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An On-Demand E-Commerce Grocery Buying and Delivery Application

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About Vinedress

Vinedress is an on-demand e-commerce grocery delivery application, where users can place the grocery order from the nearest or preferred grocery store. The delivery person picks up the order from the respective store and delivers it to the customer’s doorstep.

The customers can make payment by following any of the available payment modes. It is a well-managed application that can serve as a platform to take local and small grocery retailers’ businesses online, automate their business and widen the business presence and reach.

  • Client’s Location


  • Development Time

    12-16 weeks

  • Target Users

    Grocery stores, Gourmet stores, Supermarkets

Technologies Leveraged

We leveraged the strength of robust and secure technologies, tools, and frameworks used in the app/web to escalate the creation of new features and functionalities.

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The Need

The E-Commerce industry has spread its wings to a great extent, due to which the business of small and local retailers operating traditionally is getting chipped away. The fierce competition with larger online retailers and their increasing dominance is also restraining offline retailers to business effectively.

To address this issue and streamline the business of local and small-scale retailers, team Vinedress planned to build an e-commerce platform for grocery delivery which invites local retailers to onboard and expand their customer reach. The platform was also designed to facilitate the entire order placing and delivery process at the user’s fingertips.

Client Goals

Once, they analyzed the market demand that requires action in terms of taking small and local retailers on a centralized digital platform, our client aimed to build an e-commerce application to deal with this issue. The platform infuses the following key functionalities that deliver the client’s goal accurately.

  • App Objectives
    • Hassle-free local retailer business registration
    • Instant order delivery at doorsteps
    • Quick Payment integration modes
    • Original or on-site product image upload
    • Send order status updates on SMS

Mobile Visual Designs

Our UI/UX team developed hi-fi prototype after low-fi approval, through intuitive interfaces and aesthetically appealing layouts.



Considering the high-fidelity prototypes, our development team build the e-commerce application for all 4 stakeholders’ i.e. Customer and Fetcher (Android and iOS application), and Vendor and Admin Panel (web platform). The developers incorporated all the proposed features and functionalities within the application that are listed below.

Sign Up/Log In

The customer can sign up/log in with a mobile number and password.


Customers can search products, vendors, categories, etc. directly from the search option.

Vendor List

The customers can view the list of vendors and get their details.

Make Order

The customer can add products to the cart and place the order by selecting the payment mode.

Make Payment

The customer can make online payments by selecting any of the available payment tools.

Order Status

The customers can track their order status as orders are packed & delivered.

Cancel Order

Customers can also cancel their order before the order is picked or delivered.

My Orders

Customers can track their all orders i.e. previous, active, and canceled orders.

Rating & Reviews

Customers can rate or submit feedback to vendors based on their order.

Sign Up/Log In

The fetcher can sign up/log in with an email id/contact number and password.

Manage Profile

Fetcher can update profile details along with vehicle details and government documents.

New Order Request

Fetcher receives new order requests on their mobile app with all required details.

Accept/Reject Order

The fetcher can accept/reject the order pickup and delivery request.

Set Online/Offline

The fetcher can set their status online/offline to mark availability as taking the order or not.

Order Location

The fetcher can track location and find the shortest path with the integrated map feature.

Update Order Status

Fetcher can update order status as the order is picked up/delivered.

My Deliveries

Fetcher can track details of all the previous, active and canceled orders that are assigned to an individual.


Fetchers can track their earnings on each delivery.

Sign Up/Log In

Vendor can sign up/log in with an email id and password.

Inventory Management

The vendor can update their inventory with all the details by using the bulk CSV method or a single product.

Update Inventory

The vendor can add/update/delete the inventory stock or product from the list.

Product Status

The vendor can set the product status as available/out of stock.

Availability Management

The vendor can update their availability time to take the order, as store open and close time.

Order Management

The vendor can track all the order details, check new or incomplete orders, and can update order status.

Track Orders

The vendor can easily find all the active orders and canceled orders with reason and other details.

Payment Management

The vendor can check all the payment details, along with complete order and pending order payments as well.

Total Revenue

The vendor can track lifetime earnings and last payment amount and can download the revenue report too.

Sign Up/Log In

Admin can sign up/log in with an email id and password.

Customer Management

Admin can handle all the details of the customer, view list, activities, orders, etc. details.

Fetcher Management

Admin can manage fetcher details and add/edit/suspend fetcher from the fleet of delivery persons.

Vendor Management

Admin can add/edit/suspend the account of any of the registered vendors.

Category Management

Admin can view the list of categories and add/edit/delete the categories from the list.

Order Management

The admin can manage and track details of all the active, pending, complete, and canceled orders.

Payment Management

Admin can track all the transactions and their details, calculate commission and vendor’s share as well.

Refund Management

Admin keeps track of all the amount refunded of the canceled orders.

Service Management

Admin can define service region on the map via. Geo-fencing technology.


The admin receives notification for all the registered new customers, vendors and fetchers, and any complaint generation.

Report Generation

Admin can prepare auto-generated reports on varied data for different time periods.

Customer Support

Admin resolves users’ queries and provides required assistance.


Project Outcomes: Evaluating the Impact

Vinedress is serving its purpose accurately i.e. onboarding small and local grocery retailers and expanding their customer reach. They are now able to scale and compete with huge retail giants. On the other hand, customers are experiencing a very easy order placing experience with hassle-free grocery delivery services at affordable rates. Eventually, the application became a great business opportunity for local retailers to gain loyal customers and build a trustable business in the market.

  • Vinedress empowers local grocery retailers by offering a digital platform to showcase products and expand their customer base.
  • Vinedress offers seamless shopping. Easy orders, and timely doorstep delivery.
  • Expansion of local retailers' customer base beyond their immediate neighborhoods.
  • Vinedress not only facilitates transactions but also fosters trust and loyalty between local retailers and their customers.

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