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Be a Smart Investor: Top 10 Real Estate Apps To Get Business Inspired

  • Published on : August 22, 2020

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Be a Smart Investor: Top 10 Real Estate Apps To Get Business Inspired

Real estate apps are touted as one of the biggest profit-making businesses. All credits goes to the level of convenience they create with their on-the-go property searches.

Today, 97% of homebuyers begin their searches online and 76% use a mobile or tablet device, as per a report by the National Association of Realtors.

This swelling number of thumbprints on real estate apps have made this business worth investing on. If you’re looking to invest in real estate app development and trying to make your service stand out among those thousands other realtors, here is a place you can get feature-inspired.

We have analyzed the top 10 real estate apps based on their usability, features and functionalities, and search efficiency. These apps are truly something you can bank on to create an outstanding business model.

The Top 10 Real Estate Apps of 2022

  1. Fundrise
  2. HappyNest
  3. DiversyFund
  4. PropertyFixer
  5. Roofstock
  6. DealCheck
  7. Peerstreet
  9. Arrived Homes
  10. Redfin

1. Fundrise

Fundrise is a crowdsourcing app available for real estate investors to provide them access to premium commercial and private investment opportunities. The easy and low-cost access to the app makes it stand out in the market.

The app has some exceptional functionalities like:

  • Smart Diversification

The app allows investors to invest outside the public markets which ensure minimum risk and better stability.

  • High Convenience

The investor can easily track their performance and check properties that are improved, acquired, and operated using the dynamic feature update.

  • Flexible Low-Cost Investment

The initial investment is low as compared to other private companies that allow the investor to enjoy the flexibility to make a better investment at the right time with the right amount.

2. HappyNest

HappyNest is an easy-to-use platform that allows investors to invest in commercial property with a minimum amount of just $10. The property portfolio of this company is leased to companies like FedEx and CVS which falls under Fortune 100 brand name companies.

Let’s look into its unique features:

  • Auto-Investment

It only requires an initial investment of $10 and after that the app allows individuals to set a weekly or monthly investment limit which will automatically work once you are all set. This feature will help you reap a good investment in the real estate industry.

  • Dividends

The individuals get quarterly dividends and this app aims to take out 6% of annual income. There is also a possibility that NAV may rise or may not rise but the sales pitch of the individual investment will remain similar.

  • Allows Only Mobile App Access

It does not allow any desktop view for the investors. Individuals can only access it through App Store or Play Store. But, many times people are not convinced to have investments using their mobile phones.

3. DiversyFund

DiversyFund is a real estate investment platform that works on the REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) where they invest money to purchase multifamily buildings/property of around 100 or more units to get the return in the form of income. The investors get around 90% taxable income of the total investment in the form of dividends.

The process of DiversyFund is being followed in five major stages:

  • Raise a certain amount of capital
  • Acquire suitable property
  • Renovate the property
  • Increase its value
  • Turn it into a profit

Some of its effective features include:

  • Investing Goals

To decide the investment goals, an individual needs to answer certain questions like whether they are looking to invest in real estate, if they are looking for portfolio diversification, and whether they are saving for retirement or are not sure about the goal yet.

  • Learning Centre

Both beginners and seasoned investors can easily gain huge knowledge via blogs available on the microsite.

  • Transparency

The investors get access to the annual audit reports and all the fund filings under SEC- Security and Exchange Commission whenever they want.

4. Property Fixer

Property Fixer is a smart tool to invest in real estate property and is specially designed for investors who quickly make their decisions or flip their properties. The tool allows investors to conduct flip analysis on the property they are looking to invest in and also provide information on the profits and ROI on the same.

The tool is usually used by the individuals who are either looking for:

  • The flip analysis before they actually buy a property
  • Agents and lenders to gain property flip analysis for their clients

Some of its exceptional features include:

  • It offers professional financial projection
  • It gives an analysis of the multi-unit and commercial properties
  • It generates a property portfolio where you can easily combine and compare properties to gain performance insights
  • Individuals can decide on payment schedules using a built-in mortgage calculator
  • Conduct analysis on a both commercial and multi-unit property

5. Roofstock

A real estate marketplace platform that is specially designed with the purpose of investing in single-family property. This includes acquiring a property that is already occupied by the tenants or other individuals. Majorly the reason behind the popularity of the app includes it provides access to property management that makes the real-estate investment hassle-free. Individuals who are not interested in investing their money in any kind of real-estate trust usually prefer this app.

