How much does fitness app development cost in 2022?

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Cost to develop a fitness app

Exercise anywhere with an app that knows plenty about you, and take up way with more energy than coming up with an excuse why can’t you make it today.

Workouts with fitness apps have become a whole lot easier; it imbues punctuality, and infuses an obligation. Like, maybe this is the reason fitness and healthcare apps turns out to be a mobile gym and insists personal trainers, gym owners, and fitness athletes to build an app that that proves its profitability every single day.

Instead of investing capital in buildings, tools and machinery, money is pouring where the software are. And the holy truth in this relentless digital world stands stiff- ‘’ the key to capture customer’s mobile wallet is only an engaging mobile app that stands out from your competition”.

As simple, if you’re planning to make a fitness app that makes a heady growth, you need a strong conceptual foundation, a thorough research, a clear vision and an excellent app development company. Believe it or not, stitching these variables will increase the velocity of your growth and trimming any of these variables will risk the ROI of your end product.

Here we mention the most crucial steps that will define the stages of fitness app development with the cost involved.

About Fitness App Development

Do Your Research On The App Concept

Do you know there are many different types of fitness apps which have its own set of features, degree of impulsion, and the framework! Let’s have a brief about them:

Activity Tracking Apps

Activity tracking apps give users a complete report about day-to-day physical activity like stairs climbed, hours slept, no. of steps, distance and speed run and calories burned. The app includes features like:

Planning the personalized exercise routines, setting goals, comparing progress and saving the statistics.

Geolocation Integration to track the walking routes, calories burnt, duration of exercise, heartbeat rate, tracking the fitness progression etc.

Altimeter, Sleep tracker and Food tracker.

Diet And Nutrition Apps

Diet and nutrition apps help users to monitor food habits, calories burned/ taken, control water balance, body weight and so on. It also allows users to set personal goals, maintain a diet chart, and create lists to do.

Workout Or Exercise Apps

Want to get fit but don’t know where to begin? Workout apps provide you with sets of exercises and a range of workout routines based on your own fitness level and targets specific areas of the body. It helps you in trimming down weight in the body parts where you need more focus.

Personal Trainers App

Personal trainers’ app exactly correlates with your trainers and the way they train you. You will see a perfect mélange of pre-arranged exercise routines that come in different formats such as video, illustrations, text or 3D models.

Decide The Right Platform For Your App

Before you approach IT Solutions Company just do your homework, by choosing a right platform on which you want to get the app build: iOS, Android, or Cross platform devices all have their own operating systems. Choosing the right platform for your app doubles the ratio of revenue generation and user engagement.

Select Your App Development Company

After rounding out the right platform hire an app development team or choose an exclusive app development company which has a sound portfolio in developing similar kind of apps you require. This approach will help you gauge the real potential of the company.

4. Start Sketching Out Key Functional Flows

As a next step, start listing down the number of features and key functional flows your app should possess. This will help the designers to make detailed wireframes and then the visual design. Remember, this is a very vital and time consuming stage as it may require frequent revisions. And a good exercise in this phase will help you simplify and smoothen the end result. Of course, it’s better to cut the frills early than paying hefty amounts for changes later.

5. Get Build a Working Prototype

Get build a working prototype of your app for the usability testing. This way you’ll get the real-time feedback and a window for further improvisations.

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6. Kickstart The Development

After the design and a running prototype are ready, your strategy works get completed. It is now the time to build an app. At the development stage, you’ll be updated on every move. Since mistakes or changes at this stage of the app creation process can be costly as well as tedious for developers too. So, it’s important for you to be in regular touch with the project manager and the developer team. After the app completion, user testing is done.

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Top Features You Must Include in a Fitness App

User App

  • User Registration via email id or social media channels like Facebook, Twitter.
  • A Personal Profile includes height, weight, age, gender, allergies and so on.
  • Wearable Devices Integration to connect the app with example fitbit to track their activities.
  • Workout Tracker that gauges distance traveled by walking, running, cycling and so on.
  • A Meal Planner that will help user to prepare a meal plan in accordance with the body requirements.
  • Geolocation integration to monitor the directions and routes while walking and cycling.
  • Live Video Tutorials to guide the workout process and correct postures.
  • Payment Gateway Integration to make payments through cards, wallets or online banking.
  • Ecommerce option to purchase fitness related products.
  • Push notifications that alerts about daily, weekly and monthly goals.

Admin Panel

  • A dashboard to keep track of all live sessions, chats, managing the order placed and so on.
  • Accounts section to view past deliveries, customer reviews and account balance.
  • Payments section to make payments to Gym owners, trainers etc.
  • Marketing and Promotional Tools to add coupons loyalty programs, cashbacks and referral programs.

Choose A Cloud Services Provider

Before the app release, you need a cloud services provider who will not only host it, but also power and maintain the back end systems. You can choose the provider who can scale as quickly as needed. Few well-known cloud service providers are Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud platform, Rackspace, Verizon Cloud and hundred others.

App Maintenance

Generally, App maintenance is provided by the same company you’ve hired for app development. Just ensure the team is available for bug fixes, updates and so on.

The True Cost Of Building A Fitness Mobile App

While a fitness app’s cost depends upon the number of features and complexities involved but considering the above factors, a fitness app development company breakdown the cost of a fitness app based on the following components:

  • UI/UX Design
  • iOS and Android native app development
  • Backend development
  • Web development
  • MVP testing
  • Quality assurance (Polishing and bug fixing)

Adding all the components above, an average health & fitness app costs around 20k-30k USD for iOS and Android platform

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