Top 10 Most Popular Telemedicine Apps

  • Published on : March 10, 2022

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Top 10 Most Popular Telemedicine Apps

In the healthcare industry, prevention is the pinnacle of quality care delivery. Being able to get immediate healthcare and spot problems early can make patients healthier and save money by keeping them out of the hospital and cutting healthcare costs. Telemedicine and Telehealth app solutions can enable patients to consult doctors remotely for primary, acute or chronic care conditions. This ensures that patients can interact with their doctors without interruption, no matter where they are.

In the wake of the pandemic COVID-19, telemedicine apps have seen an exponential surge in virtual care visits. From 11% of US consumers using telehealth in 2019 have massively accelerated to 46% of consumers now using telemedicine apps. As per McKinsey analysis, the telehealth market could surge up to $250 billion as opposed to $3 billion pre-COVID.

These eye-opening developments in healthcare software programs have become the hotbed for healthcare organizations. With online healthcare app development and telemedicine’s increased accessibility to patients, even at a distance, and capabilities for preventive care, it has qualified as an exceptionally helpful standalone platform.

Simplified features of the best telehealth apps support patients and doctors app. It includes online appointment booking, audio/video calling, real-time chats, medical file sharing, online payments, ratings and reviews, and more have supported the spine of hospital management.

Using the most popular telemedicine apps for patients results in improved patient engagement. Also, the best telehealth apps give access to more patient’s quality care and less overhead expenses.

Therefore, we have brought all the top telehealth apps in front in this blog. These telehealth apps are effectively standardizing care for every patient and every doctor, in a single place.

10 Best Telemedicine Apps

  1. Amwell
  3. Doctor On Demand
  4. LiveHealth
  5. PlushCare
  6. Lemonaid
  7. Talkspace
  8. Teladoc
  9. DocsApp
  10. MyChart

1. Amwell

Available On App Store | Google Play

Amwell is a popular patient doctor app that offers 24/7 doctor visits to resolve primary conditions. These include a mild, curable, and non-emergency conditions that can undergo treatment without rushing to the clinic immediately. It is one such telemedicine app that addresses common patient concerns like therapy, psychiatry, nutrition, lactation, cold/flu, and respiratory infections.
It provides video conferencing that allows patients to see and speak with their providers face-to-face, just like an in-person visit.

Fundamentals of Amwell

  • With Amwell, doctors can send prescriptions electronically to your preferred pharmacy. It eliminates the need to wait at the doctor’s office for a prescription or to make a separate trip to the pharmacy.
  • The app is HIPAA compliant, which means that your medical information is protected by federal law.
  • It is available on smartphones, tablets, and computers, so you can access care from wherever you are.

2. MDLive

Available On App Store | Google Play

MDLive is a leading 24/7 virtual care delivery platform. Uniquely positioned to offer an end-to-end care experience, MDLIVE virtual doctor app aims to bring more connected patient care and improve patient-doctor engagement.

This is the best telemedicine platform that comes under the largest telehealth vendors in the United States. It delivers emergency patient care, dermatology patient service, psychiatry, and a lot more via its network of certified clinicians.

Fundamentals of MDLive

  • Get care whenever you need it, day or night using a user-friendly platform.
  • MDLive offers fast, easy, convenient access to a doctor with 3 simple steps. Patients can register in the app, schedule an appointment from virtually anywhere on a phone, laptop, or tablet, and take a prescription.
  • The app lets you skip the wait times and traffic jams with easy online doctor appointments.

3. Doctor On Demand

Available On App Store | Google Play

Doctor On Demand
Doctor On Demand is a San Francisco-based company that provides virtual care services to patients through its telehealth app and web platform. It is the number one virtual clinic app that employs 100s of licensed doctors with 15+ years of experience to provide medical care to patients. The doctors available virtually at Doctor on Demand offer primary, chronic, preventive and behavioral care to patients. This improves patients’ engagement and their trust in using telemedicine applications for healthcare.

During COVID-19, the doctor on-demand app’s usage soared to 139% for COVID-19 screenings and other urgent and chronic care issues. In response to a public health emergency, the telemedicine app has covered benefits for around 33 million beneficiaries across 50 states of America.

Fundamentals of Doctor On Demand

  • Easily access your medical history, prescriptions, and doctor’s notes directly through the Doctor On Demand platform.
  • Connect with board-certified physicians 24/7 for non-emergency care, all from your phone or computer.
  • Skip the Wait: Avoid crowded waiting rooms and long appointment schedules. Get the care you need quickly and conveniently.