Some of the unique features of the Roofstock involve:

  • Professional analysis

Roofstock simplifies the process of property analysis by offering property pictures, videos, neighbourhood ratings, lease details, floor plans, etc.

  • Alerts

You can easily set your desired criteria to get alerts for the same and fix your deal in the first hit.

  • Search Filters

RoofStock offers many filters that perfectly fit your criteria. An individual can set that criteria and can search for the most suitable option.

6. DealCheck

DealCheck is a real estate app platform that allows investors to estimate the profits on rental properties, flips, and other residential multifamily deals. It allows investors to check rental comps, property financial projections, analysis of recent sales, and calculation of maximum allowable offers.

Why an individual must use DealCheck?

  • It helps in analyzing the best real estate deals and gaining related data automatically synced on the devices.
  • The app simply demonstrates multiple categories for the investor to choose from i.e. Manufactured, Condo, House, Land, Multi-family, and more!
  • The investor can make customization in their own property criteria.
  • Detailed reports can be exported in PDF formats.
  • Investors get access to multiple key real-estate formulas and terms in the form of an attractive glossary.

7. Peerstreet

PeerStreet is a marketplace that provides unparalleled access to high quality real estate loan investments. Any individual can easily invest in real estate simply without any expenses or hassle of managing it.

The unique feature of Peerstreet is that individuals can also invest in the real estate debt i.e. the loan amount that is given to the borrower can be the investor’s money.

The investor gets a return on their investment as the borrower pays their monthly loan interest. It supports a minimum loan amount of $1000 with a diverse portfolio offering.

Some of the excellent benefits that Peerstreet provides to investors are:

  • It maintains loan portfolio and fees structure transparency
  • It keeps the solid records
  • It promotes automated investing
  • It has a limited risk because it focuses only on debt instead of both equity and debt

8. is designed with the aim to provide access to the real estate market of homes where investors can easily find their dream homes. The homeowners also get the opportunity to provide their homes on a rental basis to gain more income. To make the process simpler and clear, the company offers pre-approval on mortgages and easy access to professional realtors.

The three unique features of the app make it stand out in the market:

  • Home Search Filter

The exceptional tools and filters of allow individuals to find a home with their convenience and specific filters. The process of searching home is fast, simple, and fun-loving. The user can easily set personalized filters and step into the immersive home experience with our 3D model.

  • Easy Mortgage

The mortgage loan calculator allows users to fetch the best loan amount as per their pre-defined budget. It also showcases the actual installment or loan amount that an individual will pay.

  • Profitable Rentals

The individual can easily find the rental apartments, townhomes, condos, etc. in their neighborhood at the best possible price.

9. Arrived Homes

Arrived Homes is a real-estate investment platform that allows individuals to invest a minimum amount of $100 and begin their investment journey to gain passive income from rental properties. The reason behind the popularity of this app is a simple process wherein they provide pre-vetted and low-cost investments.

Some of its unique features include:

  • Anyone can start with a minimum investment of $100
  • The legwork of rental homes is managed by the property managers
  • Zero personal liability for investors
  • Both accredited and non-accredited investors can invest

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, it also offers transparency, early share redemption, an anticipated investment term of 5-7 years, and many other features to provide a high level of satisfaction to them.

10. Redfin

Redfin is a platform where various investors can find a suitable option to invest in the real-estate property of their choice and budget. The brokerage/application registration charges are way less than that on the Redfin app. The app is unique in the market because it offers combined services i.e. Multiple Listing Services and the Home for Sale.

Have a look at its exceptional features:

  • Multiple Home details
  • Tour insights
  • Notes and Camera
  • Open Houses
  • Instant Updates
  • Ask an agent
  • Home Search

Summing Up!

The real estate apps are effective digital platforms that are helping people in finding the best property solutions. The apps allow easy access to property buying, planning, selling, or streamlining the funding process. Today the market is flooded with many different types of real estate apps from where you can get business inspired and create a future-proof business model.

Investments in real estate apps allows people to gain high returns with minimum investments. Thus, with the evolution of these apps, more investors are coming up and leveraging multiple benefits of digitalization.

So why not make a smart move and invest in the real estate app development? Codiant can support you with deep knowledge and insight into the real estate industry. We have created more than 100+ real estate apps and successfully aligned business strategy in the app to make a startling move against its competitors.

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