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About Camion Plus

Camion Plus is a trucking delivery app that resolves product delivery issues with just a few taps. Any user selects the suitable truck/vehicle as per the luggage/ product size and other specifications for seamless delivery of the product in a given time frame. The app platform is designed with intuitive structure flow and immersive design patterns to satisfy and entice the huge customer base. Camion Plus has narrowed down the pressure of finding the right logistics partner by integrating excellent features that offers complete driver details, quick response to consumers, 24*7 availability, and much more.

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  • Development Time

    06 Months

  • Target Users

    Camion plus will cater for all your shipping needs

Technologies Leveraged

We leveraged the strength of robust and secure technologies, tools, and frameworks used in the app/web to escalate the creation of new features and functionalities.

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    React Native

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    Android Studio

Identifying the Client Needs

The market was struggling badly in automating, expanding, and streamlining the trucking logistics operations. It was way challenging to find a suitable vehicle and driver who can offer secure and safe delivery services with optimum budget and resources. Our client grappled with this gap and ensured to build a platform that fulfills the pressing demand for online trucking delivery services with optimum fare calculation. The users also got the privilege of tracking drivers’ routes to get delivery updates. The app platform was designed to offer door-to-door fast, easy, and flexible delivery service.

Client Goals

Our client wanted to develop a robust app platform- Camion plus to streamline and automate the logistics and delivery operations. The app aimed to integrate the following functionalities to perfectly address the growing disconnect between truckers and the customers.

  • App Objectives

    • Hassle-free product/carriage delivery to the customer’s doorsteps
    • Instantly find the suitable truck/vehicle for delivery
    • Track driver route optimally using google map
    • Easy and quick payment integration mode
    • Send consignment updates via messages or mail

Mobile Visual Designs

Our UI/UX team developed hi-fi prototype after low-fi approval, through intuitive interfaces and aesthetically appealing layouts.



After undertaking all the client specifics, our development team started building a robust system including all three major stakeholders. The team ensured to integrate all the excellent features to maintain the smooth and cordial functioning of the stakeholders on the app platform. The following functionalities were integrated for the customer, driver, and admin app to guarantee a high-performing online trucking delivery app

Profile Creation

The user can create a personal profile by adding personal details like name, photo, number, address, etc.

User Authentication

The user can register/signup using email, phone number, or social media accounts.

Book A Vehicle

Users can browse multiple vehicles and book as per their choice of interest.

Get Fare Estimation

Users can get the fare calculation based on the distance traveled by them.

Billing And Payments

Users can select any available mode of payment to complete the billing process.

Track Shipments

Users can track the shipments by tracking the live location of the driver on Google Maps.

Contact Driver

Users can directly call the driver to collect information about the shipment pickup location.

Cancel Booking

Users can cancel the booking anytime they want with just a single tap.

Rate Driver

Users can provide ratings as per their experience with the driver.

Manage Requests

The driver can view and handle the requests for carriage pickup or delivery.

Driver Authentication

The driver can register using email or a number and can add personal details like license, qualifications, and more.

Check Shipper Details

The driver can track the exporter’s details like name, phone, invoice, etc.

Check Freight Details

The driver can calculate the collective cost including fuel, goods, toll charges, and more.

GPS route tracking

Drivers can find the best routes that can help in reaching the desired destination in the given timeframe.

Manage Payments

The payment transactions can be easily tracked and accepted by the driver in any mode.

Secure Login

Admin can log in securely using the email id and password.

Admin Dashboard

Admin can view overall summary i.e. active drivers, completed shipments, customers, etc.

Manage Driver

Admin can add many new drivers, update details, and can check to activate, and deactivate drivers.

Manage Shipper

Admin can view and handle registered shippers, text them personally/ broadcast or block them when required.

Manage Dispatcher

Admin has the access to view, add, delete, or update information about the dispatcher.

Manage Fleet & Vehicles

Admin can manage and add information about the fleet and truck.

Billing And Invoice

Admin can track the amount earned by each individual driver and can help in managing cash in/out.

Evaluate Trip Reports

Admin has the access to track the trip history of the drivers and takes further necessary actions.

Referral Reports

Admin can provide referral codes and promo points to ensure customer retention on the platform.


Project Outcomes: Evaluating the Impact

Camion Plus is receiving mass appreciation from customers and truckers as a whole. As promised, the app is not only automating the delivery services with easy find, book, and order process but also uplifting truckers to streamline their job processes with full transparency.

In addition to this, the customers are finding it suitable to browse the available trucks/ vehicles to deliver their valued items. The immersive and intuitive app design is offering an excellent customer experience at affordable pricing.

  • With great convenience and accessibility Camion Plus, allows users to request trucking services whenever needed.
  • Eliminating the need to physically visit or contact multiple vendors, or logistics companies to arrange shipments.
  • Camion Plus provides users with real-time shipment tracking, status, and location of their devices.
  • Users get full safety and security, including verified carriers, insurance coverage, and experienced drivers for handling shipments.

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