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About Ridepro

Ridepro learning is an online app platform specially built to help those individuals who are struggling to learn the art of driving a car. It provides an excellent option for users to choose a specific course based on their level of expertise. The trainers help users in enhancing their performance by daily monitoring their actions and giving instructions based on students’ everyday progress.

The app is built with highly robust features, functionalities, and technologies that help trainers as well as users in enhancing their daily performance.

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    Motor Driving Schools

The Need

Finding a skilled and responsible professional driver who can help to learn car driving skills is a gruelling task. Even if somebody manages to find one; latter they struggle to manage the technical driving glitches and other complex issues in which only tips and tricks comes into play.

Our client paid heed to this need of the hour and decided to build a feature-rich app platform that can help individuals to master the skill of car driving. The RidePro team associated with the team Codiant to discuss and build an online app platform with a user-friendly interface and intuitive design concept. Thus, it became easy for the users to find a suitable trainer and master the art of car driving.



Client Goals

Just after analyzing the serious issue of learning a car driving skill among many individuals, the client gained cognizance of some actions that can help in minimizing the problem. Therefore, to help individuals to enhance their driving skills and support trainers to find the right audience, our client-focused on presenting a well-structured solution i.e. RidePro. The following functionalities were kept as a demand to fulfil the app’s agenda:

  • Help individuals to learn car driving skills from basic level to pro level.
  • Real-time interaction with trainers.
  • Choose a trainer and course as per individual budget, time, and level of expertise.
  • Track everyday progress with a live monitoring feature.

Technologies Leveraged

  • box-img Native Android and iOS

High Fidelity Prototype

After getting a deep understanding of the lo-fi prototypes, the UI designers took the time to understand and showcase their creative and intuitive design skills by ensuring that it doesn’t hamper the overall flow and functionalities of the app. The major aim of the designers was to create an eye-catchy, intuitive, and user-friendly design that can easily engage and immerse the users. These hi-fi prototypes are created with much consideration because these are the advanced version of the low-fi wireframes.



The development process begins just after the final hi-fi wireframes are confirmed. The developers started working on both versions of Android and iOS platforms. They ensure to integrate essential functionalities of both the major stakeholders i.e. learner and trainer. The following list of app functionalities and features were incorporated appropriately:

Sign Up

The user/learner can signup/login using details like email & password, phone number, and social media credentials.

Setup Profile

User can update their personal information like name, address, photo, email, and more.

Learning History

Users can check the history of all completed courses to make better decisions.

Browse Courses

Users can select courses based on their level of expertise and course duration and time.

Confirm Booking/Payment

Users can confirm the booking by making payments through the integrated payment mode.

Mark Favourite

User can mark their favorite trainers and keep them in a separate list.


The trainer can sign up using email, name, number, and password.

Create profile

User can upload their personal details i.e. name, email, license, photo, and other required vehicle documents.

Booking request

The trainer can view, accept/reject the booking request as per their availability.

Completed Sessions

The trainer can check their previous completed sessions.

Payment History

The trainer can check their weekly/ monthly earnings.

Ratings And Reviews

A trainer can share their experience by providing ratings and reviews to the students/learners.


Admin can log in using the name, email, and password.


Admin can have a comprehensive view of users, earnings, trainers, courses, and more.

Manage Courses

Admin can add or delete courses with other minute details like course type, duration, description, and more.

Manage Training

Admin can keep track of the ongoing and completed training with every minute detail.

Commission Management

Admin can update the commission amount on each different course.

Payment Management

Admin can keep track of the paid and unpaid status.


Project Outcomes: Evaluating the Impact

  • The Ridepro learning app is perfectly fulfilling their agenda of providing the best-in-class car learning online services to enthusiast learners. More and more students are participating in the process of becoming the car driving champion. The unique option to select a car learning process based on their level of expertise has allowed the brand to create a buzz in the market. Even trainers are getting good opportunities to showcase their talent and use their skills to earn a good amount of commission in return.

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