4. LiveHealth

Available On App Store | Google Play

Live Health is one of the top telehealth apps, that bring qualified and certified doctors offering virtual primary care using video conferencing. From appointment booking to receiving reports and making online payments through multiple payment modes Live Health offers an end-to-end digital patient experience.

Using the LiveHealth App patients can quickly connect with board-certified doctors, licensed therapists, lactation consultants, registered dieticians and more through their flexibility on the go!

Fundamentals of LiveHealth

  • Using the LiveHealth telemedicine app, you can schedule appointments, manage your health information, and connect with providers easily.
  • Get 24/7 availability of doctors, whenever you need it, with extended hours and even weekend appointments.
  • It provides access to a network of board-certified doctors, therapists, and licensed dietitians, all from the comfort of your home.

5. PlushCare

Available On App Store | Google Play

Hailed for Virtual Doctor Visits and Online Therapy, PlushCare is a telemedicine app. The platform provides virtual doctor visits to patients in all 50 U.S. states primarily for primary care, urgent care, and mental health at anytime, anyplace.

Treating over 6,800 medical conditions, and steadily receiving over 90 promoter score, the Plush Care app accepts all major insurance plans. Using this popular telemedicine app, patients Patients can easily get diagnosed, consulted, and prescribed with medication and enjoy a stress-free experience.

Fundamentals of PlushCare

  • With PlushCare, you can consult with certified doctors through video calls, saving you from waiting for long and traveling to clinic.
  • The Plush Care app offers virtual doctor consultations for health services like therapy, managing medications and treating anxiety or depression conditions.
  • PlushCare is the best telemedicine app with a clear pricing structure. It usually considers insurance, so you can get good healthcare that’s easier on your wallet.

6. Lemonaid

Available On App Store | Google Play

Lemonaid is a one-stop telemedicine platform for doctors offering personalized healthcare and medicine delivery at affordable prices. Housing over top medical professionals in all 50 U.S. states, Lemonaid provides care for mental health, women’s health, skincare, and other general health issues. Using this telemedicine app, doctors can virtually prescribe birth control pills, UTI treatment, and medications online.

Besides, it is the most reliable app for medical appointments that charges low consultation fees and quick medicine delivery from Lemonaid Pharmacy. This telehealth app offers instant video conferencing with expert healthcare service providers.

Fundamentals of Lemonaid

  • It’s important to remember that Lemonaid focuses on specific areas and may not be suitable for all health concerns.
  • For recurring needs like birth control, Lemonaid telehealth apps provide subscription plans for added convenience.
  • No more waiting rooms or scheduling conflicts using online healthcare apps. It allows you to get the care you need.

7. Talkspace

Available On App Store | Google Play

Talkspace is a leading virtual behavioral healthcare telemedicine app that specializes in online therapy and counseling. Available on a subscription basis, Talkspace is an easy-to-use and fully encrypted telehealth mobile application and web platform that enables patients to send video messages, text chats, and take live video sessions.

It is a telehealth app for mental health patients that provides virtual treatment to patients suffering from mental illness such as anxiety or depression. The telehealth app platform is consistent with HIPAA and other state regulatory requirements. During the pandemic, Americans have gone through mental stress, and nearly one-third of adults reported having depression. Talkspace helped psychiatry patients combat mental health conditions and select for same-day delivery to their doorsteps.

Fundamentals of Talkspace

  • Talkspace telemedicine app has already been used by more than 1 million people.
  • 81% of people found Talkspace just as helpful as or even better than traditional in-person therapy.
  • A recent study shows that patients using Talkspace for only 2 months led to significant improvements in anxiety and depression symptoms.

8. TelaDoc

Available On App Store | Google Play

Teladoc is a full-featured virtual doctor app that uses AI and data analytics to connect patients with physicians and provide expert medical opinions. Taking consultation using Teladoc is an easy feat. No matter the type of consultation a patient is seeking, after a simple sign-up, telemedicine apps for doctors provide virtual assistance to patients via video call, real-time chats, or audio chats and have the prescription written.

The telemedicine apps like TelaDoc bring together doctors, therapists, dietitians, nurses, coaches, and self-guided programs for patient’s good health. It provides a convenient and swift diagnosis of non-emergency medical problems. Users benefit from Teladoc Telemedicine’s easy-to-use platform, accessing virtual visits, prescriptions, and personalized care plans – all from the comfort of home.

Fundamentals of TelaDoc

  • Teladoc boasts a global network of clinicians offering effective virtual care, exceeding 12,000 in numbers.
  • The company has surpassed a staggering 50 million visits conducted by its network.
  • Teladoc serves a vast patient base with over 56 million paid members in the US alone.

