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About Sindbad

Sindbad is an on-demand grocery delivery app platform that rolls out the top line of features to connect users, delivery boys, and vendors with the aim to deliver daily essentials at the customer’s doorsteps. The grocery app manages to keep the innovation quotient high with its masterpiece feature of “Family Grocery Packages” packed on the notes of the number of family members, gender, and age (as mentioned by the user) which can be further customized based on the users’ needs that eventually helps in quick checkout and recording high sales.

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  • Development Time

    14-16 weeks

  • Target Users

    Grocery buyers, food shoppers, convenience seekers, online shoppers

Technologies Leveraged

We leveraged the strength of robust and secure technologies, tools, and frameworks used in the app/web to escalate the creation of new features and functionalities.

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    React Native

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Identifying the Client Needs

Competition is at the heart of transformation. It requires innovation to rule out the ordinary. Our client was determined to deliver an app that addresses the core problems and gross execution errors that the current grocery delivery space is grappling with. The Client assembled the ideas to speed up the time it takes to select, add to the cart, and order the basic daily essentials in the so-called simplified delivery apps. Heavily backed with family-tied features that bring in no-brainer orders and deliver a business model, Sindbad gave its users quick access to shopping and delivering assistance.

Client Goals

To develop a grocery delivery app with a delightful user experience for stakeholders: customer, delivery boy, vendor, and admin panel. The implementation of major features that supports the app’s innovation other than the basic and advanced features of online grocery app was planned as:

  • App Objectives

    • Users can configure the package by entering family members details
    • Users can view packages matching with family configuration
    • They can see items of packages and get them customized (If needed)
    • Rich view of products shopping with secured payments
    • Integrate real-time chat for direct interaction with vendors and customer support.

Mobile Visual Designs

Our UI/UX team developed hi-fi prototype after low-fi approval, through intuitive interfaces and aesthetically appealing layouts.


Web Visual Design

To design visually captivating websites, our UX experts combined creativity and functionality to create a simple yet impactful interface that delivers the brand’s message.



Our developers worked on the development of four different stakeholders, i.e., Customer App, Delivery Boy App, Vendor App, and Admin Panel. The major features holding the complete supply chain are described below.


Users can log in using personal details like email, phone number, social media handles, etc.

User Profile

Users can edit or update personal details and contact information.

Configure Package

Define a number of family members with age and gender.

View Package

View family member details, match the package, and see the items in the package.

Edit Package

Users can modify the package based on requirements and can avail the discount.

Customize Packages

Customize item limits based on number of family members, age, and requirements.

Offers & Deals

Users can view all the available offers and deals, and can avail the most appropriate ones.

Product Categorization

Products can be categorized or placed under a specific category.

Search Product

Users can directly search any specific product and sort them by price.

Product List

User can view product list with each product detail, image, description, etc., along with saving items or add to cart option.

My Cart

The user can add or remove any product from the cart before placing the order.

Saved Item

The user can create a list by adding or removing the product from the list.

Order Delivery

Users can place orders and schedule a delivery date and time slot.

Payment Method

Users can find different modes of payment based on their convenience.

Order History

Users can manage previous order details and can reorder any product.


Register or login with email id, password, contact info, and other details.

User Profile

Can edit or update personal details and contact information.

Order Request

Delivery Boy can accept/reject the order request.

Order Details

Delivery boy will get delivery location, product details, and customer details.

Completed Order

User can monitor the status of complete or returned order along with order & customer details.

Canceled Order

User can monitor his canceled order list along with order details and the reason for cancellation.

Language Selection

User can choose the appropriate language from the available option.


User can contact customer support in case of any issue resolution or query.

Navigation and GPS Tracking

Integrated maps and GPS tracking guide for timely and accurate deliveries.


Register or Login with email id, password, contact info, and other details.

User Profile

Vendor can edit or update personal details and contact information.


Vendor can keep track of its sold product on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Product Management

User can prepare product listing and add details, id, price, quantity, and other details.


Vendor can search products to find out the availability of the specific product.

Inventory Management

Vendor can view products category and other details under batches listing.


Filter product under batch name, product name, expiry date, or batch allotment date.

Manage Return Items

Vendor can keep track of returned items and update inventory accordingly.

Order Management

Vendor can search orders based on order placement, delivery, return, scheduled, complete, ongoing, etc. dates.


Track all the payment earnings and source of payments, i.e., digital/cash.

Delivery Details

Track order details, customer, assigned delivery person, etc.

Delivery Status

Vendor can monitor the progress, like order packaging, order picked, on the way, out for delivery, delivered, etc.


Admin can login with email id, password, contact info, and other details.

User Profile

Admin can edit or update personal details and contact information.


Admin can keep track of all the drivers, vendors, daily/weekly/monthly sales, an order placed/canceled, replacement request, etc.

Brand Management

Admin can view/add/edit/delete/search brand names.

Category Management

Admin can create/view/edit/delete any main or sub-category of products.

Product Management

Admin can manage any product under a category or sub-category.


Admin can search for any product, vendor, or delivery person.

Vendor Management

Admin can manage any vendor or its details and can set active/inactive status.

Delivery Boy Management

Admin can track each driver, their status, and add/edit/update their details.

Order Details

Manage order progress i.e., an order placed, reorder, canceled, out for delivery, returned, or delivered.

Inventory Management

Admin can manage batches and their details.

Order Management

Tracks orders and can manage all the ongoing, scheduled, replaced/returned, canceled/completed orders.

Package Management

Admin can view the list of packages, and manage package details and package order.

Offer Management

Admin can create a new offer or can view the listing and details of existing offers or discounts.

Report Generation

Prepare a report of customer orders, vendor order management, and order delivery at different phases.


Project Outcomes: Evaluating the Impact

Sindbad, a premier online grocery app, links customers with local supermarket vendors. Its user-friendly interface and smart features streamline product searches, particularly in personal and home care categories. Promotional offers highlighted through eye-catching banners enhance the app's appeal and traction in local markets.

  • Elevated customer satisfaction through a user-friendly app.
  • Efficient shopping process with "Family Grocery Packages".
  • Increased sales and quick checkouts due to customized package configurations.
  • Engages users with enticing promotional banners.

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