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UnTAPDT is designed to assist interns in finding suitable internships with employers or companies. Interns receive support from guidance counselors or case managers who help them navigate the internship search process. These counselors actively monitor conversations between interns and employers, helping and intervening as needed to ensure a successful match.

The role of the guidance counselor is to offer expert advice and support, ensuring interns find internships that align with their goals and skills.

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  • Development Time

    06 months

  • Target Users

    Intern, Employer, Case Manager, Guidance Counsellor

Technologies Leveraged

We’ve utilized powerful and secure technologies, tools, and frameworks within this platform to accelerate the development of new features and functionalities.

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Identifying the Client Needs

Landing an internship in top companies has always been competitive for Interns. Interns literally scramble to retrieve an internship opportunity that could help them gain the best practical experience and refer them to open positions in the industry. To encounter this prevailing issue, our client decided to develop an online platform where Interns can easily find internship opportunities from the top well-regarded companies and connect to level up their skills. Further, the platform would also aim to assist companies to find the best interns that match their requirements for the current open positions.


Client Goals

When the client analyzed the problems that Interns and employers face while finding opportunities and right intern, they aimed to create a seamless, efficient platform for Interns and employers. Additionally, they incorporated a comprehensive customer support for a smooth and effective experience for all users.

  • App Objectives

    • Interns can set job preferences easily.
    • Find opportunities matching career goals.
    • Track company profiles, messages, & work progress.
    • Employers can select interns based on knowledge.
    • Employers can monitor student attendance.
    • Provide customer support for future assistance.

Mobile Visual Designs

Our UI/UX designing team developed hi-fi prototype after low-fi approval, through attractive user interfaces and aesthetically appealing layouts.


Admin Visual Design

We’ve designed the Admin Visual Panel for the implementation of user interface elements and aesthetics for administrative interfaces, with a focus on clarity and functionality.



Our expert back-end team worked on developing all five apps and integrating them appropriately. The stakeholders in UnTAPDT are Student/Intern, Employer, Guidance Counsellor, Case Manager, and Super Admin. They incorporate the following listed features and functionalities like:

Sign Up/Log In

Interns can sign up or log in with email id and password.

Update Profile

Interns can update their accurate details along with educational information.

Set Job Preference

Interns can select multiple traits in which they are interested and seek learning.


During sign-up, both interns and employers complete a questionnaire to see matches on the home screen.

Match Criteria Algorithm

This feature categorizes matches as strong, medium, and low based on responses from interns and employers.

Send Invites

An intern can see all the matches (Strong, Medium. and Low) on his/her homescreen, and can apply on them.

Accept/Reject Hire Request

Intern can either accept or reject the hire request sent by the employer.

Match Employer List

Interns can find a list of companies that seek employees in their chosen field.

Internship History

Interns can view the reviews, ratings and badges assigned by employer

View Company

From the match employer list, the intern can pick the most appropriate one and check out its basic details instantly.

Company Profile

Interns can view the complete detail about any enlisted company and the job description to hire employees.

Track Work Progress

Interns can monitor their progress and feedbacks received from the supervisor at multiple criteria.

Time Card

Interns can select ‘at work’ or ‘off work’ when they are working and when not respectively.


Interns can reach out to Supervisor and Counsellor in case of any query or assistance through chats.

Start Internship

Intern gets the option to check in and check out once the internship has been started.

Sign Up/Log In

Employer can sign up or log in with email id and password.

Update Profile

Employers can update their accurate details along with the industry type.

Intern Selection

Select or sort interns based on multiple traits and their knowledge.

Auto-Generated Match List

List will appear based on the chosen traits by the employer.

Selection Status

Employer can track the hiring progress of interns or their current status.

Monitor Attendance

Employer can monitor the working hours and attendance of all the employees and interns.

Assessment Notification

Employer can send weekly assessment notification based on multiple working etiquettes.


Intern and counsellor can reach to employer through text messages.

Customer Support

For any query or assistance, the employer can reach out to customer support services.

Sign Up/Log In

Manager can sign up or log in with email id and password.

Update Profile

Manager can update their accurate details and complete the profile.

Student List

Manager can check the list of all the Interns, their details, and their personality assessment.

Placed Intern List

Manager can track all the placed interns and their performance within the organization.

Monitor Performance

Manager can track the intern’s attendance, punctuality, attitude, and other traits to monitor performance.

Student Request

Manager can view the detailed profile of Interns to accept or reject the request.

Employer List

Manager can track employer details, their intern progress, and other details.


Manager can communicate with intern and employer through text messages


Manager receives alert notifications when the intern got matched and hired by the employer.

Sign Up/Log In

Counselor can sign up or log in with email id and password.

Update Profile

Counselor can update their accurate details along with industry expertise.

Student Request

Counselor can accept or reject the intern request for guidance.

Student List

Counselor can check the complete list and details of Interns they are guiding.

Placed Intern List

Counselors can find the list of interns that get placed in company.

Customer Support

To seek any assistance and query resolution, counselors can reach for customer support.

Intern Details

Counselors can check interns' performance, company and other details related to placement.


Counselor can initiate or revert to intern and employers’ message.


Counselor receives alert notifications when intern got matched and hired by the employer.

Sign Up/Log In

Admin can sign up or log in with email id and password.

Update Profile

Admin can update their profile details and can change password.


Admin can monitor the total number of schools, interns, counselors, employers, and case managers.

School Section

Admin can view the list of schools, their details, Interns list, and can create/read/update/delete any school.

Student Section

Admin can view interns list, search any student, apply the filter in the list, and can track their progress.

Employer Section

Admin can view and manage employees list, or can search and apply the filter on name.

Intern List

Admin can view intern’s list and track their performance in the organization.

Counselor Section

Admin can view or search counselor’s list and track their activities and of the associated interns too.

Counselor Request

Admin can check the complete profile details of counselor and can accept or reject the request.

Case Manager Section

Admin can view their complete list, search or filter the list, and can check associated interns’ performance.

Case Manager Request

Admin can view the complete profile details of case manager and based on that accept or rejects the request.

Detailed Reports

Admin can generate a periodic report of interns, employers, counselors, and case managers.


Project Outcomes: Evaluating the Impact

The development of UnTAPDT platform provided a pool of opportunities to the Interns and ended their struggle of finding out internships in top companies. The simple and advanced feature list made it easy for both employers and Interns (looking for internships) to connect. Both the parties were able to check out and match their requirement list using the app. The UnTAPDT application has ultimately resolved their hustle of seeking the best company or intern, and thus, help connecting Interns and companies at a larger base.

  • The UnTAPDT platform was a great success in terms of its overall performance.
  • The app has revolutionized the way how interns and companies reached out to each other.
  • Connecting interns with top companies is helping them gain practical experience and industry relevant skills.
  • Interns gain valuable experience and connections, leading to job referrals and career choices.
  • Ensures companies find interns who meet their specific requirements for open positions.

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