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A Mobile Ordering Marketplace App for Hospitality and Events

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About NoQ

NoQ is a mobile ordering marketplace app wherein people visiting different venues and events can place orders of their preferred items in a contactless way and get it delivered at their respective seats. The app is designed to cut down on tedious efforts of standing in long queues. In addition, people also have the option to either pre-book the order or place it when they enter the venue. The NoQ app eventually comforted the customers and acted as a stress buster by pulling away from the situations of missing out on the concert or any other mesmerizing moment.

  • Client’s Location

    United Kingdoms

  • Development Time

    12-16 weeks

  • Target Users

    Event Planners

Technologies Leveraged

We leveraged the strength of robust and secure technologies, tools, and frameworks used in the app/web to escalate the creation of new features and functionalities.

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    React Native

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Identifying the Client Needs

Of late, there was a gradual downfall in the hospitality industry due to two major reasons. The first one was the COVID threat and the other was the long queues at customers’ favorite destinations. One of the local business prospects chased the problem and pattern of this market breakdown and decided to come up with an app solution. In no time the person was able to trace that the mobile ordering app can work where customers will enjoy the freedom of booking their favorite items without being irritated and losing interest. And then the efficacious NoQ app came into existence.

Client Goals

To develop a mobile ordering app that influence customers to brighten up their mood by seamlessly visiting the places and effortlessly order what they wish to without the stress of being caught in time-consuming queues. Our client looked forward to implement following features:

  • App Objectives
    • Enable customer to manage event list with event details
    • Empower customers to view vendor lists, items with details
    • Offer easy access to cart/ order payment/ order status and order history
    • Provide push notifications for the latest updates
    • Customer support to handle any grievances and more.

Mobile Visual Designs

Our UI/UX team developed hi-fi prototype after low-fi approval, through intuitive interfaces and aesthetically appealing layouts.



Our development team worked on the coding phase of three different stakeholders, i.e., Customer App, Vendor App, and Admin Panel. The primary features that defines the complete supply chain are as follow:


Customers can register/login with their email id, password, and some basic details.

Events Details

Customer can view/search/filter events list and can find each events detail.

Vendor List

Customer can view vendor list along with their menu, quantity, prices, ratings, etc.


Customer can access his/her cart and can add/edit/view dishes, quantity, and their amount.

Order Payment

Customer can place the order and make its payment through multiple payment modes.

View Order Details

Customer can view the placed order details, price, expected delivery time, delivery person name, etc.

Order Status

Customer can view the current status of placed order i.e., order preparing, order picked, etc.

Order History

Customers can view all of their previous orders, amount, and other details.

Completed/Cancelled Order

Customer can view all of their placed and canceled orders with reason.


Customer will receive notification for any type of order update or discount & offers.


Customer can manage profile details and update their password.


Customer can reach for any assistance and grievance redressal to customer support.


Vendors can register or login through email id and password.

Order Request

Vendor will receive order request i.e. order, customer, and payment details to make the order.

Cancel Order

Vendors can cancel the order request with a valid reason.

Category List

Vendor can add/edit/delete the food/dishes category list.

Menu Items

Vendors can add/edit/delete menu items along with their details and prices from any category.

Offers/Promo Codes

Vendors can provide offers or promo codes with details to customers.

Promo Code Listing

Vendors can view the listing of all the existing promo codes and can activate/deactivate any.

Events Listing

Vendors can check the list of past/ongoing/upcoming event lists or can approve/reject the event joining request.

Order List

Vendors can keep track of all the received orders along with their details and price.


Vendor can manage their personal and bank account details or can change the password as well.


Vendor can seek assistance from customer support to resolve any issue or concern.

Payment Details

Vendor can check the payment details, invoice & other transactions.


Admin can access account with email id and password.


Admin can view the list of total customers, vendors, dishes, orders, and total sales for a specific period of time.

Menu List

Admin can view the menu list of each vendor and the customer list with details.

Customer List

Admin can view the list of customers along with their order history, personal and contact details.


Admin can view a detailed list of current/complete/canceled orders by customer and vendor individually.

Add Vendor

Admin can add/update vendor and their details or can set active/inactive profile.

Category & Menu List

Admin can add/update/delete the category and menu items from the list.

Event List

Admin can view/edit events list, details, and can set status on/off.


Admin can add/edit/delete sub-admins under him to manage things easily.

Promo Codes

Admin can add/edit/delete promo codes to provide unique offers to customers.

Order List

Admin can view and manage order details, vendor list, amount, etc.

Rating & Reviews

Admin can keep track of all the reviews of each order to analyze vendor’s performances.


Admin can check all the types and amount of transactions made by customers.

Refund Details

Admin tracks each refund request along with reasons, customer, and order details.


Admin receives the in-app notification of any important update and customer issue resolution.


Project Outcomes: Evaluating the Impact

NoQ app benefits society and empowers struggling vendors with seamless orders, boosting loyalty and business-customer relationships. With thousands of users, vendors collect data for personalized service.

  • The NoQ app transformed hospitality and events, enabling easy, queue-free orders from seats, enhancing customer experience.
  • The app provided local vendors a platform to showcase their offerings, resulting in increased visibility & brand loyalty.
  • NoQ app's adoption collected customer data, helping vendors personalize services, boost satisfaction, and build relationships.
  • The app streamlined supply chain, enhancing vendor operations and order accuracy through order management, payments, and real-time updates.

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