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The Game Changing On-demand Food Delivery Apps

  • Published on : October 10, 2017

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The business of delivering restaurant meals to the home is undergoing a rapid change as new online platforms race to capture markets and customers across the America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.


The ever-increasing population, crowded metro cities and longer travel times have become the drivers for the convenient, ready-to eat and cheaper options of having food and groceries delivered at the doorstep.

The dramatic growth in the online food delivery app is a direct outcome of two sources of consumer demand. This first is counted as a substitution for dining in a restaurant. The same delectable food the consumers were enjoying in a laidback restro can now be served at comfy home with these new delivery options. The second source of demand is as a substitution for special meals prepared with extra ingredients to bring the same taste a food fanatic person always craves for when in a fine-dine restaurant.

Now the customer does not have to drive to nearby restaurants or call a customer service executive to place an order. Just a few taps in the app and the food delivers on the doorstep.

Compelling Reasons To Consider Online Food Ordering App For Your Restaurant

1. Ease And Convenience

Suddenly the life has become easier with the smartphones. The best part is the apps that come as a solution for every problem that we face in day to day life. When people get stuck in traffic, come late from office, faces the absence of maid or plans to throw an unplanned party – online food ordering apps comes as their rescue. With a few taps, they can search the nearby restaurants, select the menu, order the food and pay online. And the food will be delivered to their doorsteps.

2. Zero Hassles And No Misunderstandings

Ordering using the conventional ways like phone can often result in misunderstandings may be due to external disturbances (noise, accent, chaos etc.) at either end. A single mistake while taking the order can create a whole mess in delivering the right order, billing etc.

With Online food delivery all these chaos can be resolved since all preferences are specified directly by the customer, which leads to a hassle-free delivery leaving no room for confusions and misunderstandings.

Grocery Shopping Asistant

3. Online Food Ordering Is Opened 24/7

A restaurant might not be opened 24/7 but online there is no reason why you shouldn’t be available for every customer, thus make and stack money even while you sleep. Give your clients a cushioned flexibility to place the orders whenever convenient for them, even outside your business hours. Simply, they will schedule a preferred pickup or delivery time within your working time. When you open, you already have a to-do list to review and put action ON.

4. An Online Menu Is Simpler To Manage

The real tussle starts when you’ve already got a heap of printed menu and over a course of time, you need to trim down the dishes you no more provide or even when you have to surge the pricing in case of FMCG price soars, strikes or any other unprecedented reasons.

The Online Menu brings a long sigh of relief as it is very much cheaper, easier, good looking and flexible enough for any changes as often you need hence leaving no room for printed dependencies. It allows you to easily test different placements of your dishes in the menu, setup daily offerings or handle items with limited availability.

5. Real Time Location Tracking

This feature allows users to track the order delivery process right from placing an order to finding status of order. So, it is an imperative feature that needs to be ensured if your app provides the option to track the whole status such as when the order is placed, went to kitchen, got prepared, dispatched, and the estimated delivery time left. These keeps the users engaged and gain the trust and credibility.

6. Social Media Friendly

Restaurants can open new avenues for revenue generation by adding the functionality of social media sharing. Social media provides the opportunity to interact easily and makes sharing effortless. This way the food delivery startups can increase the popularity and online recognition.

How To Build On-Demand Food Delivery App Without A Code

Custom on-demand food delivery app development is an expensive practice for any organization. It also demands an ample amount of time along with an expert food delivery app development company with experienced developers.

Well, don’t stress yourself too much, when there is an easier and quicker way to develop an on-demand food delivery app. You can build the app in a few steps without writing code or hiring mobile app developers. Let’s check out how you can develop an online food delivery app without minimum coding.

a) Use App Delivery Builder

The app delivery builder is the quick and instant fixer, where you don’t have to spend years learning designing and coding to develop the app. You don’t even have to hire skilled professionals to deploy your on-demand food delivery app.

The app delivery builders are the tool that supports the development of an app at an affordable expense and with no or minimal coding. It is a very convenient way that suits a small-budget company. However, keep that in mind, it won’t be easy to scale your online food delivery app.

b) Find A Freelancer

Not everyone can build the app with these automated tools; for that also you require an expert developer who is aware of such types of tools and can write codes as well. To add customization to your app, you require a developer with coding skills.

