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Recruitment App Development: Cost, Benefits & Key Features

  • Published on : August 12, 2022

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Recruitment Mobile App Development | Cost & Key Features

Flashback-5 years back! Job aspirants went to great lengths to find their dream jobs. The cut-throat job competition quite literally brought them down on the knees to find the suitable opportunity they’ve been vying for. Creating a long-page resume stapled in the traditional file along with their curriculum certificates was an inevitable thing.

Sigh! We’re in 2022. Where the foray of technology in every sector has made inroads to almost every problem. Recruitment app development is the result of one such innovation.

Though getting a job online still might not be a cakewalk today but about 65% of job seekers find recruitment apps as the most reliable and quicker job search tool to hunt for jobs, through their smartphones round the clock.

The struggle for searching for a job does not fall only on the shoulders of job seekers. In fact it’s a twin stress for recruitment professionals as well; looking for a suitable candidate to match their requirements. Almost 68% of the recruiters consider Recruitment Apps as the most efficient tool to find qualified candidates from the pool of talents.

Recruitment job portal app development is transforming the recruitment experience of companies and job seekers completely. This positive construct and ease-to-search are thereby resulting in high demand for job portal apps, such as Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, etc.

Given the scenario, this could be a brilliant niche market to invest in the job search mobile app solutions. In this post, we have tried to envelope the complete package that best describes the how-to, why-to, how much, and how many of the buzzing topic recruitment app development space. Keep reading.

Top Benefits To Develop a Recruitment App

1. Quick & Cost-effective

Candidates can quickly filter the suitable job opportunity and apply for them in a few seconds. They don’t have to burn their pocket to make their physical presence count.

2. Job Alerts

A good recruitment app learns about the candidates’ preferences and regularly updates them about the relevant job openings so that the candidate never misses any great opportunity.

3. Easy Job & Candidate Filtering

The candidate can effectively filter the job options based on their experiences, skills, and other preferences. Similarly, the recruitment professional can also filter the suitable applicant based on their experience, skills, and qualification.

4. Painless Resume Sorting

The recruitment mobile applications offer an easy resume filtering feature to find the desired resume. By checking the right filters, the hiring personnel can easily and quickly sort out the applicant’s lists whose resumes are suitable for the organization’s ongoing requirements.

5. Promotes Organization as a Brand

The recruitment software supports employers to promote their online business presence. It helps them to generate awareness among people about the vacancy and attract highly-qualified candidates to their brands through such job search portals.

6. Perfect for Bulk Hiring at a Time

The hiring professional can recruit a variety of talent at a time to fulfill the organization’s advancing requirements. Such apps help in organizing the shortlisted and hired candidate’s database to access the candidate’s details quite easily and instantly at any point of the time.

7. Increases Productivity Rates

Such recruitment app development enhances the recruiter’s productivity, where the recruiter can create new vacancies, monitor new and existing applicants, and communicate with the right candidate to ensure a swift onboarding process.

8. Enhances Engagement

With recruitment apps, the candidate and the company both parties can receive relevant and on-time reminder notifications. Both the parties can connect through the chat feature to take forward the recruitment process or resolve any query when required.

9. Minimizes Humanized Errors

Humanly it becomes difficult to juggle between loads of tasks which might lead to some error or miscommunication between the candidates. Therefore, performing such a recruitment process through smart recruitment mobile applications can minimize the workload and reduce the chances of errors.

10. Excellent Experience

It helps the candidate to access the platform quite easily and find a suitable organization. Similarly, for organizations, such smart job search apps ensure a hassle-free end-to-end process.

Key Features of a Recruitment App Development

A Recruitment App Development is a combination of three different applications that work collectively to turn out to be a recruitment app or software. Based on that, each app have its own unique features and are distilled down to ease your app development research;

Key Features of Customer App

  1. SignUp/Login: It’s the first screen candidate interacts with. Users can register or log in with their email address, and other relevant details, or can prefer social media credentials.
  1. Edit Profile: Users can add and update their details based on changes in job requirements to get the relevant job feeds.
  1. Search/Filter Jobs: The user can manually search for specific jobs with relevant keywords or can also filter the job opportunities list based on their specifications.
  1. Upload & Mail Resume: The qualifications and learnings of a person upgrade regularly, so they need to update and upload the latest resume. The user can also individually mail the resume on the required job post through the job search app directly.
  1. Alert Notification: User receives alert notifications based on their activities, latest job updates, the response from any recruiter, and so on.
  1. Bookmark Jobs & Employers: Candidates can bookmark the job and the employer/organization they are interested in to apply later on.
  1. Multilingual: To ease the user experience, providing the app in multiple languages helps the customer to easily understand the job post and make the decision.
  1. Payment Gateway Integration: Candidates can make online payments whenever they purchase any package.

Essential Features of Recruiter App

  1. SignUp/Login: The recruiter also first goes through this screen to register or log in to the recruitment software. Use email id and organizations details to get into the app or software.
  1. Manage Profile: Add/Edit/Update details about organizations, such as owner, team size, location, industry, etc.
  1. Job Creation/Posting/Editing: The recruitment manager can post relevant job details when required and the admin can grant the access after details verification.
  1. Accept/Reject Applicant: The recruiter can accept or reject the applicant’s job application at any time during the entire recruitment process.
  1. Resume Filtering: The hiring manager can filter the list of resumes based on its organizations’ requirements and then can go through the resume details manually.
  1. Resume Downloading: The recruiter can download the resume of candidates they like to approach for further processes.
  1. Email Prospects: Recruiter can connect with candidates through email with detailed job descriptions and communication details.
  1. Track Applications: The recruiter can keep track of the received job request and the actions taken over them.
  1. Payment for Plan Subscription: The recruiter can make payments to upgrade the membership plan.

