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UX Case Study Of An On-Demand Delivery App – Groceeri

Published May 23, 2020

UX Case Study Of An On-Demand Delivery App - Groceeri

The Challenge

Online shoppers are troubled and get a discouraging experience when it comes to shopping daily essentials. Need to install multiple apps, divide the monthly shopping list into 3-4 parts and order them separately on different apps.

Many a time, if we get the app the improper segregation makes it harder to find the items they are looking for. Can something be done to overcome these pain points? Can we imagine an app that will allow ordering all the items from one single platform in a single order?

Research Goals

To develop the understanding of the problems we began with building a list of the questionnaire to reach the following goals.

  • Understand the competitive landscape of on-demand grocery delivery services
  • Unleash the push and motivation for using an on-demand app
  • Learn what users want to see in a delivery app
  • Discover the common pain points or challenges they face while using the app

Questions Asked During Interview

We have selected four potential household and working users who frequently use on-demand apps for their daily shopping needs. And asked those couple of questions that helped us uncover their frustrations, pain points, needs, and conflicts.

  1. Do you prefer online shopping for your daily needs?
  2. What are the things you have ordered online before?
  3. What are the things you order most often online?
  4. Do you face any trouble while ordering online?
  5. Do you have a shopping list that you buy every month?
  6. What are the items you look to buy online?

Affinity Mapping

After asking the sets of questions to different users we have gathered a good understanding of users’ preferences, dislikes, and expectations. Then we grouped the data from our interviewees and used it for sorting UX Findings and brainstorming design ideas.


User Personas

From the affinity map, we were able to create two personas:

  • Angelina is a homemaker and a food blogger, she cooks for family and posts recipes and food pictures from different restaurants for her Instafam. She has a grocery list that she usually buys once in a month either from nearby supermarkets or orders online. The latter she finds convenient but has her own hassles with the app.
  • Dustin is a working man- a 10 to 6 office goer. He has a pet Lucy. He lives with his roommates. Mostly he orders food online on weekdays and likes to cook at home on the weekends. He usually shops for pet food and alcohol while he returns back home from the office, although he finds it extremely exhausting.


App Map, User Flow Diagram

To visualize how users might interact and move through the app features we have designed the complete workflow of the feature. This helped us designed the low fidelity prototype and placements of each functionality.


Low Fidelity Prototype

After drawing the task flow diagram, we started creating wireframes where we tried to keep the navigations, icons, touchpoints as detailed as possible.

Low Fidelity Prototype

High Fidelity Design and Prototype

We created high fidelity designs and prototypes with our chosen color palette, styles, color, UI elements and typefaces. The prototype was ready for usability testing.

High Fidelity Design and Prototype

Usability Testing

We conducted remote usability testing using Groceeri’s high fidelity mobile prototype. We have noted the issues faced by the users and later on fixed them. Finally, we landed on an on-demand delivery app platform- Groceeri.

We handed off this finalized UX design to our team of mobile app developers. We as UX designers have been supporting them through this process.

food-cta UX case study


Eventually, we have an all-in-one on-demand delivery platform ready which covers the solutions to all the users’ problems, pain points and expectations.

  • A one-stop app for:
  • Quick and easy ordering
  • User can order from multiple nearby supermarkets
  • Doorstep delivery saves time
  • Track delivery boy, call, and message
  • Make online payments via cards, UPI, net banking, and COD
  • Avail discounts, apply promo codes, offers, etc.
  • Leave reviews, ratings, and feedback

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