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Our Laravel Web Development Service Offerings

The expert developers at Codiant use the latest and advanced tools and technologies to deliver robust and scalable solutions to meet our client’s specific needs.

Enterprise Solution Development

Our Laravel developers employ innovative tools to infuse competitive advantage with custom enterprise solution development services.

Custom Web App Development

The Laravel developers at Codiant are highly efficient in building custom web apps integrated with appealing designs and outstanding user experience.

Laravel eCommerce Development

Our Laravel-based eCommerce solution allows our clients to gain higher user engagement with easy navigation which helps to boost revenue generation.

RESTful APIs Development

The Laravel developers at Codiant are experts in building Laravel API generator packages to deliver ReSTful solutions and build communication with 3rd party devices.

Laravel CRM Development

We build highly functional and feature rich Laravel CRM applications for your business to provide a user-friendly experience and easy customer management.

Laravel Migration Services

Our efficient Laravel development team can help you to migrate from any platform to Laravel and can upgrade functionalities & efficiency by opting for the latest Laravel version.

Laravel Extension Development

We develop dynamic Laravel extensions to meet the custom and business-specific demands and logic of your businesses to fulfill different business objectives.

Quality Assurance & Testing

At Codiant, we adopt advanced tools and methods to implement quality assurance & testing to maintain a bug-free solution.

Laravel App Maintenance

We offer end-to-end web development services and provide round-the-clock app maintenance services to ensure the uninterrupted working of web solutions.

Web Solutions- Tailored for Every Organization

Codiant builds solutions for all scales of organizations in the business world and holds years of industry experience in delivering impactful Laravel web development solutions.

For Startups

From decades, Codiant has been delivering highly effective and custom web and mobile solutions for startups. We also help in migrating your existing applications and grow your startup.


Small Businesses

Our experienced developers have worked with several small businesses from diverse industries to build highly customized Laravel applications. Our end-to-end services help our clients grow your business at a fast pace.



Laravel is a great framework that supports small to large-scale web development. It enables our development team to build mission-critical digital solutions for enterprises to handle a wider user base and build an impactful online presence.


Our Web App Development Process

We’re here to help you to build or rebuild a web-based solution. We provide end-to-end services by leveraging advanced tools & technologies to meet your business needs.

We formulate strategies to define a business’s ups and downsides and formulate tactics to enhance business operations and its influence on end-users.

  • Research market competitors
  • Define business goals
  • Define features & functionalities

We plan your business-specific needs to define required features, functionalities, and use cases to prepare a roadmap. This helps to build an MVP solution.

  • Define & analyze business risks
  • Document SRS
  • Create the MVP

In this phase, we create an interactive, intuitive, and user-friendly design for the proposed solution. We ensure to present a smooth user flow of the website to keep the user engaged and satisfied with the overall experience.

  • Information architecture & workflow
  • Wireframing & interactive prototyping
  • Style guide and app design standards

In this phase, the website design gets into a functional structure. By choosing technologies and tools, the developers build the website and integrate all the features presented in the design.

  • Define tech-stack
  • Make a development plan with deliverables
  • Front-end and back-end development

After website development, we ensure to maintain its quality with detailed testing. A web solution has to be stable, secure, and bug-free. For that, the testing team performs different testing methods.

  • User experience testing
  • Functional, performance, and security testing
  • Device & platform testing

We deploy your website on the defined cloud or server as you and your business demand.

  • Prepare the Metadata
  • Submission of the code to stores
  • Support & performance monitoring

Why Choose Laravel for Web Development?

Laravel is one of the best PHP frameworks and is widely accepted among the programmers' community. And our expert developers can correctly guide you, as to why you should choose Laravel for web development.

User Authentication

The user can define roles and restrict accessibility by applying effective authorization logic and allowing permission to resources.

MVC Based

The MVC (Model-View-Controller) structure helps developers to build an outstanding development architecture with a wide range of inbuilt functions.

Database Migration

Laravel is a very effective programming language that supports data migration and allows developers to migrate the published package assets and boilerplate code.

High Security

Laravel offers high level security by providing tokens to protect the files from any third-party or malicious attacks by implementing the correct codes.

Clients' Case Studies & Success Stories

See our product development journey helping our clients open new opportunities and drive growth. Our solutions are conditioned with your customers’ voice.

Why Choose Codiant for Laravel App Development?

We set high development standards with well-coordinated and effective solutions that make Codiant the right choice for our clients.

  • Quality

    We ensure websites designed and platform we develop surpass the highest industry standards to keep you ahead of the competition.

  • Personalization

    Our products are developed to support your business needs. We develop custom robust and modern websites that help you optimize your business processes.

  • Domain Expertise

    Hire our experienced Laravel developers to create high-end web applications. Our Laravel team has experience in diverse industry verticals and domains.

  • SEO-Friendly Code

    Our developers ensure that search engines love your app by writing sensible and recognizable codes, along with visible and indexable content.

Looking to Hire Reliable and Experienced Laravel Developers?

We are a team of enthusiasts who are dedicated and committed to turning a complex engineering problem into a success.

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Built on The Top of Technologies

The highly experienced and passionate team of Codiant is rewarded with unconventional wisdom. Here is the list of advanced technologies and tools we already use.


  • SQLite SQLite
  • SQL Server SQL Server
  • MongoDB MongoDB
  • Firebase Firebase
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL


  • JavaScript JavaScript
  • Angular Angular
  • Vuejs Vuejs
  • React React
  • TypeScript TypeScript


  • NodeJS NodeJS
  • C# C#
  • Java Java
  • Python Python
  • .NET .NET
  • Scala Scala


  • WordPress WordPress
  • Magento Magento
  • Salesforce Salesforce
  • Drupal Drupal
  • HubSpot HubSpot
  • Power BI Power BI

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Laravel application development companies can handle big projects using the scalability, versatility, and ability to handle complex applications.

Both Laravel and Node.JS are known as powerful technologies, but the choice of any technology is dependent on the specific project requirements. However, Laravel solution is generally used in the development of PHP by offering a user-friendly syntax. Whereas, Node.JS is used in the development of JavaScript where the availability of a wide range of features makes it easy to build scalable applications.

The Laravel framework development will benefit the organization in many ways. Businesses can secure their web resources, manage high performance in heavy server loads, access to manage errors and exceptions, automate testing, and more.

The Laravel web app development offers many advanced features including better database support, improved security and performance, and enhanced routing that makes Laravel an even better choice for web development.

Yes, the Laravel website development solution is use for front-end development by integrating it with front-end technologies like Angular, Vue.JS, React, and more. However, the Laravel solution is primarily use for back-end development.