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About Taqwea

Taqwea is an education marketplace platform that facilitates students to find expert and specialized subject tutors to gain learning. The app/website allows students to find qualified tutors and take the virtual consultation through chats, audio, and video call.

Tutors can create and host one-to-one classes and webinars for a group by mentioning their availability schedule. A tutor is allowed to create a class with maximum capacity of 5 students at a time and upload class videos to make it a one-time task, which students can view repeatedly. The students can make payments online and manage them within the system.

  • Client’s Location

    Saudi Arabia

  • Development Time

    06 Months

  • Target Users

    Academic enthusiasts, learners, knowledge seekers, scholars

Technologies Leveraged

We leveraged the strength of robust and secure technologies, tools, and frameworks used in the app/web to escalate the creation of new features and functionalities.

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    React Native

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Identifying the Client Needs

Education marketplace apps are globally expanding, providing accessible online learning opportunities. This addresses the need for convenient access to diverse learning resources, transcending geographical limits. Taqwea partnered with Codiant with an agenda to make learning easier and accessible for all.

Their goal is to create an interactive, feature-rich education app and website, bridging educators and learners worldwide on Android and iOS. Dissolving barriers, they envision a seamless platform for knowledge sharing and skill acquisition, empowering learners anytime, anywhere.

Client Goals

After analyzing a great demand for digital learning in the market, our client aimed to deal with such hassle, and provide easy access to education to every individual’s fingertips by developing an app/website solution that feature-packs following key functionalities:

  • App Objectives
    • Join learning classes instantly
    • Get expert educators (subject or topic-specific)
    • Multiple learning and interacting modes (chat/audio/video)
    • Bilingual app: English and Arabic
    • Instant payment: wallet and direct payment

Mobile Visual Designs

Our UI/UX team developed hi-fi prototype after low-fi approval, through intuitive interfaces and aesthetically appealing layouts.


Web Visual Design

To design visually captivating websites, our UX experts combined creativity and functionality to create a simple yet impactful interface that delivers the brand's message.



Our development team took the lead after designing is done to develop the education marketplace web for all 4 stakeholders’ i.e. Student, Tutor, Accountant, and Admin, whereas the app version of 2 stakeholders’ i.e. Student and Tutor (iOS and Android both). The functionalities incorporated into each stakeholder’s app/web to build the education marketplace are mentioned below.

Easy Onboarding

Students can quickly register and login into the profile, or avail social login option.


Students can search/filter tutors with name, course name, and subject name.

Book Classes

Students can book any tutors class based on the available schedule and capacity.

Make Payment

Students can make payments to book the class through wallets and direct payment.

Payment History

The student can view payment history and all related details.

Refer And Earn

The student can share referral code with tutor and other students to invite them on the platform.


Students can receive notifications for new class, new tutor, offers/discounts, and other activities.


The students can submit a class review to the tutors in the form of a star rating.

Study Material

Students can access to recorded classes, study materials & e-books.


The tutor can register with their personal details to create a profile and submit required details.

Create Class

The tutor can create a class by submitting a video, along with relevant details and class fees.

Create Webinar

The tutor can create a live webinar by mentioning the topic, time and total capacity.

Class Details

The tutor can track all the details of students that joined previous classes and webinars.

Set Availability

Tutor can set the time or days for availability to connect with students 1-on-1.

Add Student

The tutor can accept/reject a student’s request to join the class or webinar.


Tutors can purchase or renew the subscription to organize webinars frequently.

Payment Details

The tutor can keep track of all the payments made or received from the students.


Tutors can receive notifications for student query requests, payment received, etc.


The user can log in to the account through shared credentials by Admin.

Tutor Management

The user can track all the details of classes along with the joining fee status.

Payment Refund

Students can raise a request for the payment refund, in case of acceptable circumstances.


The admin can login with an email id and password.

Tutor Management

The admin can manage all the registered tutors, their profiles and verify details.

Class Management

The admin can keep a tab on all the classes, webinars, tutor and other details.

Student Management

The admin can manage all the details and activities of the students.

Subscription Management

The admin can keep track of all the different subscription package & details.

Payment History

The admin keeps an eye on all the payment details made by the student and tutor.

Report Generation

The admin can get an auto-generated report of everything and can export them.


The admin can add/update/delete any users’ profiles, inquiry details, and account details.

Report Management

The admin can update and manage reports of class, revenue, students, and tutors.


Project Outcomes: Evaluating the Impact

Taqwea has become quite a successful education marketplace and has witnessed an exceptional response with its Arabic language version. It is efficiently empowering the education industry and facilitating its services among students and tutors all over the world. Now, it becomes handy for students and tutors to connect virtually and gain learning in their native language without moving out.

  • Taqwea democratized education with a global platform for seamless learning, connecting students and tutors worldwide.
  • Enriched learning with diverse modes: chat, audio, video calls, one-to-one, and group classes for personalized education.
  • Streamlined payments for students through integrated online system, ensuring convenience and security.
  • Tutors utilized platform features to enhance teaching, creating classes, webinars, and videos for wider reach.

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