Essential Features of Admin Panel

  1. Dashboard: It provides a quick view of almost everything, such as managing users, candidates, recruiters, and other things instantly.
  1. CMS: The admin can manage recruitment apps or website content with the help of a CMS.
  1. Job Post Management: Admin can keep track of all the job posts done by the recruiters.
  1. Real-Time Analytics: Admin can generate real-time reports of recruiters, candidates, job posts, job search, and many other activities.
  1. User Profile: Admin verifies candidate’s details and updates about relevant new job posts.
  1. Recruiter Profile: Admin verifies the details of recruiters to maintain job post genuinity and eliminates fake job situations.
  1. Schedule Interview: The interview is the most crucial phase of the recruitment process, which finalizes the decision of selection or rejection. So, interview scheduling through the app could be a beneficial feature for the recruitment app.
  1. Ads Management: Admin can monetize the platform by implementing an interface to manage the advertisements easily.
  1. Membership/Subscription Management: Admin can keep track of candidates and recruiter’s active and inactive subscription packages.

Additional Features

  1. Review & Feedback: Any recruitment app user can submit their reviews and feedback based on their experiences.
  1. In-app Call and Messages: The recruiter and candidate can directly connect to each other in case of any query through the job search application.
  1. Resume Creation: The app itself creates the candidate’s resume within no time, based on the provided details on the job search portal.
  1. Cloud Environment: This feature makes data access easier and enhances the user’s experience. Cloud environment makes recruitment mobile applications more robust and scalable.
  1. Document Scanning: The user can add relevant documents to their profile with an in-app document scanning feature to maintain the user’s data accuracy.
  1. Job Questionnaires: The customized questionnaire for an individual company will help them to analyze the candidate’s skills and learnings to choose the most suitable candidate for the job.

Top 10 Market Players of Recruitment Apps

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Indeed
  3. Yello
  4. Glassdoor
  5. JobAware
  6. ZipRecruiter
  7. TalentBin
  8. Workable
  9. Monster
  10. Shapr

Team Structure of Recruitment App Development

Eventually, it all comes down to the best Recruitment App Development Company when measuring success. You require the best resources and talent. Apart from that, expert individuals are also prioritized to develop the recruitment mobile app. Usually, app development requires a team of Developers, Designers, Testers, with Project Managers.

The team size and structure depend on the size, complexity, and deadline of the mobile application. So, while you search, look for a recruitment app development company that follows an agile method of development. This scrum model allows you to work in a rigorous environment where you can come up with the changes at any stage of development.

The team members required for developing the robust job search portal apps are:

Business Analyst- A R&D expert that analyzes the business’s requirements and extracts the client’s ideas to present a well-formatted business plan for the further development phases.

Project Manager- A smart leader to manage the tasks and deduce the most appropriate solutions.

Developers- Front-end and back-end web and app developers.

Designers- Graphic Designer, UI architects and UX designers.

Tester- A quality analyst to ensure the app is free of defects and meets all the quality standards.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop A Recruitment App?

Recruitment app development offers quick, cost-effective, and efficient solutions for both job seekers and recruiters. With benefits like easy job filtering, brand promotion, and bulk hiring capabilities, such apps enhance productivity and minimize errors. Key features include job alerts, resume sorting, and robust admin controls. The cost varies based on complexity, features, and development teams, starting from $35,000 to $100,000 or more.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Job Search Portal?

A Recruitment Mobile App Development Cost relies on multiple variables, which could be a daunting task. As it is quite difficult to figure out all the factors and apps features in the initial development phase. The complexity of the application requires more development time and the time duration also influences the overall job hiring portal app development cost.

The variety of influential factors that contributes to the app development cost is the applications size, complexity, features, functionalities, third-party tools, development team, team size, experience, tech-stacks, app platforms, team location, etc.

The charges also vary on the hourly-based charges and the project-based charges. The hourly charges vary from zone-to-zone and country-to-country as well. Like for instance, the hourly development charges of US-based Developers can cost from $100 to $250; European Developers charge $80 to $200, and the Asia-based Developers charges around $25 to $100.

Considering all these factors, we will analyze the generalized average cost of recruitment app development. The average cost of a Job Search & Recruitment Mobile App Development ranges from around $12,000 to $100,000 and more.


The demand for recruitment apps is increasing due to rising dependence on technology and the pressing need of job aspirants and companies to streamline and fasten the entire recruitment process. This never-ending cult has attracted a huge volume of job seekers and providers to rely on job search applications.

Thus, to build a unique and attractive recruitment app that outshines the competitive market, you need to hire an expert recruitment app development company. Considering the market trends, we have described the details of a Recruitment Mobile Application to guide you properly.

If you’re chasing one such app development company, Codiant can be your apt choice! We use best development practices to provide our clients with market-leading software. We build highly versatile and secured online job software & mobile app portal on modern frameworks and design patterns.

Simplify Your Hiring Process and Streamline Job Posting with Codiant’s Recruitment App Development Services!

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