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Improve patient care, automate workflows, and enhance financial performance with our hospital management software development services.

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Our Hospital Management Software Service Offerings

To provide end-to-end, integrated, and decentralized Hospital management, we offer an excellent set of services for mobile and web development.

Doctor Portal

We build Doctor Web Application that helps them improve patient experience, and quality of care, and optimize workflows with customized features.

Patient Portal

We create a custom patient web portal with a futuristic design that improves customer experience, increases patient satisfaction, and promotes transparency.

Radiology Management

Our integrated radiology management platform provides full flexibility in daily workflow and manages and analyze lab operations with better insights and expertise.

Pathology Management

Our secured pathology lab management system is designed for coordinating and managing all the vital activities involved in the pathology center.

Account Management

We build an account management tool that optimizes and streamlines collaboration like in-out-patient, birth records, billing, payroll, etc.

Reception Portal

We build an all-inclusive receptionist portal that can help you simplify the front desk operations mostly burdened with managing visitors.

Pharmacy Management

Our smart automated pharmacy development solution is designed to ensure easy accessibility for pharmacists to conduct day-to-day pharmacy operations.

Laboratory Management

We build laboratory software that helps in coordinating and digitizing hospital lab workflows and strengthening testing quality control.

Operational Data Analytics

Our analytics and reporting engine gather data on various aspects of hospitals to quickly extract valuable insights from large data sets.

Benefits of Hospital Management System

Streamline your hospital management operations with our core benefits that help to deliver innovative and highly customized hospital management solutions.

Increased Speed & Results

Treat patients in real-time and access their automated reports, past clinical data, and more in a really quick and better manner.


Reduced Errors

Automated systems support you in eradicating human errors like cost leakage, missed appointments, operational failure, and more.


Improved Patient Care

Better access to patient data and work efficiency is derived through process automation which automatically enhances patient care quality.


Why Should You Partner with Us?

Our developers are well-versed in tech-advanced custom Hospital Management Software development and help you take a competitive edge and achieve desired goals.

We enable diversified multi-specialty hospitals to build mission-critical applications loaded with enhanced features and solutions.

We will give you a trip to our comprehensive hospital management solution in real-time designed for customization for all sized hospitals.

Codiant allows organizations to develop a totally new and custom hospital and clinic management system all under your own unique brand.

Our solutions comply with relevant security, privacy, and requirements to match all healthcare regulations and compliance.

All information shared and stored with us is fully encrypted and confidential. Your data is always safe with us.

Hire our dedicated team to leverage our technology expertise in HMS, RPM, telemedicine apps, and mHealth applications.

Our healthcare integration services have helped meet the unique requirements and goals of various hospitals geographically.

Integrate biggest technologies for app's success

Embrace advanced tech-suite to offer highly secured, customized, and innovative software that engages patients and provides better outcomes.


Leverage enhanced user experience and smooth customer journey by integrating AR/VR that lifts user engagement and interaction.


Hospital management systems can utilize IoT to operate smart hospital features to promote high-end security data management and process control.


Deliver high-end personalization to patients. Using AI chatbots, offer 24*7 assistance, emergency medical aids and virtual doctor meet-ups, and more.


Secure patient data seamlessly on a platform and create multiple strategic plans to enhance patient service offerings and patient care.

Our Work & The Impact Stories

See our product development journey helping our clients open new opportunities and drive growth. Our solutions are conditioned with your customers’ voices.


Synergy Health 360

Synergy Health 360 is an application that enables patients to access health and medical care conveniently without going anywhere. Users can consult with care providers, specialists, and coordinators effectively at home.
  • Patients can easily book/schedule appointments with healthcare providers and chat or call them in the app itself.
  • Healthcare providers can keep track of their patient’s medical history and checkup reports, and also manage payment status.



Emoski is the ultimate application to take care of mental health by tracking overall wellness. Users can gain assistance from experts, doctors, and suggestions for improvement at any time.

  • Users/patients get much-needed assistance instantly without visiting anywhere.
  • Several positive activities, therapy sessions, and psychological expertise are accessible.


Click Drs.

Creation of a SaaS for Booking and Managing Online Medical Appointments. Providing 24/7 online access to video and audio consultations of general practitioners and clinicians.

  • Development of the SaaS for providing and receiving telecare services
  • Providing 24/7 online access to video and audio consultations of general practitioners and clinicians


Virtual MD

A HIPAA compliant Telemedicine App for USA where patient and doctors can register to give and avail telemedicine services through the platform. It helps care providers, improve patient satisfaction, and increase practice revenue.

  • Patients can book doctors on-demand, select mode of communication, and payment mode.
  • Doctors can set their own on-demand availability on phone, video, or home visit with active/inactive toggles.

Major Types of Hospital Management Systems

Innovate your hospital operations with our different types of hospital management software that fulfills the requirements of doctors, healthcare practitioners, and organizations.


We create a patient relations management system to enhance patient interaction, drive patient loyalty, and aid doctors in improving their patient journey.

We help the hospital in equally delegating tasks to the hospital staff and smartly assisting them to perform desired responsibilities error-free and fast.

Our profile-based system ensures hospitals collect & store individual information that streamlines work management and care coordination.

Take evidenced-based decisions by classifying essential data across laboratories, hospitals, and spanning patients and pharmacies.

Streamline your payment collection workflow that manages the patient revenue cycle by integrating e-payment, claim management, etc.

Looking to Build A Well-Coordinated System Software?

Easily cope-up with the longstanding healthcare industry inefficiency and remove healthcare bottlenecks and delays in the care process with our experts.

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Development Process That We Follow

We follow a specific process to create user-centric, innovative, and value-driven hospital management software solutions to gain the expected results.

  • Requirement Gathering

    We deliberately prepare detailed scope documentation along with wireframes to explain technical feasibility & other tech requirements to create custom solutions.

  • Sprint Planning & Execution

    We smartly create an activity flow with pre-defined timelines to proceed with the project design & development and conduct quality assurance effortlessly.

  • Deployment & Maintenance

    Our focus is on deploying bug-free solutions by continuously taking customer feedback to ensure support & maintenance services after release.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hospital management software offers numerous benefits including reduced paperwork, error trimming, enhanced data security, and streamlined operations automation. It provides integrated, scalable, and configurable solutions, ensuring flexibility and resilience while maintaining security and performance standards.

Yes, we provide custom comprehensive hospital management software solutions for each and every stakeholder in the hospital like Doctors, Pharmacists, radiologists, Pathologists, accountants, Receptionists, and more. Our hospital management solutions are completely customizable and the features can be developed as per your hospital needs.

We have an experienced team of healthcare app developers available for hire at hourly rates and monthly rates. They have extensive experience in developing compliant-based healthcare and fitness apps, telemedicine apps, and hospital management software. Contact us for more information.

Yes, of course, our business development team can help you take a real-time trip with our readymade hospital management software. Anyway, you can customize it as per your specific hospital needs and requirements.