Why Telemedicine Matters? Finding a Safe Future of Healthcare Provision

  • Published on : November 17, 2020

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Why Telemedicine Matters? Finding a Safe Future of Healthcare Provision

This Time is a tipping point for the global healthcare sector. Whether healthcare organizations are prepared or not, the era of virtual care delivery and remote patient monitoring has arrived, with telemedicine applications as a facet of change.

We have all seen a ‘V’ shaped adoption curve for telehealth in over little six months. There are a huge number of patient care organizations around U.S that have witnessed an exponential surge in virtual care visits.

From 11% of US consumers using telehealth in 2019 have massively accelerated to 46% of consumers now using telemedicine. As per McKinsey analysis, the telehealth market could surge up to $250 billion as opposed to $3 billion pre-COVID.

The analysis also noted care providers who have adopted the ‘virtual urgent care’ model are seeing 50 to 175X the number of patients via telehealth than they did before.

The exhibit below clearly shows healthcare visits are replaced by virtual care.

How Telemedicine Is Embracing the Future of Healthcare

Telemedicine has proved itself as the next frontier of healthcare. The capabilities of telemedicine and mHealth have expanded beyond the interaction between care providers and patients.

From enhanced patient experience, increased provider satisfaction to reduced costs, telemedicine has become a trendsetter in the healthcare industry.

Until recently, what posed as an option for healthcare providers is now geared up as the most safest and convenient way of providing care.

The escalating demand for social distancing, challenges like restricted travel, fear of the contracting virus, and halt in normal working since the outbreak of COVID-19 have all been met by telehealth applications.

Even for patients having medical conditions unrelated to COVID, telemedicine app platforms have supported in providing secured real-time virtual visits.

That said, the business case of virtual care technology is already very strong and is poised to surpass the traditional care delivery model in the healthcare arena. Let’s realize a few of its potential advantages in shaping the future of healthcare:

1. Telemedicine Apps Facilitates Rapid Stroke Diagnosis and Treatment

As per research from Partners Telestroke Center, the faster is the assessment and treatment of stroke patients, the better are the chances of recovery. Many hospitals fail to shift patients into the hands of the right experts. In this case, the telemedicine app solution works as a lifeblood.

If stats are to be shown, the results of treating stroke patients in Canada are intense. Reportedly, remote hospitals have seen nearly a 90% decrease in patient transfer to emergency rooms.

2. A Significant Reduction In Hospital Readmission Rates

A recent report claimed that one in five chronic care patients are readmitted to a hospital within 30 days of discharge and that number soars to one in three after 90 days. And to your surprise, using telemedicine applications 75% of these hospital readmission cases can be treated remotely. Nonetheless, telemedicine app solutions have proved itself as an antidote to combat repeat trips in the hospital.

3. Solving Healthcare Challenges in Rural Areas

Rural areas come with a host of barriers when it comes to leveraging convenience in healthcare. But the topmost challenge posed is the lack of access to reach care providers. The distance and travel time between the rural areas and the university hospitals in urban areas are intimidating.

Secondly, it’s hard to monitor patients who are on medications. Owing to the long-distance issues, patients avoid traveling regularly for smaller check-ups. This eventually leads to certain medication errors, discontinuation of medication, and incomplete treatments.

Telemedicine and telehealth programs eliminate geographical barriers and allow patients to connect with top healthcare providers by enabling quick virtual check-ins. Patients can easily upload images, reports and request an online consultation with Doctor, and cut travel expenses and time tremendously.

4. Simplifies Acute, Chronic Care and Dermatology Consultations

Studies show that around 40% of the U.S. population suffers from a chronic disease – approximately 133 million Americans. And with around 57 million Americans currently living in a rural area, many patients across the country lack access to care facilities.

Patients with chronic care tend to rely on specialized care and it is hard for them to see a Doctor on regular basis. Telemedicine apps provides a simpler way to treat chronic care diseases like diabetes, cancer, mental illness, hypertension, etc. that require continual treatment for months; thus reducing the need for in-person consultations.

