How Online Appointment Scheduling Software Helps Healthcare Practices?

Published September 6, 2021

Online Appointment Scheduling Software

Discover the Top Online Appointment Scheduling and Booking Facts and Stats

Online appointment scheduling software is shaping the future of care delivery. Knowing the bedrock of a healthcare system depends on delivering more consultations in faster time and lesser costs- online patient scheduling software has become the key driver to support the goal.

To date, near to 80 percent of patients need convenience in seeking care. In fact, research reveals, if patients will be given accessibility through the digitally-enabled patient experience they will happily move to other clinicians providing convenience.

An online scheduling system works as an elixir for increasing patient’s satisfaction. It helps patients to book an appointment online 24/7, reschedule in case of emergency, take follow-ups, and receive appointment reminders.

While for doctors and care providers, the software is seen as a patient-attracting tool that helps them increase their patients’ reach, reduce no-shows and appointment cancellations and maximize the in-practice hours that eventually leads to significant cost savings.

Keep reading the infographics to discover how “Online scheduling software” has become an indispensable tool for healthcare practices and how its integration can help healthcare management teams and organizations to achieve better ROI and unprecedented outcomes.

Online Appointment Scheduling Software for Healthcare Practices

Integrated Features in Online Appointment Scheduling Software

The scheduling app and web platform have two stakeholders: Patient app and Doctor App.

Features of Patient App/Web Platform

  • Find a Doctor : Patients should be able to search and refine the list of doctors of various specializations by name, department, location, ratings and reviews, consultation fees, etc.
  • View Profile : Patients and visitors can check complete doctors’ profiles and see their medical qualifications, specialization, and certifications.
  • Book Appointment : Patients can pick the desired/available time slot, appointment type, and enter the reason to visit.
  • My Bookings : Patients can check upcoming and past appointments and all the requests sent in a single dashboard.
  • Mark Preferred Providers : Patients have the facility to mark favorite doctors and clinics and see all of them at a glance.
  • Manage Dependents : Patients or visitors can manage dependents, update their medical details, and records.
  • ePrescription : Patients will be able to access doctor’s prescriptions on their medical records.

Did you know

Features of Doctor App/Web Platform

  • Set On-Demand Availability : Doctors should be able to set the preferred mode of availability from a phone call, video call, and home visit.
  • Schedule Appointments : The app/web platform is integrated with a simplified and organized appointment scheduling web platform.
  • View Schedule on-the-go : Doctors should get instant notifications of appointments when they are away from the clinic in form of in-app notifications or mails.
  • View Appointments : Doctors should be provided with an interactive dashboard to see the total, upcoming, and new appointments.
  • ePrescription : It is an advanced feature that allows Doctors to generate and share e-prescriptions with patients in a click via SMS/mail.
  • Postpone Appointment : This feature enables doctors to postpone appointments in case of any emergency and lets patients reschedule bookings.

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The Bottom Line

The post-pandemic world has led a dramatic revolution in the way care is given and received. Today, healthcare organizations have their own personalized model of care and better management of streamlining patients. Digital-first primary care is leading the industry and dictating convenience paired with satisfaction.

Since the healthcare technologies like online scheduling, telemedicine and telehealth apps, and remote patient management are providing speedy care delivery with full ease; integrating these key drivers in the healthcare ecosystem has become the primary need.

Act now! Increase your patient satisfaction and enhance patient engagement with online patient scheduling software.

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