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About Equoto

A web application platform eQuoto is the perfect solution for all insurance-related events. The platform allows people to find the best-licensed insurance agents to carry forward the related undertakings. The idea behind the platform development is to reduce the role of the middleman and provide one-tap availability of insurance agents for customers. eQuoto has also improved customer and agent engagement by streamlining all the insurance industry-related events.

  • Client’s Location

    United States

  • Development Time

    06 Months

  • Target Users

    Insurance Companies and Agents

Technologies Leveraged

We leveraged the strength of robust and secure technologies, tools, and frameworks used in the app/web to escalate the creation of new features and functionalities.

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Identifying the Client Needs

Insurance agents, customers, corporations were all going through multiple challenges. Of all establishing a direct connection was the major. As the role of insurance intermediaries goes beyond the insurance marketplace services, our client wanted to channelize this wider economy where all the stakeholders including customers, agents, corporations, publishers can adequately conduct business and agents can act independently to assist clients. Equoto turned out to be the perfect web platform to encounter these challenges.


Client Goals

Our client wanted to develop a web application that simplifies the connection between insurance agent and customer.

  • Web Objectives
    • Customers should get access to a detailed list of licensed insurance agents along with their details.
    • Insurance agents should be able to easily find the customers.
    • Publishers should be able to exhibit insurance agents on their website for better visibility.
    • Corporations should have multiple agents under their corporation and have full control of managing them.

Web Visual Designs

To design visually captivating websites, our UX experts combined creativity and functionality to create a simple yet impactful interface that delivers the brand’s message.



The development team effectively introduced all the features and functionalities that are required to make the Equoto app services outstand in the market. Our back-end team very efficiently did all the coding based on the low-fidelity wireframes for all five stakeholders.


Customer can login/signup with email id, password, and other basic details.

Create Profile

Customer can create a profile by adding all the relevant details and by selecting agents, companies, and corporation agents.

Agent List

Customers can view a detailed list of agents, along with their experience, reviews, & rewards.

Build Connection

Customer can connect and communicate with agents through text messages or emails.

Schedule Appointments

Customer can choose available slots of agents to set up an appointment.

Rate & Review Agent

Customers can give their feedback for each agent based on their appointment and assistance experience.

Sign up/Login

Agents can signup/login with their email id & password by selecting the ‘type’ option as Individual Agent.

Complete Profile

Agents can fill in their details, contact info, image, etc. to help customers to know about them.


Agents can view the account activity and can set on/off activities.

Account Balance

Agent can monitor their account balance and get notified when the balance is less than the current bid.

Add Balance

Agent can add balance in their account to place a bid, or can initiate auto-refill payment mode.

Current Bid

Agents can place or increase/decrease their bidding amount and can monitor their listing position.

Customer Listing

Agents can manage customer lists, details, and update property rent/sold status manually.

Schedule Appointment

Agents can approve or reject the client’s appointment based on their availability.

Payment Setting

Agents can add or remove the account and their credit card details.

Sign Up/Log in

Company can signup/login with their email id and password by selecting the ‘type’ option as Company.

Complete Profile

Companies can fill in their details, contact info, image, etc. to help customers and agents to know about them.


Company can view their account activity and can set on/off activities.

Account Balance

Company can check their account balance or add balance, and can set credit limit as approved by admin.

Current Bid

Company can place their bid or can increase/decrease the amount and can monitor their listing position.

Customer Listing

Company can manage customer lists, details, and update property rent/sold status manually.

Total Connection

Corporation can view the list and details of the total connection count from each agent.

Credit Limit

Corporation can apply for an extended credit limit which gets approval/rejection from the admin.

Bid Details

Corporations can add/edit the bid amount of any individual or all agents.

Agent Management

Corporation can accept/reject agent request or can add/delete and set active/inactive agents profile.


Corporation can filter each agent’s report individually for a customized time period.

Customer Support

Corporation can seek instant support of Admin in case of any query or complaint.


Publisher can register/login with some basic details and email id and password.

Publisher Profile

Publisher can add/edit/update profile details.

Listing Placement

Publisher can view the property listing details and its type, along with unique ID and URL.


Publisher can view account activity and can on/off activities.

Revenue Tracking

Publisher can keep track of revenue generated by customer and agent connections.

Site Listing

Publisher can view site listing along with the listing agent, Placement Company, product type, etc.


Project Outcomes: Evaluating the Impact

In a short span of time, the eQuoto platform acted as a driving force. Both customers and agents along with other stakeholders were able to enjoy the high level of convenience offered by the website’s easy navigation and intuitive features. It became easy to gain and share the required information between both parties. The platform also contributed to bring rapid changes to the system that manages agents and corporation activities and strikes the balance to operate with full efficiency and enhanced visibility.

  • The app allows users to access their insurance policies, coverage details, and other relevant documents digitally.
  • Users can directly communicate with the insurance agents, allowing them to consult their queries.
  • Insurance Agents get access to data analytics and insights for better customer understanding.
  • Agents can use customer data to offer personalized insurance recommendations based on user’s needs and preferences.

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