Furthermore, doctors and specialists can also leverage telemedicine app solutions to treat skin problems remotely. Telemedicine is rich with features like image sharing applications that support medical selfie. A dermatologist can closely view the skin problem and can send the prescription electronically.

Increasing Acceptance of Telehealth as a Trend in Standard of Care

Before we met COVID, telemedicine was just evolution and an innovative approach presenting itself as an ideal way to curb chronic and acute healthcare issues outside the clinical walls. Not being compulsive; it posed just as an option for many healthcare providers.

And then we met COVID-19…

It turned the entire ecosystem upside down. Just in a matter of days, nearly all healthcare stakeholders were scrambling to find telemedicine software for their infrastructure. As soon as they implemented, they galloped to embrace telehealth and started dictating people to take online doctor consultations in a bid to limit the spread of the virus.

And the results were shocking.

COVID-19 brought telemedicine as a digital flashpoint of the healthcare Industry

Health systems have experienced an exponential increase in telemedicine usage. Since February, the number of telemedicine investments has increased to over 30% of investment activity in Health IT.


Views Expressed By Healthcare Providers after Adoption of Telehealth

What after COVID?

Telemedicine is turning out to be the cheapest and fastest way to seek care. The quality, effectiveness, and its value is increasing as Doctors have more access to patient data. It is a gateway to a holistic framework for apps, data security, privacy, confidentiality, medical ethics, prescriptions, online invoices and documents, mode of communication, and much more.

COVID has proved to be an inflection point for telemedicine adoption. With convenience, cost effectiveness, and quality in front, the trend shows no signs of slowing down.

How USA Physicians, Clinics, and Hospitals Are Befitting From Telemedicine Program

  • Increased Revenue
  • Scheduling Flexibility
  • Minimize No-Shows And Last Minute Cancellations
  • Improved Patient Engagement And Health Outcomes
  • Expand Access To Care And Reach To More Patients
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Happy And Satisfied Staff
  • Advanced New Business Models
  • Increased Patient Revenue And Reduced Overhead Costs


How Codiant Can Help In Setting up The Practice through Telemedicine?

Market-Ready Telemedicine App Solution

Codiant has designed and developed the TeleDocto telemedicine platform to enable physician groups, health care providers belonging to same or different hospitals to run their own virtual clinic with well-rounded telemedicine capabilities.

The solution allows clinical healthcare providers to connect with patients in distant places. Patients can consult healthcare specialists for urgent care and medical treatments from a remote site in a secured real-time condition.

Additionally, primary care providers in remote clinics can obtain immediate consultations with specialists at larger healthcare facilities before making a diagnosis or shifting patients to distant hospitals or major facilities.

The system utilizes cloud-based online video calling, video conferencing or group calling, audio calling, secured messaging, screen sharing, and whiteboards to provide its services. Online appointment booking and scheduling are also used to book consultations.

Custom Telemedicine App Development Services

Codiant adopts clinical innovations, digital interconnect and elevating healthcare market regulations to provide comprehensive telemedicine app development services to clinicians, hospitals, and healthcare organizations. Our telemedicine solution is:

  • Customizable and scalable across use cases and workflows
  • Adaptable to the needs of patient and provider
  • Integrates with your EHR to create better user experiences

Some of our key telemedicine software development services include:

  • Telehealth or mHealth App development
  • Cloud-based video conferencing solution
  • Exclusive video conferencing platforms
  • Group conferencing telemedicine solution
  • Medical data sharing
  • Virtual office platform development

The Window To Act Is Now

At Codiant, we practice a competitive approach to inspect undergoing healthcare challenges, patient dissatisfaction points, and workforce burnouts to create automated medical solutions backed with trending technologies such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, cognitive computing and robotics, internet of things (IoT) and blockchain.

Telemedicine is good for providers, patients, and the entire practice. Adopt the trend now and start reaping the benefits.

Make Your Clinical Chains and Hospitals Future Ready With Codiant Telemedicine Solution


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