Diwali Celebration 2022

Diwali demands a grand and unique celebration and see how Codianters managed to make it memorable. We planned some mesmerizing celebration goals where people were shining bright in their vibrant shades of attire. The contrast colors of rangoli with LED lights, diyas, and paper lanterns on the desks lifted up the festive spirits. The series of fun-filled games and gifts were obviously the centric attraction of the events. But those group selfies with bright smiles, exciting eyes, and glory in our hearts made the event’s memory lasting forever. Here is a glimpse of how we coordinated and spread the cheers to ignite the lamps of happiness.

2022: Festive Celebration Snapshots

Discover the highlights of our annual festivities, where Codiant comes alive with joy, camaraderie, and memorable moments that embody our vibrant work culture.

Christmas Celebration 2022

Christmas 2022 was celebrated with great pomp at Codiant! From brightly illuminated Christmas Trees, and walls decorated with Santa Claus figures and garlands, to crunchy cookies and gifts, the joy was lingering in the air. The Surprise addition was the.

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Codiant Cricket League 2022

Cricket is in the veins of Indians. And as always, people at Codiant were damn excited to show their sportsmanship on the battlefield of Codiant Cricket League #CCL. Cheers to the winning team, "Codiant Strikers," who shifted the match's momentum.

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Navratri/ Garba Night Celebration 2022

Of course, the music and standout performance of Codianters is what that filled the office with glorious, lively, and cheerful vibes of festivities. From dandiya beats to devotional worshipping of Goddess Durga, people from all teams equally indulge in various.

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Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration 2022

The sacred celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi was filled with a blissful aura. Right from welcoming Bappa into our workplace till the visharjan day, Codianters gathered every day to worship Lord Ganesha by chanting mantras and bhajans followed by the beats.

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