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About Assetlyst

Assetlyst is a real-estate website for agent/seller and buyer/renter that seeks to evolve the real-estate experience to a whole new level. The app empowers the agent to upload the property listing to sell/rent the property on the website. Whereas, the buyer can search and view properties, available for sale or rent using a web portal that is responsive to run on both desktop as well as mobile. All this got smoothly addressed, by revolutionizing the way the buyers searched before. Assetlyst opted to implement polygon-based searches on maps that allow users to search for property listings by simply drawing a custom shape on a map.

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  • Development Time

    12-14 weeks

  • Target Users

    Property seekers, homebuyers, real estate investors, land buyers and sellers

Technologies Leveraged

We leveraged the strength of robust and secure technologies, tools, and frameworks used in the app/web to escalate the creation of new features and functionalities.

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Identifying the Client Needs

Considering the demand for an advanced real-estate website that also fixes the longstanding issue of searching a property in a manually defined area; our client’s real-estate firm looked to direct their business with a distinguished real estate web platform solution, that encapsulates agent/seller & buyer/renter app armed with a polygon search feature. The polygon search feature enables users to pin-point their search locations by drawing a custom area on the map and view desired properties with their details.


Client Goals

Our client strived to create an example-setting real estate app that includes stakeholders: Buyer, Seller, and Admin Panel. All these app platforms must boast user-friendly features such as:

  • Web Objectives

    • Real estate search for sale and lease property
    • Lease data and sell data
    • Add the data to sold/leased data
    • Broker and agent can list a property
    • Polygon Search feature

Web Visual Designs

To design visually captivating websites, our UX experts combined creativity and functionality to create a simple yet impactful interface that delivers the brand’s message.



While considering the app’s requirement the developers dedicatedly worked over it to develop the front-end and back-end of the app accurately. The development team equipped all the user roles with the following features:


Buyer can access account with email id, password, and other required details.

Search Properties

Buyers can search a location based on a variety of properties that are on sale or available on lease.


Buyer can filter their search based on property type, size, price, and location.


Buyer can sort their search list as per oldest or newest entry, and price/rate/size at low-to-high or vice-versa.

Save Search Method

To ease the frequent search/filters, a buyer can save their search method for future use.

Property Listing

Buyers can view a detailed listing of available properties along with their highlights and information.

Sharing Link

Buyers can share the search link or specific property link to help other buyers in finding the best option.

Social Media Share

Buyers can share the property link on their social media platforms.

Broker List

Buyers can find the list of available brokers on the platform along with their contact details.

Find Broker

Buyers can filter the broker based on their types, expertise, etc.

Contact Agent/Seller

Buyers can view seller profiles and reach out to them on the provided communication details.


Buyer will receive in-app notification and updates about any special offer or discount.


Seller can access account with email id, password, license number, and other details.


Seller can purchase a monthly subscription to be active as the seller or can also avail 90 days free trial period.

Add New Property

Seller can add a new property to the list to sell along with all the relevant and detailed information.

Listed Properties

Seller can manage all their active listed properties that are on sale, update details, pricing, etc.

Renew Subscription

Seller can renew their subscription to display the unsold properties.

Contact Buyer

Seller can reach out to the buyer who showed interest in the property through an in-app chat feature.

Search Properties

Seller can check active properties that are in the sale or available for lease, to perform competitive research.


Seller can filter the data based on their preference.

View Property List & Detail

Seller can check out the property list and details to analyze the market demand.

Transaction Details

Seller can check out all the previous transactions, along with customer details and mode of payment.


Seller will receive reminder notification if any buyer showed interest in his property or replied on chat, etc.


Seller can contact customer assistance or report an issue to seek support.


Admin can access account with email id and password.


Admin can view total no. of users, agents, property listing, subscription, and revenue generation.

Manage Buyer/Renter

Admin can add, edit, view, search, filter, and can set active or inactive buyers/renters.

Manage Agent/Seller

Admin can add, edit, view, search, filter, and can set active or inactive agent/seller.

Manage Category

Admin can add, edit, view, search, filter, and can set active or inactive categories.

Manage Property Listing

Admin can add, edit, track, close, search, filter, and can set active or inactive listing.

Manage Subscription

Admin can add new subscription plans and can edit, delete, or search active plans.

Manage Advertisement

Admin can view ad requests, and can add, edit, search, or set active/inactive ads.

Manage Featured Listing

Admin can add, edit or search featured listing, and can manage plan details and set active/inactive.

Payment & Transaction

Admin can view all transactions of agents and payment details.

Manage Sold Properties

Admin can add, edit, view, search, and set active/inactive sold properties, and can manage their details.

Manage Dispute

Admin can view and reply to resolve any dispute.


Admin can keep track of all the sales, subscription, revenue, and featured ads.


Admin can check each existing page performance.


Admin can receive notification for adding or removing any entry/property.


Project Outcomes: Evaluating the Impact of new product

Assetlyst scored high on the tough parameters of users hunt to properties buying/selling needs. The website’s lead-funneling features were no less than a magnet for visitors. The web portal turned out to be the biggest inventory for the prospects that boasted immersive imageries with easy search.

  • AssetLyst enhanced the real estate experience with innovative polygon-based searches for buyers & sellers.
  • AssetLyst's diverse platform ensured personalized experiences & features to meet individual needs.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and streamlined management of the real estate ecosystem.
  • Increased engagement between buyers and sellers through immersive visual experience and seamless search capabilities.

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