The downside of this method is that demands a bit of management to track progress and time to find such an expert. However, it could be a convenient and excellent option to keep your budget low and have a highly customized on-demand food delivery app under $10K.


b) Hire An Outsourcing Company With Expertise

Outsourcing companies could be the most convenient and reliable option for building a food delivery app in minimum time. You get access to the entire team which not only includes developers but also the designers, project managers, testers, and others.

The outsourcing company’s expert team takes the responsibility of maintaining the quality of your online food delivery app and keeps a tab on the budget as well. With an entire team, you can even easily scale your food delivery app while maintaining a strict timeline and budget as well.

What is the Future of Online Food Delivery Apps in the Mobile World?

With the advancement in technologies and evolving customer demands the future scope of the on-demand food delivery app development process is followed by the food delivery trends. In upcoming years, the food delivery trends and adaptation of technology are going to evolve to scale up the app and business as well.

a) New Food Ordering Platforms & Channels

The future of online food ordering platforms is going to evolve and change the face from the website and mobile app ordering. The users could be able to explore other new platforms to place their orders by having proper internet connectivity.

The new channels or modes will look like, social media, smart devices i.e. wearables, T.V. and cars, Virtual Assistants, etc.

b) New Delivery Options

With the change in the food ordering system, it is quite evident that the food delivery system will also be going to witness some new trends shortly. Therefore, before developing an app, being an entrepreneur, you have to ensure that the app is easily scalable and doesn’t influence the user experience in any condition.

The futuristic food delivery options could be carried out through robots, drones, and parachutes.

c) AR/VR

AR/VR is a very interactive and engaging technology that can enhance the user experience by multiple folds. However, both technologies can be used effectively on the marketing front.

The on-demand food delivery apps can use this technology to market their product and services in an organized manner. Additionally, can engage users with the app screen during the order delivery and track the real-time progress.

d) Big Data

Big Data technology can be used accurately to revolutionize food delivery services and gradually make it more efficient. The companies can collect a lot of details that are required from varied aspects ranging from food ordering to the delivery process.

With all the details, being a food delivery company, you can accurately estimate the food preparation and delivery time, take instant actions over customers’ complaints, monitor customers’ experience and emotions, personalize or suggest food by analyzing customers’ preferences, and many more.

Crypto Food Ordering

The food delivery and ordering market are growing at a rapid pace, thus to facilitate customers you can adopt another swiftly growing technology – Crypto Food Ordering Services. This serves global customers to pay for takeaway orders or online food delivery via cryptocurrencies.

This is not it, before you find yourself behind the competition, grab the opportunity and get into it. Because currently, various companies are accepting cryptocurrencies for takeaway and online food ordering services.

A Short Story on How Codiant Made an On-Demand Food Delivery App- Restros

Restros is a market-ready online food delivery app solution that allows users to quickly place their order for restaurant food and other gourmet delicacies that they like to get delivered on their doorsteps.

The app is available for both Android and iOS users. Restros provides easy ordering and delivery services on both native app platforms i.e. Android and iOS.

To develop the Restros app, we performed intensive market research, which ultimately helped us to continuously be on the right track and have an accurate understanding of their requirements.

After that, we designed the app, developed, tested and deployed the app on the right platform by integrating all the required features into the app. It includes order management, order tracking, secure payment, repeat order, etc.

Restros is a scalable food delivery app solution that can be customized as per the clients’ business requirement. It is multi-lingual app that comprises of all significant features that makes the food ordering experience for customers easy, convenient and enjoyable.


The on-demand food delivery apps business has a strong growth curve, making it the most suitable time to start your journey and build the business in this highly evolving and futuristic mobile world.

If you are looking for the reasons and the future growth of food delivery services, then without a second thought you can go for it and build a top-class business.

To make all this possible, you require the right app development partner, who can build scalable and new tech-supported mobile apps. In regard to this, Codiant can be your right partner to guide you through the process.

What you imagine, we build to take your distinctive business idea to live, reach out to our app experts without any delay.

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