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About Shor

SHOR is a multi-lingual on-demand legal consultation service application. The app allows its users to quickly find the most apt legal consultation provider and book appointments with them based on their availability. The customer can connect with the legal consultant via text/audio/video call. However, for assistance, the customer has to pay the respective charges mentioned by the consultant in-app.

Customers can pay the fees by following any of the available digital payment modes. Admin charges commission based on the consultant’s fees.

  • Client’s Location

    United Arab Emirates

  • Development Time

    16-20 weeks

  • Target Users

    Legal Advice Seekers, Consultation Requesters, Legal Crisis Management Users

Technologies Leveraged

We leveraged the strength of robust and secure technologies, tools, and frameworks used in the app/web to escalate the creation of new features and functionalities.

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    React Native

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Identifying the Client Needs

Choosing a right legal consultant can turn out to be a daunting task. You hire the wrong and it might prove to be counterproductive for your business. Challenges like tight budgets, contracts, complex laws and legal documents are few of the aspects that not only costs heavy to customers pocket but also takes a toll on their ongoing issues. To eradicate these unlearned blunders and help companies sail smoothly on the rough seas of compliances and other problems, our client thought to build an on-demand legal consultation app that plays a tremendous role in resolving such issues to a great extent.

Client Goals

The proposed app was an on-demand legal consultant multi-lingual application to fulfill diverse customer’s needs. The app demanded to include the following key functionalities to deliver the client’s goals accurately;

  • App Objectives
    • Easy and interactive user-interface
    • Proper categorization of consultant’s expertise
    • Quick payment integration modes
    • Book text/audio/video calls for legal consultation services
    • Track every consultation and consultants’ details

Mobile Visual Designs

Our UI/UX team developed hi-fi prototype after low-fi approval, through intuitive interfaces and aesthetically appealing layouts.



The SHOR application for on-demand legal consultation services comprises 3 stakeholders’ i.e. Client, Consultant and Admin Panel. To streamline all three stakeholder’s apps to work in sync, the developers infused multiple features and functionalities that are listed below.

Sign Up/Log In

The client can sign up/log in with an email id, password and OTP authentication.

Manage Profile

Client can manage their profile details and update passwords as well.


The client can filter the consultants’ list based on price range and ratings.

Find Lawyer

The client can find the list of all the registered consultants.

Schedule Appointment

The client can schedule an appointment with the consultant by selecting the time, mode, concern, etc. details.


The client receives reminder notifications for appointments and recommends consultants as per their search activity.

Make Payment

The client can make a payment by selecting any of the available digital payment modes.

Lawyer Details

The client can check the details of the lawyers they like to contact or find the suitable.

Manage Payment

The client can track all the payments made in the lifetime with all details

Sign Up/Log In

The consultant can sign up/log in with an email id, password, and OTH authentication.

Manage Profile

The consultants can manage and update their profile details which help clients to approach you.

Manage Fees

The consultant can update the charges they demand for an hour.

Set Availability

To ease the appointment process, the consultant can make the schedule visible to clients.

Accept/Reject Appointment

Consultants can accept/reject the appointment request based on their availability.

Manage Appointments

Consultants can view all the appointments with their status, purpose, and other details.

Manage Payment

Consultants can easily manage and track all the payments they received with all details.


Consultant receives notification for new/upcoming/cancelled appointments, payments received, etc.

Review & Ratings

The consultant can submit their feedback based on the experience with the client.

Sign Up/Log In

The admin can sign up/log in with an email and password.


The admin can directly access the list of details about payments, clients & consultants.

Client Management

The admin can add/edit/delete, search & filter the details of clients to maintain the list.

Consultant Management

The admin can add/edit/delete, search & filter the details of consultants to maintain the list.

Profile Management

Admin can activate/inactivate the profile of clients and consultants.

Payment Management

Admin can manage the details and track the history of all the payments.

Report Management

Admin can prepare client, consultant, payment and commission reports for detailed analysis and can delete/block the report.


Admin receives notification for appointment booking and payments.

Manage Commission

Admin can manage and calculate the commissions charged to each consultant.


Project Outcomes: Evaluating the Impact of new product

SHOR application is doing great in the market to assist people in dealing with their issues and get rid of them in minimum time by associating with the right and expert consultants. The clients are getting to explore a variety of domain experts that are resolving issues in no time and saving a good amount of client expenses. The app is working as a brilliant bridge between both client and the consultants and helping them produce better results for their companies. Also, helping clients to fulfil their legal requirements for their business, anytime and anywhere.

  • Users get instant access to legal professionals who provide advice and guidance on their legal queries and concerns.
  • On-demand legal consultation app provides consultation on various legal areas and matters from family to business issues.
  • SHOR enables users to book consultations and appointments online and offline both with highly reputed legal authorities.
  • The app prioritizes the security and confidentiality of the user's private data, creating a safe space for consultation.

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