodeJS is the right framework for your digital solution, or not.

Our Standard Node.JS Coding Practices

NodeJS is a popular JavaScript-based framework for web development and delivers its amazing capabilities with our standard coding practices.

Stable Coding

While code writing, we ensure maintain the code stability by using various testing tools to maintain the code’s standard before deploying the final solution.

Code Reusability

We understand time is precious for our clients, thus we reuse the available codes in an optimized form to avoid redundancy & reduce development time.

Organized Coding

Professionally written and understandable codes are preferred in the entire development fraternity. To maintain that our developers prepare the codes in an organized form.

Smart Coding

Smart coding is about writing codes in a manner to eliminate any technical risk in the project and makes it fault resistant to streamline the end-user experience with the solution.

Discover Our Way to Impactful Work

See our product development journey helping our clients open new opportunities and drive growth. Our solutions are conditioned with your customers’ voices.

Accelerate Your Business Growth With NodeJS Services

Hire experts to take your business online with high-performing Node.JS web and mobile application development.

  • Business Growth

    Every business aims to experience growth periodically, and we at Codiant focus on our client’s growth by developing advanced and trendy solutions.

  • Domain Expertise

    We have a highly experienced team with extensive work in a variety of industries to build web and mobile app projects.

  • Market Strategy

    We make sure to deliver the aptest solution for our clients that follow the latest market tactics, hence we carry out a detailed research process before development.

  • Accountability

    We are a responsible team of developers who takes full accountability for our client’s project such that they receive nothing but the best solutions.

Your Digital Transformation Journey Begins Here!

Take your business to the next level by hiring the right NodeJS professionals to answer your business-specific requirements.

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Our Technology Stack

The highly experienced and passionate team of Codiant is rewarded with unconventional wisdom.


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  • LoopBack.js LoopBack.js
  • Molecular Molecular


  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  • Oracle Oracle
  • MongoDB MongoDB
  • Firebase Firebase
  • MariaDB MariaDB


  • JavaScript JavaScript
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  • Serverless Serverless
  • ExpressJS ExpressJS

Frequently Asked Questions

The Node.JS Development Services are popularly used to work on the back-end services of the application. Businesses take to support Node.JS to run their web applications outside the client’s server/browser. It also helps businesses to build fast and scalable apps as per the needs of the company.

Our core team of Node.JS developers will clearly define the significance of developing a Node.JS application. Some of the top benefits are easy code-sharing and reusability, improved app speed and performance, increased efficiency, better developer productivity, and accessibility to a large number of free tools.

Codiant is one of the top Node.JS Development Companies with a high level of client satisfaction rate. Our highly efficient Node.JS developers ensure to maintain product quality and security by extending post-development services ranging from maintenance to project updates.

Depending on the project’s requirement and scope, the duration of Node.JS Application development can vary from weeks to months. The agile methodology is being used in our organization which helps in developing the project with high-quality standards.

The cost of a Node.JS Web App Development cannot be defined immediately. It depends on multiple factors like the scope of the project, required man-hours, engagement model, business objective, technology stack, and more. After having a good understanding of project requirements, we manage to create a balance between the project’s cost and higher quality standards.