Everything You Should Know About Fitness App Development

Published July 14, 2017

Everything You Should Know About Fitness App Development

About Fitness App Development

Once, they said there will be an app that will understand human movement! There will be an app that will monitor our heartbeats, track our nutritional habits and activities as well.

Now we have- amongst us “the fitness and healthcare apps” – with an accuracy rate at 95%.

And not to forget, the speed at which we are adopting this new borne digital baby.

Check the new health research :

  • 42% of U.S. smartphone/tablet owners use at least one fitness app, and 18% of such users use a health/wellness coaching service.
  • Survey : 58 percent of smartphone users have downloaded a fitness or health app.
  • Nielsen : 46 million people used fitness apps in January 2014 and its going to increase up to $26 billion by 2018.

And Still Counting…

People who are thinking to catch the wave of health and fitness apps and secure the next million users in months here we present to you the harvesting knowledge of “Health and Fitness App Development” and the keys to unlock everything about it.


Different Flavours of Fitness Apps:

  • Activity Tracking Apps
  • Diet And Nutrition Apps
  • Workout Or Exercise Apps
  • Personal Trainers App

Activity Tracking Apps

These apps are like your mother or a spy for betterment. It tracks every bit of your physical activity, you do in an entire day.

Activity tracking apps give users a complete report about stairs climbed, hours slept, steps taken, distance and speed run and calories burned.


A good activity tracking app includes the said features:

  • A Personalized Feature : With this you can customize the application as per your need. You can plan personalized exercise routines, set the goals, compare the progress and save the statistics.
  • Geolocation Integration : This feature allows the user to track the walking routes, calories burnt, duration of exercise, heartbeat rate, track the fitness progression over larger periods of time.
  • Sleep Tracker : A must add feature as per the lifestyle we are living today. This tracker keep the records of the moments we were active and counts it at the time we didn’t get a sound sleep.
  • Altimeter : Made for measuring the stairs climbed and change in height. It also works equally when we do jogging or running, as it tracks the efforts we took to lift the leg.
  • Food Tracker : This feature allows you to log your food intake. Which, in turn, will help in real time tracking of food calories and feeds the exact requirement of our body.

Diet and Nutrition Apps

As the name sounds, diet and nutrition apps help users monitor:

  • Food habits
  • Calories burned/ taken
  • Control Water balance
  • Body Weight and so on..

Diet and Nutrition Apps

It also allows users to set personal goals, maintain a diet chart, create lists to do.

It also includes some interesting features such as:

  • Barcode Scanner : Indeed a useful feature will allow you to log food purchases.
  • Shopping list : Quickly add items to your list by building a database with a dictionary in your app.
  • Push Notifications : Notifications that get you motivated, compel you to take action, poke you if you miss your goal and asks you to burn some calories.

Workout Or Exercise Apps

Workout applications provide you with sets of exercises with a clear demonstration of how to perform them.

It helps you in shedding weight as per your choice. For example, depending on your need to work out on your ABS, legs, arms or full body workout.

And then gets you ready with a full planned workout.


Personal Trainers

Personal trainers app exactly correlates with your trainers and the way they train you. You will see a perfect mélange of pre-arranged exercise routines that come in different formats such as video, illustrations, text or 3D models.

On the same grounds, you can choose a workout as per your preferences, set up the level of difficulty that moves up as the days increases and start training muscles in your comfort zone regardless of gym or home.


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