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Top Strategies To Improve Food and Grocery Delivery Efficiency

  • Published on : July 4, 2022

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Top Strategies To Improve Food and Grocery Delivery Efficiency

“Soaring sales, unstoppable customer footfall, and a flood of positive customer reviews,” apparently by imagining this picky checklist you are not building any castles in the air.

Having well-organized and strategized delivery services can be the best trick in the book to increase the sales, revenue, and generate profit margins of your food and grocery delivery services. The on-demand grocery and food delivery businesses are flourishing and gaining acceptance among a diverse range of markets. These online platforms have transformed the facet of conventional QSRs by giving them a digital platform that drives customers through their online visibility.

Associating with online food delivery platforms like Swiggy, Zomato, UberEats, Door Dash, Food Panda, etc. QSRs and local food outlets have successfully staged their businesses to widely serve their food services to people across their local radius. Thus, unfencing their business and increasing its selling scope city-wide.

Nonetheless, the online food and grocery ordering facility has taken the entire industry by storm and put the delivery services on the edge to perform perfectly without any flaw. Rising competition in the market facilitates customers to explore multiple options and look for cheap, convenient, and seamless order delivery with a straightforward process of receiving and returning products/orders.

A well-structured delivery process can improve online sales and customer satisfaction. Let’s pinpoint the reasons why on-time delivery is important and what strategies can be followed to improve the efficiency of grocery and food delivery app services.

Why On-Time Delivery Is So Important

Regardless of any industry, the timely delivery of products and goods is very essential. Here are some of the crucial factors that online food delivery apps, online grocery delivery services, and other e-commerce businesses should acknowledge to upkeep their shipping operations.

  1. The on-time delivery process builds trust among users and sow the seeds of getting loyal customers.
  2. The displeased customer will never submit a good or positive review, hence the unfavourable customer review and experience will lead them to go to other service providers.
  3. The on-time delivery makes customers satisfied. It not only pleases them but makes the entire shopping and delivery process quite smooth and pleasant.
  4. In case the deliveries are delayed, then it will automatically increase the business expenses to hit the delivery targets, which becomes possible by hiring more staff and vehicles. All these new frequent staff additions could ruin the business ROI.
  5. The goods and products with an expiry date, like groceries, packed foods, medicines, etc. require a strict delivery timeframe to be followed. The delay in delivery can infuse double loss in terms of finance and customers.
  6. On-time deliveries are a depiction of business professionalism and acknowledgment of customer value.

Top Strategies to Improve Food and Grocery Delivery Efficiency

1. Set Order Priority

Order prioritization could be a great technique for businesses to boost order delivery efficiency. The food and grocery can only be used when they are fresh and are in good condition. Therefore, while working on food delivery app development and its business modelone should prioritize their orders and ensure timely delivery.

There are multiple parameters on which products can be categorized and their priorities can be set to ensure the safe and timely delivery of products. The food and grocery delivery services can define all the parameters based on their business operations, such as location, route, expiry date, shelf life, room temperature, etc.

After setting the order priority, it works as a guide in optimizing and planning the order route. As the new orders are placed, all these can also be prioritized according to the chosen parameter to keep all the upcoming grocery or food delivery orders aligned.

2. Reliable and Equipped Vehicle

The delivery personnel should be professional in their work, highly trained, and well-equipped in terms of driving experience and legal documents. A driver with basic knowledge of vehicle maintenance could be an add-on benefit for the business. Such efficient drivers could be a boon for online food delivery apps and grocery delivery app solutionsIn addition to that, the driver should be an easy learner to embrace the new process and technologies that the business is introducing to streamline the delivery process.

The introduction of new and user-friendly technologies will guide the driver to pick the most optimized route to save fuel consumption, and time at the same time. To enhance the grocery delivery service processes, GPS technology can also be integrated into the vehicle, as the delivery person has to visit a number of locations within the city every day. It will help to track the exact location of the vehicle along with the number of places visited in a period of time.

