Get care across borders with a GDPR complaint Telemedicine App

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About Click Drs.

Click Drs. is a GDPR compliant telemedicine application having a dual platform, country-specific (the UK in this case) as well as Public Platform (global) allowing users to connect to healthcare providers. The app allows users to book appointments with doctors based on the platform they are on.

Patients can search for doctors based on current location and selected specialty and can book an instant or scheduled type of appointment. Modes of consultation are Video call, Audio call, and Chat. Whereas, Doctors can manage their schedules, write Electronic prescriptions and Clinical notes, and also prescribe lab tests based on the patient’s medical history. Payments and refunds are managed within the system.

  • Team

    04 Member

  • Development Time

    06 Months

  • Client’s Location

    Mumbai, India

  • Industry

    Healthcare & Lifesciences

  • Service

    UI/UX Design, Mobile App & Web Development

  • Target Users

    Young Audience, between 16 - 35 years

Identify the Client Needs

Healthcare organizations and hospitals around the world vie to give the flexibility to care providers often seeking to deliver care online by arming them with the telemedicine app platform. But the agility to extend their high-quality, multidisciplinary medical specialism limits locally and helps them to meet the needs of only local population.

Flagging it like a mission, the team of Click Drs. in technical partnership with Codiant aimed to provide an opportunity to local healthcare providers to serve and extend their medical specialties to the undeserving and vexed population across geographical boundaries as an added capability by planning a robust telemedicine app development having toggles to operate on a public platform and UK (country-specific platform) as well.


Our Approach & Solutions

As the world braces for public health emergencies such as COVID-19, developing a telemedicine app solution to combat viruses and other acute/chronic diseases has become crucial. Identifying the emergent need, our client aimed to keep pace with modern technology and develop a solution that meets the following goals:

  • Appointment Booking (Instant/Normal)
  • Subscription Plans (For Self Or Dependents)
  • Multiple Communication Mode (Video/Audio/Chat)
  • Multiple Payment Gateways: Wallet, Pay by Card.
  • Multilingual: English, Arabic, and Urdu

Technologies Leveraged

  • box-img Native Android and iOS

High Fidelity Prototype

As we got the go-ahead for the wireframes by our client, our interaction designers were tasked with laying out the interactions of the product. They created interactive high fidelity prototypes that encompassed a wide range of design elements such as aesthetics, motion, words, visual representations, and behavior. Here is how the overall UX and UI design of the product looked like.



Our development team headed the process by developing the telemedicine app for stakeholders like Doctor, Patients, and Admin for Public Platform and UK Platform. Below given are the functionalities incorporated to make the healthcare app a bandwagon to support remote patient monitoring and online virtual consultation.

Easy Onboarding

Easy sign-up/log in through email and mobile number

Profile Management

User can manage profile by updating personal details (name, location, contact, etc.)

Dependents Management

User can add/delete/update dependents and their details.

Search Doctors

Users can search for doctors, apply filters, view lists of doctors.

View Doctor Details

Users can book appointments with Doctors, add additional details and medical records.

Book Doctors

Users can book appointments with Doctors, add additional details and medical records.

Instant Doctor Booking

Patients can immediately see to a doctor by selecting instant booking.

Select Interface

Users can set the preferred mode of communication i.e. Audio/video/chat with Doctor.

View Appointments

Users can view past and upcoming appointments, cancel or reschedule appointments.

Rating and Reviews

Leave ratings and reviews to Doctor’s Profile post online check-up.

Medical Records

Upload and manage medical records in .pdf, .txt, .doc, .jpg/.png format.

Lab Test

Easy viewing of lab tests, prescription list, clinical notes in the past appointments.

Online Payment

Users can pay via mWallet or credit/debit card.


Users will receive notifications and alerts via email, SMS, and push notifications.

Video Conferencing

Connect with your medical specialist online using video-conferencing call feature.

Easy Onboarding

Doctors can easily log in and log out through email/mobile number.

Create Schedule

Doctors can create instant and normal schedules, select date range, start and end time and appointment duration.

Manage Schedule

Doctors can view, edit and delete schedules.


Insightful view of appointments in chronological order and graph view.

View Appointments

View all upcoming and past appointments details, patients’ info, and take actions.


Doctors can do video or audio calling with patients.


Doctors can chat and send attachments in image, doc, txt, or pdf format.


Doctors will receive notifications through email, SMS and dashboard.


Ability to view and write the online prescription, lab tests and make clinical notes.

Medical History

Doctors can view patient-specific medical history.


Track appointment status and sync with personal calendars to ensure timely care delivery.

Medical Tips

Provide suitable tips to help patients in improving their health & maintaining a healthy life-balance.


Admin can log in through email and password.


Admin can take an all-inclusive view of total no. of appointments, practices, doctors, and patients.

Manage Doctors

Admin can add doctors, manage existing doctors and new doctor requests.

Manage Patients

Admin can add/update/manage patients.

Manage Specialties

Admin can add/update/manage different types of medical specialties.


The app is multilingual with languages like English, Arabic and Urdu.

Manage On-Duty Doctor

Admin can select a date on the calendar and view doctors’ on-duty, view their details and manage their schedule.

Lab Test

Admin can add/update/manage different types of medical lab tests.

Transaction Status

Admin can manage transactions, search them by transaction id, date and patient name.

Manage CMS

Admin has full capacity to manage both the app platforms that is a public platform and a UK platform.

Manage Subscription

Admin can manage subscription plans of family and individuals.


Admin can change the password when/if required and successfully logout.


Project Outcomes: Evaluating the Impact

  • Click Drs. is established as an independent telemedicine platform in the UK that is empowering care providers and hospitals to extend their healthcare offerings both nationally as well as internationally via online remote consultation or virtual care to communicate with the patients remotely. Now Doctors and Physicians enrolled as a part of Click Drs. can respond expediently during a crisis. “We did this for them. We can do it for you.” Reach us out.

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