9. DocsApp

Available On App Store | Google Play

DocsApp is a simple, secure, and easy-to-use telemedicine app that lets you consult with licensed doctors via chat or video call. It collects only a few basic information about patient’s medical requirements and connects them with care providers immediately. Patients can even upload health reports and medical histories. Patients can get a second opinion on critical health concerns at DocsApp. After consultation, patients can leave ratings and reviews to the doctor.

It is one of the best telemedicine apps for providers, providing consultations for over 18 specialties such as Psychology, Gynaecology, Paediatrics, while super specialists work in Neurology, Oncology, Cardiology. It is a convenient option for non-emergency health concerns. You can also get discounts on lab tests and medications through the app. However, keep in mind that DocsApp recently merged with MediBuddy, so you’ll need to download the MediBuddy app to use this online medical services app.

Fundamentals of Docsapp

  • This program streamlines consultations by categorizing cases into specific medical fields, advancing the investigation of doctors for curing illness.
  • Skip appointments and connect with a doctor within 30 minutes. You can chat or have a video call with a specialist based on your preference.
  • This telemedicine platform is facilitating 1,000 consultations a day. You can get the best telemedicine services 24*7 from expert healthcare service providers online.

10. MyChart

Available On App Store | Google Play

MyChartMyChart is a telehealth app that brings healthcare convenience in a few clicks. The telemedicine app makes it easy for patients to maintain their good health and well-being. It comes with great features like checking medical records, booking appointments, and having virtual visits. Patients can connect with trusted healthcare providers for personalized care and advice anytime, anywhere using this popular telehealth app.Whether it’s for regular check-ups or seeing specialists, MyChart makes it easy to talk to your doctor and improves how you interact with them. The app lets you connect with trusted healthcare providers for personalized care and timely advice.This doctor’s telemedicine app makes communicating with patients easier and better for regular check-ups or consulting specialists. It also helps patients remember important tests and appointments. So, they can detect health issues early and stay healthier using the telehealth application.Fundamentals of MyChart

  • This is a popular telemedicine app that gives instant access to medical records, appointments, and virtual consultations.
  • It is a top doctor communication app that ensures seamless communication with trusted providers for personalized care.
  • It provides proactive reminders for screenings and follow-ups, promoting early detection and better health outcomes.

Top Telehealth Apps Features

Telehealth app enables patients to seamlessly connect with healthcare professionals, schedule appointments, and access medical records from anywhere. Revolutionize your healthcare experience today with our advanced telehealth app features.

  • User-friendly doctor’s search
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Medical data sharing
  • Access to patients’ medical history
  • Secured video/voice calls
  • Real-time text messaging
  • Physician’s directories
  • ePrescriptions
  • Online Billing
  • Ranking system for healthcare specialists

The Bottom Line

With unprecedented adoption levels of telemedicine accelerated by COVID-19, Virtual healthcare delivery has reached its inflection point. Telemedicine app development has captured the well-sustained growth of the sprawling healthcare industry.

The population across the world has full realization of the effectiveness of telehealth apps. Implementing and leveraging telemedicine solutions at this crucial time can allow clinicians to improve patient satisfaction and increase work efficiency with minimum revenue leakages.

If you’re thrilled to shape and streamline the healthcare delivery operations in your healthcare organization, developing a standardized and compliant telemedicine app that supports all the crucial features can elevate your practices to a whole new level.

To develop a reliable telemedicine app, you should consult top telemedicine app developers like Codiant. We create apps with user-friendly interfaces and appealing UX.

Hire Our Expert Developers to Build Telemedicine Apps!


Frequently Asked Questions

Telemedicine apps use secure video conferencing to connect with patients. These apps follow strict security guidelines to keep patient’s information confidential. Additionally, doctors are also board-certified and follow the same guidelines as in-person visits.

Telemedicine apps are most suitable for non-emergency conditions such as allergies, colds, flu, rashes, pink eye, and even mental health concerns. The virtual doctor’s visits available on telemedicine apps can’t handle conditions that require physical examination.

No, you don’t need any special equipment to use a telemedicine app. You can use the app through mobile devices, smartphones, laptops, or PCs

It depends on the app and your insurance. Some offer flat fees, while others may bill by the minute. Check with your app and insurance provider beforehand.

Yes, if the doctor deems it appropriate.  They can send prescriptions electronically to your preferred pharmacy.

The doctor can recommend an in-person visit if needed.  Your medical records from the telemedicine visit can be easily shared with your regular doctor.

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