3. Track Driver Performance Over Time

To maintain delivery efficiency, it becomes a necessity to look into the drivers’ performance, such as delivery speed over time. It will help to analyze the loopholes and provides the opportunity to plan and enhance the online food delivery app efficiency. To introduce perfection in the delivery services by monitoring driver’s schedule and delivery efficiency, the regular tracking is required, as one-time tracking will not yield the best results.

The regular tracking of drivers by using routing and scheduling software allows to study the performance of every individual and analyze their performance, such as where they are lacking. These performance metrics analysis helps to find the potential area of improvement for that driver and can eliminate such issues where they are lacking.

4. Assign Orders and Track Delivery Through Technology

The technologies have become the life-savior for on-demand food/grocery delivery businesses. In online food delivery services, the technologies have become the right hand in managing business processes ranging from assigning order to the delivery agents to tracking the order delivery status once it is dispatched. With the help of technology, the food delivery/ grocery app solution can track the entire delivery process to check driver’s performance and route followed.

The food app or grocery app keeps track of the delivery progress, and ensures that the order is safe and untouched, as it progresses with time. It will help to figure out the issue, if something goes wrong or delivery goes missing. The GPS-enabled application tracks the package from the initial phase to the finish.

5. Outsource Delivery Drivers

To avail of easy delivery services, the businesses can prefer third-party restaurant delivery partners like Swiggy, Zomato, FoodPanda, etc., or outsource any other reliable delivery service provider as the business requires. The food delivery services or the grocery delivery app business owners no longer require to invest in arranging a fleet of delivery boys and vehicles. The delivery time can be reduced to a great extent, especially during rush hour by adopting an outsourcing delivery driver structure.

Evidently, with evolving tech trends, the online food delivery apps and the grocery delivery apps are generating most of their orders through online mode, and are adopting third-party delivery services to ensure a timely and quick delivery.

6. Keep Your Customers Updated

After placing the order, the customers usually go impatient waiting for the order delivery. Therefore, it is important to keep your customers updated on every step of the delivery process, which gives the impression of time moving at its pace and the variety of operations are being performed after placing the order.

As we understand, it requires time to maintain the food or grocery quality and packaging to make it deliverable. Therefore, all these steps can’t be taken for granted, and neither the time can be speed-up. So, informing customers make them quite satisfied and patient, as they are knowing what’s going on and how long they have to wait.

7. Follow Standard Delivery Process

To improve the efficiency of food delivery services or grocery delivery services, it would be an intelligent decision to follow a standard norm with order packaging and delivery. The delivery drivers should be well aware of the area and ensure that they don’t spend too much time receiving the prepared order from the restaurant.

Despite that, in all this hustle make sure the food or grocery products are well packed, so that it doesn’t get spilled or spoiled in-route. In addition to that, in the delivery packaging the businesses can take the opportunity to mark their brand identity to make it distinguishable and presentable for the customers. The business logo and theme can also be displayed on the packaging.

How can Businesses Prioritize Orders to Ensure Efficient Food and Grocery Delivery Services?

Businesses can prioritize orders based on various parameters such as location, route, expiry date, shelf life, and room temperature. This prioritization helps optimize and plan order routes, ensuring the safe and timely delivery of products. As new orders are placed, businesses can categorize and prioritize them according to chosen parameters, keeping all upcoming delivery orders aligned.

How Codiant Can Help?

Aiming for a customized food delivery app development for your restaurant business? Or looking to take your grocery store presence online? Codiant has it all.

From custom food and grocery delivery app development solutions to market ready app Grofee to align your business operations; Codiant caters to all your specific business needs.

Grofee is a Grocery ordering and delivery management software that can streamline your delivery services, ranging from placing order, order tracking, order delivery, preparing reports, payment modes, to generating business analytics, and many more.

Likewise, with Codiant you can also get the instant solution for your online food delivery services. These on-demand delivery service apps are one of their kind and can easily upgrade your traditional business to get into the competitive digital business market. We can provide you an elegant on-demand delivery marketplace that can be customized to resonate your business identity accurately.

Electrified with this idea and like to adopt instant idea to improve your food delivery or grocery delivery operations then get in touch with us! Codiant is an expert name in developing an on-demand delivery application which can support your business to be the best in the market.

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