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About Beeptab

Introducing Beeptab, an innovative package delivery mobile application developed by Codiant. This groundbreaking solution redefines package delivery, enhancing convenience, efficiency, and security for businesses and individuals alike.

People can now easily say no to the hassle of delays and worries about product delivery. The Beeptab app assures full guarantee of delivering packages on time with highest reliability and speed. Users can get real-time updates throughout the order journey and expect high level of privacy for their packages.

  • Client’s Location

    Saudi Arabia

  • Development Time

    16-18 weeks

  • Target Users

    Delivery app users, parcel senders and receivers, package handlers

Technologies Leveraged

We leveraged the strength of robust and secure technologies, tools, and frameworks used in the app/web to escalate the creation of new features and functionalities.

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    React Native

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Identifying the Client Needs

The traditional package delivery process has long been plagued with various challenges, such as delays, lost packages, lack of real-time tracking, and difficulties in communication between the courier and customers. Our client recognized these pain points and identified the need for a comprehensive mobile app that could address these issues and streamline the delivery process for everyone involved.

The client approached us to develop an innovative solution with robust functionalities that enhances customer experience and contribute in organization’s cost optimization strategy. With the development of BeepTab, client can surely meet their expectations to easily expand their geographic reach and enhance brand image.

Client Goals

After analyzing the specific needs of the project, the client reached out to us for developing a simplified package delivery mobile app for users, drivers and admin that performs the following functions:

  • App Objectives

    • Track real-time status of the app
    • Enhance communication between customers and drivers
    • Provide major security to prevent damage
    • Offer optimized delivery routes
    • Create user-friendly interface

Mobile Visual Designs

Our UI/UX team developed hi-fi prototype after low-fi approval, through intuitive interfaces and aesthetically appealing layouts.



To start working on the development part of the app platform, the development team took approval on the hi-fi prototype and jumped into the work-in-progress phase. The essential features developed for all 3 stakeholders i.e. user, driver and admin panel include:

User Registration

Users can create account using their basic details like phone number, email, or other social media credentials.

Track Packages

Users can track the real time status of the packages through GPS integration system.

Delivery Request

Allow users to set their delivery preferences as per their suitable time and location.

View Available Drivers

Users can view driver’s name, pic, estimated cost of delivery, type of vehicle, etc.

Drivers’ Profile

Users can view driver’s name, no. of deliveries completed, total ratings with an option to chat and call.

Real-Time Chats

Real time chatting between driver and customer through XMPP.

My Orders

Users can check their previous list of orders and ensure a complete delivery of products & services.


Users can receive order updates, estimated delivery time and order confirmations using notifications.

In-App Communication

Users can connect via chat or call using in-app communication feature.

Order Management

Drivers can view and manage the assigned orders including pickup & drop-off, delivery time and receipt details.

Real-Time Navigation

Drivers can find the most optimized routes using integrated maps to get turn-by-turn instructions.

Delivery History

Drivers can easily manage their past orders and track their progress as per their performance.

Earnings & Pay-outs

Drivers can check their recent transactions like earnings, payments and incentives if any.

Ratings and Feedback

Drivers can view feedback and ratings provided by users to improve their performance.

Safety Measures

Drivers can use SOS alerts and emergency assistance in case of any emergency situation.

View Request Details

Drivers can view delivery requests, pickup and delivery locations, delivery charges, customer ratings, etc.

Real-time Chat

Drivers can do real-time chatting with customers taking quick deliveries.

Online Payments

Cash on delivery option with promo balance can be applied.


Admin can view, access and manage all the details including delivery status, pending orders, completed delivery and performance metrics.

Order Management

Admin can edit, view and assign delivery orders to the respective drivers with their tracking order status

Driver Management

Admin can onboard, assign and review their performance based on their daily activity.

Customer Management

Admin can manage profile of the customers, their order history and support interactions.

Tracking and Notifications

Admin can track real-time status of the orders and can send automated notifications about their delivery status.

Route Optimization

Admin can optimize the delivery routes of the drivers to minimize delivery time and reduce the overall fuel cost.


Project Outcomes: Evaluating the Impact of new product

Beeptab, the package delivery mobile app developed by Codiant successfully addressed the pain points in the traditional package delivery process. With real-time tracking, improved communication, enhanced security, efficient routing, and a user-friendly interface, Beeptab revolutionized package delivery for businesses and individuals alike. The app's success significantly improved customer satisfaction, reduced operational costs, and streamlined logistics operations for partner courier companies.

  • The app streamlines the package delivery with real-time tracking option.
  • The app allows users to improve communication through in-app messaging between customers & delivery personnel.
  • The app secure package handling protocols and tamper-evident packaging ensures security of the delivery packages.
  • Optimized routes on app makes the process quick and easy for both drivers and customers.

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We extended our services to scale operations & services of our global clients. Team Codiant received much appreciation for quality solution offerings and successfully build a trustable relationship with each client.

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