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An Online Platform That Enables Seamless Creation of Personalized URLS

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About Nuvopia

Nuvopia streamlines online presence management with its innovative platform, enabling the seamless creation of personalized URLs, bio link pages, and custom QR codes. By centralizing diverse apps and tracking pixels from Facebook, Google Analytics, and more, it simplifies data capture and goal measurement. With options for custom domains.

Nuvopia ensures a branded touch. One can elevate their digital strategy effortlessly through this all-in-one hub, where efficient resource categorization empowers users to optimize their online footprint.

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  • Development Time

    16-20 weeks

  • Target Users

    Content creators, URL customizers, link shortening users, custom link users

Technologies Leveraged

We leveraged the strength of robust and secure technologies, tools, and frameworks used in the app/web to escalate the creation of new features and functionalities.

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Identifying the Client Needs

Nuvopia was created to alleviate the pain points faced by individuals, businesses, and content creators while managing multiple links on social media platforms like Instagram. With limited link options in profile bios, users often struggle to share various links effectively. Constantly changing links in bios or posts can be time-consuming and lead to confusion for the audience. Moreover, including too many links can clutter profiles, diminishing user experience.

Client Goals

Our client wanted us to design Nuvopia, a user-friendly web platform that offers a single, customizable link that directs visitors to a clean landing page featuring multiple links and a QR code. This streamlines processes enables effortless updates, and provides basic analytics for tracking link performance. A valuable tool to boost online presence and engagement.

  • Web Objectives

    • Intuitive interface for easy link management.
    • Customization options for branding consistency.
    • Mobile-friendly design for seamless access.
    • Basic analytics to track link performance.
    • Secure and reliable platform with responsive customer support.

Web Visual Designs

To design visually captivating websites, our UX experts combined creativity and functionality to create a simple yet impactful interface that delivers the brand’s message.



The Nuvopia website has been carefully designed to cater to different stakeholders, encompassing Users as well as the Admin of the Public Platform. Offering an all-in-one solution, offering a single, customizable link that directs visitors to a single landing page. This landing page includes multiple links and a convenient QR code for easy access.


User can login & register using their personal information or social media credentials.

Claim into Pages

Users can create a clean and customizable landing page that hosts multiple links.

Custom QR codes

Users can generate QR codes that, when scanned, instantly redirect visitors to the user's bio link page.

Link Management

Intuitive interface for effortless addition, removal, or rearrangement of links.

Branding Management

Customize the appearance of the bio link page to align with personal or business branding.

NFC Product Purchasing

Users can easily purchase smart digital contactless cards as per their requirements

Shipping Details

Users can enter their basic details to get the products delivered to their address.

Make Payments

Users can easily make payments by selecting the mode of payment.

Subscription Plans

Users can buy subscription plans as per their personal & professional profile.

User Management

Admins can efficiently manage accounts, profiles, and permissions ensuring privacy & security.

Domain Management

Admins can facilitate the integration of custom domains, enabling a strong branded presence.

Analytics Dashboard

Admins can gain insights into link performance trends & user engagement patterns, for future enhancements.

Content Moderation

Admins can implement moderation tools to ensure that linked content complies with community guidelines and standards.

Branding Control

Admins can establish and enforce branding guidelines, ensuring a professional appearance.

System Security

Admins can implement robust security measures to protect user data and ensure reliability.

Customization Tools

Admins can offer advanced customization options for user bio link pages.

Support Management

Admins can facilitate efficient communication with users addressing inquiries or issues.

Feature Management

Admins can roll out new features, updates, and improvements to the platform.


Project Outcomes: Evaluating the Impact

In the realm of digital advancement, Nuvopia's innovative approach addressed the user pain points with an advanced solution, by introducing a streamlined method – a singular, shareable link that not only simplifies link management, eliminating the need for frequent profile updates but also offers basic analytics for valuable insights into audience engagement.

  • Nuvopia tackles pain points with a user-friendly solution, enabling the creation of a single shareable link directing visitors to a landing page.
  • The page we designed is organized, and customizable, allowing users to update links easily without constantly changing their social media profiles.
  • Nuvopia also offers basic analytics, enabling users to track link clicks and gain insights into their audience's engagement.
  • Intuitive UI & UX that streamlines the process of sharing multiple links and provides a more efficient way for users to manage their online presence.

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