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What are the latest updates in Driver Dispatch App of a Taxi App Solution?

  • Published on : September 2, 2018

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What are the latest updates in Driver Dispatch App of a Taxi App Solution?

For every taxi business company operating online Taxi Drivers acts like a nucleus of the system who actually fulfill the entire ride request and keep your business running.

A satisfied customer is a direct result of your Drivers’ behavior and performance. To reinforce the attributes of a Driver’s behavior, you must ensure your taxi booking app supplies him the best, latest and simplified features that makes his service faster, convenient and less complicated, which will further help both the parties that is Owner and Driver to make a lucrative business.

To keep those standards high, we have come up with the latest updates of the Driver Dispatch app that you should include in your taxi app development solution unfailingly.

Easy Driver Registration

Make the registration process for drivers just like a piece of cake. Avail them a simple in-app registration form as soon as they download and open the driver app which prompts them to quickly enter their personal details and payout information.

Managing New Ride Requests

Drivers will get notified as soon as a new ride request is made. The ride request can be of two types Instant Booking and Pre-booking.

Instant Booking allows Drivers to accept the instant ride that has to be completed immediately. On the contrary, Pre-booking rides give them the flexibility to accept and schedule the rides for a later period as assigned by the passenger.


Accept/ Reject

In most of the cases, Drivers are usually shown the pickup and drop off location only after he accepts the ride request. But as per our latest update, a driver must know the Pick-up and drop-off location as soon as he receives the request. Allowing him to decide if he is comfortable with the location or not.

Drivers can accept or reject the ride requests with a limited time (set by you). If the driver fails to accept the request within that interval of time then the request will be forwarded to other nearby drivers. That is first tap, first serve.

Here in the example we have set different timings for Instant and Pre Booking Rides i.e. 20 seconds and 30 seconds. You can set your own time frames.

Adjustable Working Radius

Drivers willing to ride in a smaller operation area can adjust their working radius right from the driver app.

Driver’s Availability Status

Describing drivers’ availability button in 3 words is like:

  • Start the Shift : When he is ready to take the booking or ride request. (Online)
  • End the Shift: When he is done for the day. (Offline)
  • Busy : When the driver is on a short break for lunch or any other reason. (Busy)

All driver apps should essentially have a busy or a snooze feature to avoid any disturbance when they are carrying out a small break or a lunch break.

Trip Actions

Informing the Passengers

Ideally, the passenger should know when their driver is out to arrive them. Head for buttons like:


New: Waiting for the Passenger

There are certain situations where a Driver arrives at the Pick-up location and Passengers make them wait. As per the latest update, if the passenger has not arrived at the pickup location, the driver app will record the waiting time of driver. The timer starts when he taps ARRIVED and remains ON till he taps the START RIDE button.

Trips History

Driver should have access to all the past trip history with an easy-to-navigate interface and trip details.

Monthly Earnings or Payment Report

The Driver App should help drivers to track their monthly earnings with useful information and insights. They should be able to track the entire details of their rides and earnings of the day/month.

Ratings Tab

In the Ratings and reviews tab, drivers can rate their passengers and can see their average ratings by passengers as well.


  • Uber Taxi App also displays the total percentage of rides accepted and canceled.
  • You can also include a Driver Rewards section which mentions incentives and discounts earned by the driver.
  • Apart from these there are many more basic features which are the part of Driver App. Check out the essential Driver App features here.

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The Final Thought:

Drivers are the asset of any successful taxi business or startup. Giving them the absolute Mobile App Experience is like fueling your company to accelerate the business with Top Mobile App development services. If you own taxi/fleet business then don’t miss to arm your drivers with these critical components.

If you have any doubts or confusion taking the advanced features of Driver App then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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