Yii 2.0 Based Online Appointment Scheduling Solution for Healthcare Industry

Published April 3, 2020

Yii 2.0 Based Online Appointment Scheduling Solution

Appointment scheduling solution a necessity that cannot be ignored anymore!

With a growing population and inflating number of patients seeking care with reduced wait times have spurred the urgent need for new technology alternatives to provide them immediate care and treatment without getting drained in the tedious process of scheduling appointments over the phone calls.

Technological advancements in healthcare applications like online scheduling software have made the appointment booking process easier for both clinics or administrative staff and patients alike.

Having an efficient, fast and secured Online appointment system can make the patients satisfied and can help doctors to improve their front office productivity, minimize patient no-shows and optimize scheduling time.

CODIANT’s PHP Yii 2.0 based Online Appointment Scheduling Solution is the exemplary software helping Doctors save their money and time and satisfying patients to the core. After developing a range of customized solutions including telemedicine apps and HIPAA compliant solutions to the healthcare enterprises; we have armed our portfolio with multiple tech-forward capabilities.

Yii 2.0 Based Appointment Scheduling and Booking Solution

Patient Panel

patient panel

1. Book an Appointment

  • Patients can register into the application using their mobile no or email id and password.
  • After registering into the software, patients can search Doctors as per their geographic location, view their calendar and reservations availability and book appointments anytime, anywhere.
  • Patients can book any type of consultation i.e. in-app telephonic, video call, or make a personal visit.
  • In case of emergency, patients can also do an instant booking.

2. Change Language

Our appointment scheduling software is multilingual. It gives patients and visitors the ability to personalize the website in their native language.

3. Check Appointments

Patients can check their upcoming, booked and past appointments with the Doctor.

4. Messages

Patients can send personal messages to the Doctors.

5. Payments

Patients or users can pay online or during a personal visit to Doctor through multiple payment gateways integrated into it. They can also save their card details for easy accessibility in the future.

6. Profile

This feature allows patients to upload and manage their personal information as well as health details. They can upload medical records, images and preferred pharmacy in it.

7. Settings

Users can change their password, mobile number, etc.


Clinic Panel

1. Discharge Summary

Clinicians can view the clinical reports prepared by the doctors after the series of treatments.

2. Dashboard

Clinicians can add new doctors’ and users’ profile and enter their contact details and IDs.

3. List

Clinicians can add, update, edit and manage lists of new patients, doctors, urgent care and groups.

4. Appointment Management

  • Clinicians or Doctors can check and manage daily appointments booked by the patients through calendars.
  • Doctors can also keep a check on booked slots, pending requests, available slots and completed appointments.
  • Doctors can also manually add new appointments and take an instant appointment in case of an emergency.

5. Reports

Clinicians can generate the reports of patients by using various filters like patients name, Doctor’s name, the reason for visit, mode of appointment, date, etc.

6. Urgent Care Management

Clinics can add different features stating reasons of urgent care, set urgent care questionnaire, manage waiting room settings.

Admin Panel

1. Dashboard

Admin can add multiple clinics, users, clinic admin, add cart, and add nurse.

2. Discharge Summary

Admin can check the clinical reports of the patients enrolled from their software.

3. Summing Up!

Codiant’s PHP Yii 2.0 based appointment scheduling solution is fast, secure and easily customizable. It gives patients the ability to book appointments and make reservations 24×7. Moreover, healthcare organizations, hospitals, and clinics can manage their multiple locations from this all-in-one solution.

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