Top 10 Technology Blogs in 2022: Most Searched and Ranked by Popularity

Published December 30, 2022

Top 10 Technology Blogs in 2022: Most Searched and Ranked by Popularity

What were the most searched and Popular blogs in 2022? What were the hot topics businesses and entrepreneurs looking for? And why are they so important?

2022 was all about rapid innovations fuelled by technology, needs, and marketing strategy.

From the smallest fish to big sharks, everyone eyed to ace the solution first in the void market that demands a cure.

As consumers and businesses became more inclined towards products and services that simplify their day-to-day activities, tech geeks started providing their readers with high-quality analysis and insights.

In this run to provide the best, Codiant, standing tall as the most trusted technology partner, kept delivering how-to guides, strategies, ideas, data-driven analytics, trends, and industry-rich insights to its readers to help them stay on edge.

Today, as the year draws to a close, we have peeped into our Google Analytics to check our most visited blogs. To our surprise, these blogs are also the ones that have become the most preferred by Google. Some are glued to featured snippets, while others have secured their seat on the first page.

Here we list some of the most searched, ranked, and best technology blogs (in no specific order) that demands your quick attention.

Top 10 Popular Technology Blogs Of 2022

1. 100 Mobile App Ideas You Should Invest in Today

Not all app ideas have to be unique but have to be perfect. There might be app solutions brimming in the market but are they really matching the users’ expectations perfectly?

No matter if you’re an existing business owner or a novice, the market needs to have an impeccable- innovative solution for untapped problems.

Thus, making it crucial for business seekers to conceive and invest in unique and innovative business app ideas that can deliver good value to the end users.

To be a helping hand to you, we have presented the blog post that curates 100 profitable mobile app ideas that are worth investing in.

2. Building A Chatbot With Natural Language Processing

Businesses always aim to streamline their business processes and provide smooth customer services, where Chatbot App Development comes as a major rescue.

Chatbots are the most interesting and most demanding tool to integrate into any digital solution.

Check out the blog post to learn all the details about Chatbot App Development with Natural Language Processing, its benefits for the customer and companies, and a short step-by-step guide to building one.

Top 10 Popular Technology Blogs Of 2022

3. Low-fidelity vs. High-fidelity Design Prototypes

Many businesses witness not-so-friendly user experience (UX) feedback for their mobile or web app.

To avoid such problems, designs should be initiated with low-fidelity prototypes to high-fidelity prototypes. These prototypes allow users to check and test functionality rather than directly having the visual appearance of the product designed.

If you are unaware of both the terms and their other benefits for any business, then go ahead with the blog read. Here, you can find a comparative study of Lo-fi and Hi-fi design prototypes.

4. Recruitment App Development: Cost & Key Features

Finding the apt job as well as the right candidate has become a challenge for job seekers and companies.

While aspirants grapple to land the right job, companies struggle to reach the right candidates with more ease.

AI-powered recruitment software helps smoothen and streamline this exhausting process by simplifying the hiring and quick screening of candidates and desired companies for users.

If you think, with a recruitment app development, you can perfectly create a bridge between companies and job seekers then this blog is definitely for you!

Check out this recruitment app development blog and learn about its benefits, features, cost, and other essentials.

5. A Step-by-Step UX Design Process

Designing an outstanding user experience in an app or web platform is a highly creative and intellectual task.

It demands following a design rulebook to achieve the best end results. If you are a novice UX designer in any industry or a client monitoring the UX of the project then this blog has got you covered!

From a systematic UX design approach to designing a simple and exciting User Experience, you can expect a turtle guide explaining the raw details.

6. Cost to Develop an On-Demand Marketplace App Like TaskRabbit

On-demand marketplaces are the new trending business tool that is gaining customers’ attention by providing home services on-demand.

If you are planning to follow such a business concept for your targeted customer base, then following the business model of the TaskRabbit app could be an apt example.

Read the blog to learn about the concept and working of the on-demand marketplace app like TaskRabbit with its features, tech stack, cost, and development team.

7. How Remote Patient Monitoring is Helping Care Providers to Improve Patient Outcomes?

Remote Patient Monitoring applications are becoming a very handy and valuable tool to monitor and manage patients from any location.

Hence, facilitating a great business opportunity for private players to deploy a mobile application to improve patient outcomes.

If you are also planning to try your hands at this business idea, then read the blog for further assistance. The blog includes working on RPM and its benefits for doctors and patients.

8. Be a Smart Investor: Top 10 Real Estate Apps to Get Business Inspired

Real estate apps are touted as one of the biggest profit-making businesses.

A report by the National Association of Realtors found that around 97% of homebuyers begin their searches online and 76% use a mobile or tablet device. This makes real estate apps a business worth investing in.

But in the sea of competitors, how do you make your app stand out?

Read this blog to get inspired by the top 10 real estate apps in 2022 that are following the latest tech trends to go beyond their call of duty.

9. How Industries Can Benefit From M-Wallet App Development

Considering the market demand and making the world a cashless market, mobile wallets are becoming a great business opportunity.

If you are looking for the most suitable and apt m-wallet app to integrate into your marketplace, then take an inside peek into the blog.

Here you can find top m-wallet apps and dig in to see how they are benefitting diverse industries.

10. AWS Vs. Azure: Which Cloud Platform Is Best?

It is becoming quite a common brainstorming session for companies to decide which could be the best cloud platform to deploy their upcoming web and mobile app solution – whether the right one would be AWS or Microsoft Azure!

Well, to cut short your research work and save you from this dilemma, our blog AWS Vs. Azure could be of great help. Learn about it in detail and make an informed decision.

The Bottom Line:

Codiant is a pioneering app and web development service provider serving its global clientele across industries.

Throughout the year 2022, we have penned a great variety of well-researched, educational and informational blog posts for our readers with an aim to provide the right and precise details that can help them to resolve or at least mitigate the rising problems.

Moving forward we will only raise our bar and help you stay updated with your specific industry. So, stay tuned!

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