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Increasing the Number of Downloads of "PULLED" Gaming App

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About Pulled

“Pulled” is a unique gaming app providing a riveting platform centered around challenging trick contests in skateboarding, scootering, and biking domains. As a player, you’re at the heart of this action-packed digital arena, where you can both partake in challenges or invent your own, testing your creativity. What’s unique about Pulled is that it gives you the power to judge each challenge’s execution, giving you the power to decide if contenders succeed in completing each task or if they stumble. With this combination of competitive gameplay, creativity, and judging power, Pulled provides a multi-faceted and exciting gaming experience.

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  • Development Time

    20 weeks

  • Target Users

    Skateboarders, Bmxers, Gamers, Sports Enthusiasts


The Challenge

One of the most difficult aspects of marketing a gaming app is understanding the target audience. For mobile game app developers, there are millions of apps in the App stores. Therefore, you need to make sure that your game is visible to the target audience. The gaming industry is constantly evolving & therefore it becomes important to stay up to date with the latest trends. By staying on top of these changes, our client wanted to ensure that their app continues to grow and develop, making sure that it remains an active participant in this rapidly expanding and changing gaming space.


Our Solution

  • Codiant created a comprehensive digital marketing plan with a powerful targeting strategy to increase app installs.

  • In addition to running targeted Ad campaigns, we also conducted thorough competitive research and analysed the latest trends in the gaming market. This allowed us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape and the specific requirements of the gaming industry.

  • By staying up-to-date with the latest trends and conducting in-depth research, we were able to identify unique opportunities and tailor our marketing strategies to effectively reach and engage the gaming audience.

  • To promote the app, we utilized various platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Ads. We also executed different paid campaigns to significantly increase the number of app installs.

What we did

We delved into the challenges faced by our client and outlined the strategic solutions & implemented them to address their unique needs and drive impactful results.

App Store Optimization

To attract more relevant users and gain valuable insights, we optimized the complete iOS and Android apps of the Pulled project.

TikTok Advertising

Utilizing TikTok’s advertising platform, we ran app install and promotional campaigns for both iOS and Android platforms.

Snapchat Advertising

With the help of Snapchat’s Ads platform, we conducted app install and promotional campaigns for iOS and Android users.

Facebook Advertising

For branding and app promotions, we utilized the Facebook Ads manager to engage with the target audience.

Google Ads

On Google Ad platform, we executed various campaigns, from branding to app install, to maximize app visibility.

Video Animation

To diversify our campaigns, we created engaging videos with animation, voice-overs, and other effects for different marketing initiatives.

MMP Integration

By integrating reliable MMP partners with our app, we can accurately track the attributes of every conversion for our ad networks.

SEO for Website

Prior to the app launch, we conducted SEO for the Pulled website, making it keyword-rich and search engine-friendly to enhance its online presence.

Youtube Ads

For iOS and Android users, we used YouTube Ads to execute app installation campaigns.


The Result

Pulled is a free-to-play game that allows you to navigate around difficult trick challenges in the skateboard, scooter, and bike worlds. Pulled's collaboration with Codiant achieved remarkable success in the highly competitive gaming industry:

  • Through our strategic digital marketing efforts, Pulled exceeded the 10,000 mark in app installations, solidifying its presence in the gaming world.
  • Within just two months of launch, Pulled gained an impressive 72,000+ visitors to its app store listing, showcasing heightened interest and visibility.
  • By optimizing the app for an exceptional user experience, Pulled witnessed an outstanding 82% rise in overall app engagement, ensuring player retention.
  • The app's engaging gameplay and optimized UX led to an increase in players satisfaction, resulting in a surge of positive user reviews and high ratings on app stores.

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