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About Auction House

Auction House is a real estate web and app platform that facilitates land auctions across the United States. The platform is being developed for Peoples Company, a leading provider of land brokerage, land management, land appraisal, and land investment services there.

The platform ensures an efficient, transparent, and engaging auction experience through Live Auction (Single and Multi-Parcel) and Long-duration Auction (Single and Multiple Parcel) online, live, or a mix of both modes.

  • Client’s Location

    United States

  • Development Time

    06-08 Months

  • Target Users

    General User, Auctioneer, Bidder, Admin

Technologies Leveraged

We leveraged the strength of robust and secure technologies, tools, and frameworks used in the app/web to escalate the creation of new features and functionalities.

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Identifying the Client Needs

It is always typical for users to participate in land auctions. The need for the app was to streamline and enhance the auction process for Peoples Company through web and mobile platforms. The client decided to develop a web and mobile app that offers convenience and accessibility in land auctions compared to attending in person. Besides, the platform aimed to display property locations through interactive maps and user proximity to selected properties, which enhance user engagement and decision-making during auctions.


Client Goals

When the client analyzed that the bidder and auctioneer both face transparency, geographic constraints, and broker reliance challenges, he decided to craft an online land marketplace for Peoples Company that contains property listings. This would provide buyers with a clear understanding of the land without any middleman to streamline the process.

  • Key Objectives

    • Users will be able to participate in live and long-duration auctions.
    • Listings section will provide basic details about available properties.
    • Interactive map showcasing property locations.
    • Set up personal notifications based on the listings.
    • Properties would be sorted based on the user’s nearest location.
    • Property information like specifications, images, and bidding details.

Mobile Visual Designs

Our UI/UX designing team developed hi-fi prototype after low-fi approval, through attractive user interfaces and aesthetically appealing layouts.


Admin Visual Designs

We’ve designed the Admin Visual Panel for the implementation of user interface elements and aesthetics for administrative interfaces, with a focus on clarity and functionality.



Our back-end development team worked on developing all four apps and integrating them appropriately. The stakeholders used in Auction House are General User, Auctioneer, Bidder, and Admin. They incorporated the following listed features and functionalities:


Users can sign up or log in with an email ID and password.

Update Profile

Users can update their profile details including name, contact details, and location.

Overall Property Map

See all available auction properties in the United States on a map.

Search and Filter Listings

Find properties by location, size, and other criteria.

Auction Types

For single or multiple parcels, display "Auction Types" such as live or long duration auctions.

View Auction Details

Get complete info about property like description, legal details, photos, and interactive map.

Bid Now

Participate in active or long-duration auctions for various property types on Peoples Company app.

Active Auctions

Manage bids and track the progress of interested auctions to facilitate active participation.

Past Auctions

Easily view the bids and results of property auctions, and stay informed about market trends.

Contact Agent

View agent details, contact info and explore their other listings, to enhance decision-making.

Winner Details

Check the winner name and winning amount for the specific property on sale.


See current bids and the leading bidder for each auction.


Get alerts about new auctions, bids, and other relevant updates.

Live Chat & Broadcasting

Connect with bidders, auctions, and agents to clear doubts (if any).


Personalize notification preferences and manage account details.


An auctioneer can sign up or log in using an email ID and password.

Set Up Auctions

Auctioneer can set up and conduct auctions online to ensure engaging auction experience.

Auction Management

Control auction at physical location while managing online bids for improved auction dynamics.

Bid Management

Use reliable tools to manage bids accurately and secure transactions in online auctions.

Price Control

Ability to configure start price and reserve price for property, and enhance user satisfaction.

Update Min Bid Increase

Control the asking price by changing the MBI (Min Bid Increase).

Discuss With Bidders

Facilitate direct communication between the auctioneer and bidders.

Pause/Resume Auction

Allow the auctioneer to pause and resume auctions as needed.

Live Chat & Broadcasting

Enable real-time chat and message broadcasting during auctions.


Admin can sign up or log in with an email ID and password.

Browse by Category

Access auctions that are listed under Land, Commercial, Development, and Residential categories.

Interactive Property Map

View all listed properties and auctions across the USA on a single map using Mapbox.

Property Interaction

Interact with the property to view details like images, maps, descriptions, and auction info.

Browse Properties

List properties with thumbnails, listing number, location, size, and price for informed bidding.

Property’s Map View

Search, filter, and sort properties by proximity to the user's location using an app.

Browse Auctions

View live and long-duration auctions with single or multi-parcel options.

View Auction Details

View property summary such as location, listing no., size, agents, bid now button & other details.

Tract Details

Bidder will get tract details (if multiple tracts are available).


Personalized notifications based on location radius, price range, categories/types, land size.


Show bidder's status of different auctions and winner details for past auctions.

Place Bids

Bidders can bid for properties in active auctions online.


Admin can sign up or log in with email ID and password.


Admin can see total auctions created, active auctions, listed properties, total tracts sold.

Sync Categories

Fetch and sync the category listing from the existing Peoples Company database.

View Categories

Admin can view categories in admin panel to facilitate smooth operations during auction.

Sync Agents

Fetch and sync the agents’ listing from the existing Peoples Company database.

Search/Filter By Agent

Admin allows users to search or filter properties by selecting an agent.

View Linked Properties

Admin allows users to view all linked properties (sales & auction) for a particular agent.

List Bidders

Display a list of all registered bidders for property purchase in the auction.

Search Bidder

Allow admin to search for specific bidders based on location, land size and other criteria.

Filter Bidders

Filter bidders based on property details for a more organized and targeted approach.

View/Edit Bidder Details

View detailed information about a bidder for better monitoring and management of bidding.

Create Bidder

Admin can create a new bidder profile to enable his/her participation in land auction.

Manage Bidders

Can effortlessly activate and deactivate the accounts of bidders from the portal.

Manage Auctions

Admin can create, list, search, and filter auction details within the application.

List Properties For Sale

Fetch and display a list of properties for sale from the existing website efficiently.

Search Properties

Give access to users for searching specific properties listings and finding the relevant one.

Manage Tract

Create, list, search, filter, view, edit, and activate/deactivate tracts.


Admin can update account settings for both bidder and auctioneer.


Project Outcomes: Evaluating the Impact

Traditional auctions can be time-consuming and logistically challenging. The online platform eliminated geographical barriers for both auctioneers and bidders for properties on sale. The advanced features in the app allow users across the USA to participate in property auctions at any time. This expanded reach not only increases competition among bidders but also enhances overall market liquidity and transparency.

  • The Auction House platform was a great way to modernize the auction process in the USA.
  • The app benefits both sellers and buyers by reducing transaction times and costs.
  • It streamlines the property selling method with automated bidding, instant updates, and real-time analytics.
  • Detailed analytics on bidding patterns, property trends, and market behavior provide valuable insights for bidders.

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