An Online Clinical Research and Academic Researchers Recruitment Application

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About Buildclinical

Foundation BuildClinical is an online platform that streamlines and automates the work of clinical researchers. Additionally, the researchers and the admin can recruit academic researchers from around the globe that are suitable for the specific research work. Admin can share the system-generated recruitment form on a third-party platform to collect responses from the interested candidates.

The researchers can share the research work progress through an automated system and only the authorized people can access those details.

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    06 Months

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    Healthcare & Lifesciences

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    UI/UX Design, Mobile App & Web Development

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    Medical institutes, Hospitals

Identifying the Client Needs

Researchers used to put in a lot of hard work and time in deducing some result or valuable output to take ahead the research work. But extracting these deeply hidden, critical and heavy data management in a physical form could be a risky task that can even be prone to data loss or theft. Considering the critical nature of the data and its importance, our client planned to build a platform that can resolve such issues and streamline the variety of data management.


Client Goals

To build online clinical research and academic researchers’ recruitment application that can streamline their research work and easily hire relevant talent to support the ongoing or proposed projects. The Foundation BuildClinical is equipped with the following features to fulfill their requirements:

  • For Researchers- Conveniently and safely keep their research works crucial data
  • For Admin- Can assign research work and recruit academic researchers as well
  • Create a recruitment form on the platform and share it with third-party
  • Manage critical data and limit the data access

Technologies Leveraged

  • box-img PHP
  • box-img MySQL
  • box-img Laravel
  • box-img HTML5
  • box-img CSS
  • box-img Bootstrap

High Fidelity Prototype

After finalizing the wireframe designed by the UX experts, the time came to make the design much more enhanced and infuse a variety of features and other details. Considering the project's requirements, our UI designers prepared the high-fidelity prototypes of the application. The designers very accurately put together all the designing ingredients i.e. colors, text style, buttons, animations, micro-interactions, etc. to make the advanced version of the design highly interactive, appealing, yet subtle.



Based on the hi-fi prototype, our development team took the charge to start the development phase of the project. The developers build the app version for both stakeholders i.e. Researchers and Admin Panel and ensure to integrate the following features;

Sign Up/Log In

Researchers can sign up/log in with an email id and user authentication code.

Manage Profile

Researchers can update their profile details and the research work they are handling.

Academic Researcher List

Lead researcher can manage the list of academic researchers, their details and the research project they are working on.

Search Researcher

The lead researcher can instantly search the academic researcher and track their progress and activities.

Update Status

Leads can update the status of the academic researcher based on their work and activities.

Make Notes

Lead researchers can add/edit notes to an academic researcher for future reference.

Activity Tracking

Lead researchers can track the activities and progress of academic researchers on assigned research.


Lead researcher receives notification for different processes, like progress submission, an academic researcher assigned, etc.

Online Support

Lead researcher can generate tickets to resolve queries and issues of the assigned academic researchers.

Sign Up/Log In

Admin/Admin Staff can sign up/log in with email id and OTP authentication.

User Management

The admins can create, edit, and delete admin staff, researcher, and research staff profile details.

Study Management

Admins can create and edit the topics and staff of the assigned research work.

Create Recruitment Form

Admin can create the recruitment form by using the in-build ‘Form Builder’ feature.

Impersonate Study

The admin/admin staff can impersonate the study as one behaves and work on the study as a researcher despite not having that role.

Export Staff List

Admin can easily export and download the list of all the varied staff as a researcher, academic researcher and admin staff.

Campaign Management

Admin can automatically create a campaign based on the ongoing study status.

Update & Export Campaign

Admin can update and export campaign data based on the ongoing progress.

Online Support

Admin assists users based on the tickets raised by the researcher and research staff.

Update Ticket Status

As per the issue resolution, the admin can update the status of the ticket issued.

Activity Tracking

Admin can track the activities of each researcher and research staff.


Admin receives notification for new researcher onboarding, progress submission, ticket issued, etc. activities.


Project Outcomes: Evaluating the Impact

  • Foundation BuildClinical, online clinical research and academic researcher’s recruitment application is receiving great appreciation from the target user base. The users are pleased with the organization and easy management of the heavily loaded data and analytics required in the research work. The app streamlined all the operations and provides a hassle-free experience in data management, staff management, and the academic researcher recruitment process.

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